Lyretail Molly. The top and bottom of the fin narrow into points which trail behind the rest of the fish. 12/28/05 Hi, Great site amazing amount of information. However, this has not been proven, but I believe there should be some natural arrangement or respect among them. I just got a fish today and the lady said my molly was pregnant when i bought her.Then when i got home i put the two mollies in the fish tank (the other one is a female but she isn't pregnant) with my two inch long gold fish.Although i'm afraid that when she has her babies that before i get to her the goldfish is going to eat them all. The … Then I got back home and I was like oh no my Dalmation molly is pregnant! She is normally very active and swims like crazy all the time. Female Dalmation Molly - Tropical Fish. All the rest of the day she swims around normally. it's just so weird! ... Come join the discussion about collections, displays, product reviews, accessories, classifieds, breeding, health, behavior, housing, care, and more! Offer valid 12/28/2020-3/1/2021 with Treats membership online only at Is she pregnant… and then she stops and swims like nothing is wrong. Females are larger than males and fairly easy to identify, especially because of that near-constant pregnancy. Any female can hookup with any male. Pregnancy, Breeder Boxes, & Babies. Some Dalmatian Mollys, like this male, have lots of black spots and some, like this female, have just a few. Jan 10, 2011. octaviaorca. The pointed anal fin and much larger dorsal fin on the male, and the rounded anal fin and pregnancy spot on the female differentiate the two. i was wondering if my dalmation molly fish was pregnant. I have had several mollies (black, dalmatian, and silver) give birth in the past when I did not even know they were pregnant, though I managed to raise quite a few of their babies successfully. Just like the sailfin molly, the lyretail stands out because of its fins, but this time it’s the caudal fin. Moreover, there will be a drastic change in the behavior of pregnant molly, like she will become an introvert fish. Being livebearers, they do give ‘live birth’ to their babies. (attacking it) she is due very very soon, so is he trying to stay near her so that he fathers the next lot? While there are several varieties of molly fish, they are extremely easy to breed because all colors are the same species, and all males and females breed with one another. My Molly's poop a lot, long strands of black feces hanging behind them (no sense of shame!! After owning molly fish or any livebearer for some time, you will quickly find out how much they breed. I'd do some research on breeding mollies and find out what their behavior is while pregnant. Habitat and Tank Conditions Dalmatian Molly Fish are typically very peaceful fish, and they would do very well in a community tank. Must login to your Treats account and enter promo code SAVEONHILLSWM to receive discount. If a guppy were in the tank, it’d lose its tail. When the eggs hatch, the female drops the fry directly into the aquarium. In most live-bearers, the pregnant mother swells unmistakably and also presents the well-known “gravid spot” which is a dark spot near the base of the anal fin caused by the stretching of the peritoneal wall. Can anyone please help me seem to be pregnant but one of them kepps getting her fin chewed on but i am not sure by whick fish. Molly fish are livebearers and the females seem to almost always be pregnant, thanks to the voracious Molly fish breeding behavior. Molly Fish Lifespan. The average molly fish lifespan is around three to five years. my dalmation molly is acting really weird. Dalmation mollies can be standard, lyretail, balloon, or sailfin! Here she is: 30g Moonlights, green/silver gravel substrate 1 Orange Lyretail Molly 1 Dalmation Molly 2 Swordtail Mollies 1 Female Betta:betta: 16 … The gold doubloon molly is another frequently purchased species. Some recommend getting the subspecies of mollies for quicker breeding. I heard they don't lay eggs they just give live baby's. I went to the pet store to get more fish I decided huh well dalmation Molly's are cool. A euryhaline species, the sailfin molly may be found in a variety of saline environments, tolerating salinities as high as 87 ppt and breeding in brackish waters. My dalmation molly seems very sluggish lately. How will i know if she is giving birth to fry? ... Molly's often arrive pregnant and it may indeed have been fry the one was eating. Female mollies can store up to 100 eggs in their bodies, and even more in the case of larger molly fish breeds. The front half of its body is a vibrant yellow, and the lower half is pure black. Balloon Molly Behavior. She's been there for about 2 weeks now. 4:08. Those fish got eaten so we got a breeding box and she got pregnant again with the dalmatian. Pregnant Dalmatian Molly? Browse more videos. Sign in to Save $5 on select Hill's Science Diet Pet Food with code SAVEONHILLSWM. my male molly is constantly chasing my VERY pregnant female dalmation molly, and there is another male in the same tank..if the male see's the other one go near the dalmation molly he goes crazy!!! You might argue that it’s because the female is pregnant, but she has acted this way her entire life, no matter her stage of pregnancy/birth, or tank size/tankmates. the two females(?) The sailfin molly is a tolerant species, as it can exploit the thin film of oxygen-rich surface water with its upturned mouth, so is able to survive oxygen-depleted habitats. Is this pregnant behavior or is it her wanting all the food to herself? iPhone Image 2E036.jpg. Purchase your mollies. My molly is very very fat and she hangs around the bottom of the tank everytime she tries to swim she luke falls what does this mean? Pregnant Dalmatian Molly swimming nose down/vertical wiggle 6/26/06 Okay, ... , Steven