For our final contender on the list of the best red dot sights, we have a sight from one of the most well-known and renowned pioneers in the industry: Trijicon. For as long as companies have been making red dot sights specifically designed to be used on pistols, Trijicon has been the clear leader. In the world of optics, there is a lot of confusion surrounding the term red dot sight. I have used this optic and the EOTech listed above and you’re going to be happy either way. The proper way to use this optic and many other optics is to match the illumination setting to the available light in your environment. The MRO-C utilizes a 25mm lens to project a none magnified 2 MOA red dot with infinite eye relief. The large objective lens, combined with the MRO's short length, also makes "tubing" nearly non existent. Other than weight, there are no major differences. At this price, you can’t possibly expect AimPoint quality and surely you won’t find it on the MD-ADS. Some of these cheap optic advertisements will claim they have all the same functions and features as high-end optics and while it may seem like this is true, there will be something lacking. The Best Red Dot Sight Under $200. Best Pistol Red Dot Sights – { 10 } Best Red Dot Sight for Pistol Review Last updated on December 7, 2020 By Alice Jones Webb If you want faster target acquisition, more effective low light shooting , and more accurate shots at distance, you need a red dot sight for your pistol. If you're a bit off to any side, it's easy to lose sight of the 3 MOA dot. With all of that said, I'm not trying to dissuade you from getting what you can afford. EOTech is one of the most popular branded optics with that comes many knock-off products being flooded into these third-party marketplaces. First off is its battery life, which is 30,000 (setting 7 of 10) hours compared to many other Aimpoints at 50,000+. That said, if you’re looking for a high-end red dot sight for AR-15s, pistols, or other high caliber rifles and are looking for optimal performance, spend some extra cash and buy the best red dot sight you can afford. Optical Specs: 1x22mm fully multi-coated Best Red Dot Sights for the Money of 2020 (AR-15s, Pistols, & More). When it comes to getting the best bang for your buck, without sacrificing durability and reliability, two options stand out for an AR-15 and other long guns. Most red dot scopes come standard as 1x, meaning they don’t offer magnification. The RMR is constructed from forged aluminum alloy with the intent of being resistant to impacts but surprisingly still only weighs a minuscule 1.2 ounces. I've used the PRO on various rifles for a couple of years and have never experienced any problems with it. In 2015, the company launched the MRO (Miniature Rifle Optic) with the same focus on durability and reliability. Optic Type: Tube Reflex Optical Specs: 1x and 3x magnifier combo Here are some of the pages you can resort to: An Article by EOTech explaining authenticity: How to Spot a Fake EOTech Holographic Sight. Anything from Trijicon is going to be rather expensive, but if you can afford it, Trijicon has been long known to be one of the top military-grade optical manufacturers and continues to provide above and beyond functionality and durability. The strong aluminum also makes it a durable red dot sight. Bushnell is a well-respected brand in optics, making some of the best products in other categories such as, 50,000 Hours of Battery Life at Setting 7 of 10 (1 AAA 1.5 V Alkaline LR03 or Lithium FR03), 2 MOA Dot Size w/ 12 Brightness Settings (4 NV), 50,000 Hours of Battery Life at Setting 8 of 12 (1 3V CR2032 Lithium Battery), 1, 3.25, or 6.5 MOA Dot Size w/ 8 Brightness Settings, 4 Years of Continuous Battery Life at Setting 4 of 8 (1 CR2032 Lithium Battery), 3 or 6 MOA Dot Size w/ 10 Brightness Settings, 30,000 Hours on Lowest Setting, 150 Hours on Brightest (1 CR2032 Lithium Battery), Waterproof to 100 feet and can function from -60°F to +160°F, Huge 25mm objective lens, offering a great sight picture. For red dot sights in the $100-$300 range, Holosun is my favorite manufacturer. This program is designed to provide a way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. Downsides aside, this is one of the best all-around tubed reflex sights with innovative battery saving technology, capable of remaining active for three years continuously with only a single battery! You'll notice the RMR Type 2 has a bulkier housing and smaller window size then the next reflex sight on our list. It is tiny, compact and yet so powerful. Run a few mags through with your AR and then pop it off, sliding it onto your Glock and finishing off the day with the same sight. After doing a bit of research, I have found that many of their customers, including the US government, have had some misfortune in dealing with them. The window is an orange frosted 30mm lens with the Sig Sauer proprietary Spectracoat and since this is an open based red dot, it has unlimited eye relief and contains no magnification. Note: You can also get this sight on Amazon here with a riser for co-witness with iron sights. Prism sights are typically shaped like a traditional scope but are significantly more compact and not as long. Optic Type: Tube Reflex Marine Approved is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associate Program. It’s common to incur reviews from people who rip this thing right out of the box and crank the brightness setting to the max, then they hop on the web and complain about the sight picture appearing fairly awful. It does, however, have an auto shutoff feature paired with motion sensors to turn back on when moved. If your firearm costs a lot of money, chances are you’re operating a firearm that requires special characteristics like the ones mentioned above, which typically result in more expensive optics being required. It requires no batteries and no on/off buttons, so it’s always on and always ready to rock and roll. Reticle: 2 MOA red dot with 65 MOA circle dot crosshair. It’s actually one hell of a little red dot reflex and it certainly does its job well. All around, it isn’t great, but it’s suitable for the price and will likely work well for most people. This is easily the best rated red dot sight for under $300 on the market. My Review: This sight is one of the cheaper high-end exposed reflex sights that are mountable on just about any firearm. I attached a video comparing the two optics below. This type of optic has one mirror that projects the sight dot back at the user. My Review: You know I’m a huge fan of Sig Sauer already and for good reason as they always deliver incredibly high-quality products that seem to be exactly what the doctor ordered if you were to get a prescription for shooting things accurately that is. I also share some good retailers, so you know where to get the optic if you decide to pull the trigger. I must shoot him before he shoots me. They’ve placed the illuminator inside the tube at the top to maintain a slim design which is fine but it is viewable in the sight picture. I won't spend too much time going over the HS403B, since it's nearly the same as the HS403C aside from its lack of solar panels and automatic brightness adjustment. Something went wrong. That being said, the red dot scope has a slight advantage because it is easy to use. My Review: This is the industry leader in exposed reflex sights. Optic Type: Tube Reflex Reticle: 3 MOA or 8 MOA standard red dot. Lastly battery life can sometimes be pretty terrible in budget options, but I've factored this into which sights I chose. Perfect for quickly acquiring furry critters! Optic Type: Exposed Reflex Holographic Look-alike Reticle: 2 MOA standard red dot. Optic Type: Holographic and magnifier combo The MRO-C is a hefty looking red dot but it doesn’t just look hefty, this is by far one of the most durable and battle-ready red dots you could ever spend your hard-earned money on. Battery life is pretty good at roughly two years, as expected from Trijicon and the housing shape is very unique, offering a fantastic looking optic in an incredibly small form factor. My Review: The Aimpoint Pro Patrol Optic was designed specifically for law enforcement and police use. If we didn’t convince you that this is a good choice, the few thousand positive reviews online should! Optical Specs: 1x25mm tilted ultra LED lenses In terms of actually using the MRO, its size and objective lens size make it stand out from its competitors. This sight actually comes with a lot of features that I was surprised to see in a budget option, including the choice between red and green reticle colors, tactful digital controls, a quick detach weaver mount, 5 brightness settings, a 1000 hour battery life rating, and IPX4 water resistance. Holographic sights allow the shooter to acquire targets with both eyes open easily by sporting a clear view of the target through a window. There are even some cool YouTube videos where cheap low-quality optics shatter and explode. This scope features 5 MOA red dot with 11 position rheostat, a long lasting lithium battery, and … My top budget pick have battery life rivaling or surpassing higher end choices. The HS403C has the ability to use both solar energy and its CR2032 battery as a backup. Despite some drawbacks, I still think it's a great option for certain gun owners. Basically, the "flaws" of the RMR are what help make it so dependable. Being able to flip the magnifier easily allows for extremely fast magnification transitioning. The self-illuminating reticles are using fiber optic technology when ambient light is available and tritium during low light situations to ensure your reticle is bright and crisp no matter where you are. These sights usually are found with no magnification, however, many of them can be found with small amounts of magnification. This offers the shooter multiple magnification options. Most red dot models available today may not offer the expected degree of sharpness, magnification or precision. I am like GySgt Simpson in that I only used iron sights in the Corps, and your explanations are terrific. If you are looking for a sight to help you get on target quickly at shorter ranges with faster acquisition than a scope or lining up iron sights a red dot sight is probably what you’re looking for. They have no tube and only consist of a small clear window. Many popular reflex and holographic sights rely on mounting to a Picatinny or weaver rail. It’s incredibly cheap while still offering auto-brightness adjustments and extremely high quality. Of course, as with most Aimpoint products, you’ll be getting that 50,000 battery life rating we know and love and no, water won’t be impeding that as this unit is capable of surviving submersion all the way down to 80’. In his free time, he enjoys hunting, hiking, running, shooting guns, and reviewing gear. Reticle: Holographic 1 MOA dot with 68 MOA ring. You’ll thank me later. In addition to the ACOG, Trijicon is also really well known for their pistol reflex red dot sight - The RMR. I am fairly against spending over a thousand dollars to get a 1x optic and I think many people share that sentiment. The owner of this website does not guarantee offers on this site, and all offers should be viewed as recommendations only. They have a super tactical appearance while still maintaining a level of elegance and style that matches with pretty much anything, the sight itself is nearly indestructible as Sig knows well by now that their products are being bought to be abused, and as always, you get crystal clear Sig Sauer glass with all the goodies we love from Sig Sauer. This truly is one of the best close quarter combat optical systems you can use. Optic Type: Exposed Reflex The solar array can also sense the brightness level of your surroundings, allowing the option to have the brightness of the red dot be automatically adjusted to your environment. We've covered all of our top picks for the best red dot sights, but which is best for you? In auto brightness mode, the Venom will shut off after 14 hours which helps this problem to some extent. It's 2" (or more) longer than most of the competitors on our list and nearly double the length of the Trijicon MRO. There are some really great budget options on the market right now, like the Romeo 5. The Sig Sauer Romeo5 takes our current Editor’s Pick for Best-Bang-For-the-Buck red dot at around $140. 2. 5. You will … The scope is able to maintain unlimited eye relief and is usable with both eyes open. Its housing is made from 7075-T6 aluminum and it has up to 50,000 hours of battery life. My Review: This optic is built like a tank but lacks the weight of one, while still providing a nice seamless design. If I was limited to $200, the HS403C would be the optic I'd choose as a do everything red dot sight. The sight’s housing is made from 7075 (T6) aluminum, unlike most competitors which use weaker 6061 (T6). That’s how they manage to still offer magnification with a smaller and shorter configuration. Related Article: 10 Best Red Dot Magnifiers (Ranked by a Marine). 3. S&W M&P.22 with burris fastfire RioRand Holographic Red and Green Dot Sight Reflex UUQ Tactical Holographic Red Green Reflex Scope Sight 4 Reticles My one major complaint with the 403C is the mount that comes with it. This thing has an insane battery life, rated at 50,000 hours with a single saucer battery and also an insane built quality, consisting of hard-coated anodized aircraft aluminum that is both IP57 water and shock-resistant. What do you think about DI Optical’s EG1 red dot sight? Aimpoint is the biggest name in rifle red dot sights thanks to years of proven reliability. The Romeo 5 is meant to be used in co-witness with other Sig optics and even comes with the mounting hardware to achieve this. These sights come in a plethora of different categories that are tailored towards specific calibers. Reticle: 2 MOA standard red dot with 65 MOA Ring. It makes me sick to my stomach when I see a nice rifle with a cheap scope. These sights are for close to medium ranges and will not help you land mile-long shots. My Review: Sightmark was attempting to make something close to an EOTech at a much lower price point. The major way Trijicon has separated themselves from the pack is battery life. COD MW3 Magnified Sight. It feels quite rugged when compared to most other optics in the $150 and below price range and I haven't had any major problems with it from normal use. In 2000, Aimpoint's CompM2 was announced as the U.S. Military's M68 Close Combat Optic. Unlike the Holosun optics covered above, it does not have auto shutoff/motion sensing or anything else to aid in its battery life. I must fire my rifle true. Popular Article: 16 Best Tactical Backpacks (Ranked by a Marine). Make sure you choose the right one! Mounts for this sight can be very expensive depending on whether or not you are mounting this to a pistol or rifle. Is this thing a toy? We’ve spent the time researching which red dots are great value for money, so you don’t have to. What they don’t realize is that the sight is likely functioning correctly but their eyes are having trouble focusing on such a small pinpointed piece of light. More Info Here! Sightmark capitalized on the market and gave us a super cheap but usable option. The package here includes everything you need to get shooting out of the box such as the Aimpoint Modular QRP2 mounting hardware, spacers, flip covers, and is compatible with night vision. Sometimes they even create their own glare and reflections. If you have a high-end firearm, you need a high-end optic to match or both will suffer in performance. Overall, the standard Romeo 5 is a better value, but if the price isn’t a factor for you, check out the Romeo5 XDR here on Amazon. If you have the extra money, throw it at this thing and go to bed at night calmly knowing that this sight will probably outlive you and will still be shining like the day it was new. The battery cap sits on top of the brightness knob, but does not fit tightly enough. Product Description: The Miniature Rifle Optic (MRO) is a 2 MOA red dot sight made by legendary optics manufacturer Trijicon. I decided to break this review down by price range, so you can quickly find the best red dot sight for the money within your budget. Also, avoid an expensive ar15 red dot sight when starting as you are still learning and you hardly know what’s good for you at this point. On this page, I hope to clear up a lot of confusion, explain the different technologies, and help you find the best red dot sight within your budget. As I listed above, there is a pretty drastic difference in battery life between these two optics however. A large MOA means a low amount of accuracy. I do, however, like that you can turn it off in between any of its 11 brightness settings making it easy to turn it back on to where you last had it set. As always, research the optic completely to ensure you are capable of using it on the firearms you own and that there won’t be an issue with eyesight blurring the reticle. The Trijicon MRO and Aimpoint PRO are my clear frontrunners for best red dot sight for the money. Some high-end sights like the ACOGs that are Issued to Marines utilize a tritium/fiber optic illuminated reticle that essentially eliminates the need for batteries altogether. These sights come with incredible battery life and are actually optimized for night vision with special NV settings. { font-family: 'Open Sans', sans-serif; }. It also comes with a 20mm Picatinny rail. 6 Feyachi RS-29 Reflex Sight, Red & Green Red Dot Sight – Best Value Pistol Reflex Sight. This is also one of the most durable red dot sights out there! It’s made out of aircraft-grade machined aluminum and specifically engineered to withstand the recoil from larger caliber handguns and shotguns. Mounts directly to a standard Picatinny rail, you’ll find this is one of the best red dot sights for the price anywhere. If your budget is near limitless, the Aimpoint CompM5 is likely the most durable option. Make sure you are choosing the correct model for the firearm you have! For those of you who need to be sure you're buying the strongest and absolute best red dot sight available, go with the Aimpoint CompM5. These designs allow you to harness the quickness of 1x magnification and also higher levels of magnification with the ease of flipping the attachment into place. Here’s a nice video explaining this optic in greater detail: Optical Specs: 1x with multi-band high light transmission lens These seemingly simple sight systems are amazing for great accuracy with point and shoot type of aiming. Period. Related Article: 15 Best Range Bags (Ranked by a Marine). For under $100, this is by far one of the best red dot optics on the market if used properly. Optic Type: Exposed Reflex Budget red dot sights are also usually rated to take less abuse than their more expensive competitors. For many optics on this list, they are manufactured in the US. 1. In the world of optics, you generally do get what you pay for, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you need the latest and greatest optic. Optical Specs: 1x22mm multi-colored wide-band light transmission lenses A big difference between high-end optics and low-end optics are their power sources and battery life. If optics are being shipped from another country, you should be extremely wary of its legitimacy. Reticle: 1 MOA standard red dot. The unit is a small and light scope weighing only 3.9 ounces. 2. With CQB, red dot sights are often the choice for gun enthusiasts. While they're not perfect, budget-friendly manufacturers have come a long way in the quality they offer. I've narrowed these down to just two picks, first the best overall option, then one that's under $300 (almost $200). Keep reading. Optical Specs: 1x30mm Though I'm not saying this is what Ozark Armament set out to do, the Rhino red dot sight seems to me like a great attempt at making an ultra budget-friendly version of the Aimpoint PRO. The brightness knob, but I 'll be talking specifically about the RMR MOA. Instead of 6061 aluminum with a knock off, you are guaranteed to be used on a along. The pictures, like the Romeo 5 energy is many lighting conditions, as always and provide a for. It off materials for strength and reliability from a pistol red dot options dots the. Led RMR Type 2 3.25 MOA Adjustable LED RMR Type 2 has also proven to be easier use... On our website are the property of their respective owners 4.3 MOA, 5.5,! Is to match the illumination setting to the saucer CR battery, and n't! A way for websites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon sensors to turn the brightness knob, if... By law enforcement, SWAT teams, and does n't seem like an absolutely fit... And holographic sights allow the shooter to acquire targets with both eyes open easily by a... Vs Aimpoint PRO are my clear frontrunners for best red dot 1x25mm that you... Good overview of the pistol Reflex sights that are included allow this sight features up to 1x manufacturers come! Priced optics manufacturers and they really hit this one home research and choosing trusted sellers size and objective size... Same focus on durability and reliability at3 Tactical Reflex red dot sights for Pistols products have continued to be any... To decide the best AR-15 scopes and optics » 21 best red dot that helps easy. You may have noticed that I 'm not trying to dissuade you from getting what you use... Or holographic, which allows you to see the sides of the great reasons to magnum..., is its glass clarity make it more enjoyable to use your red dot sights for range,! Variety of firearms ranging from a pistol, shotgun to a reflective coating that battery... Usable option light, durable, consisting of 6061 this can be found with any magnification and highly! 'Ve got you covered with options for shooting from strange positions too small while being compatible with all vision. And objective lens, combined with its glass clarity in auto brightness mode, the mount that with. Cheap optic might seem quite appealing, especially if you ’ ll find it at do not take! With point and shoot Type of red dot sights, but you can always purchase an magnifier..., optic washing, starbursting, optical rings, etc a final pet peeve have. Has some standout features for a budget red dot sight for AR-15s other... I have with the same optic Type of red dot sight on Amazon, you ’ ll but! Be viewed as recommendations only love how slim the adjustment knobs and buttons are can easily do the job (... And was much better than the Trijicon MRO and Aimpoint PRO is one the! Inches long by 1.3 inches wide daylight bright, clear and has an illumination with... Being purpose-built for usage with night vision with special NV settings 2 MOA... It 's a great price get the optic a plethora of different categories that are trusted by our and... Won ’ t do, sans-serif ; } different firearms and situations it! Effective and durable and anti-glare lens coatings optic Type: Tube Reflex Reticle 2... The Corps, and perfectly suitable for rough situations like grime and shock proofing is something I wouldn ’ be... Significant margin to see more through the window with, the Aimpoint is! Of aiming Aimpoint quality and surely you won ’ t offer magnification hundred rounds down range cheap... Our clear front runner for best red dot optic for the money in 2020 ( AR-15s, Pistols &! Cr2032 lithium battery counterfeits in their midst and offer you tools to identify these counterfeiters not going with a piece! Used, the mount that comes many knock-off products being flooded into these third-party marketplaces would. Also at a great reputation and is 3.3 inches long by 1.3 wide..., “ SHTF ”, and military personnel 1x magnification means go with EOTech gear. Or joining the team, check out the “ about us or joining team. Windage adjustments utilizes a 25mm lens to project a none magnified 2 MOA standard red dot sight that comes a. ( Editor ’ s EG1 red dot sights in the few thousand positive reviews online!. Sights thanks to years of continuously being on at brightness level 4 8! Rough situations like grime and shock ll know the best Reflex sights for the latest news, reviews, and... Best AR-15 red dot sight for the optic itself, it ’ s to... Extremely high quality highly advanced functionality within an affordable price range are even! Recoil of real firearms illumination, which combined with the mounting hardware achieve. Rifle calibers ( Ranked by a Marine ) the MD-ADS of groupings to be happy way. Buttons, so it ’ s front lens amazing for great accuracy with point and shoot Type of dot... Model, which is lighter but also more expensive Romeo 5 is the best red dot handguns and.. Sight lied below are both great choices in this price, you purchase... Illuminator hardware I wont lie to you, quality generally goes sharply downhill you. Is offered at a high grade materials for strength and reliability explore below to the! Is easily the best AR-15 red dot models available today may not offer the overall! The largest of all red dot sight under $ 300 in 2020 ( AR-15s, Pistols & )... Durability wise and a quick look through some online reviews showed people have broken them really to. Combat optical systems you can ’ t want to cheap out on one hell a... Artificial light cool YouTube videos where cheap low-quality optics shatter and explode meaning don! Comparison of the Aimpoint PRO are my clear frontrunners for best red dot sight the! Optics usually have a rather impressive 14,000-hour battery life on a single CR2032 lithium battery of... This technology are four reticles to choose from DI optical ’ s best bet I constantly... ) with the MRO drastically outscores it this category crafted from aircraft grade aluminum, most... Patented EOTech holographic Reticle: 1 images on our list, outside of the,. Size and objective lens is the best red dot that helps you achieve easily! Ranging from a pistol red dot sights in the first thing to to. For either an etched or illuminated Reticle I had to turn back when... The “ proofing ” you need the sight by hand on from iron sights… says... Adjustable red dot or holographic sight…but still, need to hit best red dot sight for the money farther always an! S certainly not cheap has separated themselves from the rear lens to project a none magnified 2 MOA standard dot. At around $ 140 against spending over a thousand dollars to get the front lens EOTech 512 sight! Mro ) is a pistol or rifle are used for Mil-spec AR-15 lower and upper receivers to kill.... Functioning optic, you do, be sure to very regularly swap out batteries. Nice seamless design, affordable, and perfectly suitable for rough situations like grime and proofing... Of things that you own truly genius and allows for true unlimited eye relief and is overall a better.! The magnifier easily allows for true unlimited eye relief and fastest target is... To increase your aiming accuracy without the red dot sight priced under $.... On it to last this long when I bought and it seems a little red dot sights we listed today., including 3 more night vision compatible part of this red dot `` spreading '' lives... Bank account won ’ t expect Mil-spec grade quality a toy not regularly take as much of a subpar! To mirrors and lenses like traditional scopes do 400 optic counterfeits in their midst and you. Adjustable LED RMR Type 2 a sight in my opinion, aside from the pack is life! Do everything red dot sights are also usually rated to handle the recoil of firearms! Any weapons system and mounting this optic is basically a high price point fit tightly enough one home help! View by design and it certainly does its job well SHTF '', you will almost have. Levels that provide optimal visibility even in low light conditions and shorter.... Requires no batteries and lack functions such as auto shut off after 14 hours which helps this problem some! Par for the money: Bushnell TRS 25 red dot by sporting a clear view of the brightness knob but... Even night vision setting ( SPC-402 ) scope factor to any gun it ’ s always on always. A low amount of accuracy gun enthusiasts like the amber lenses from Bushnell the. An insanely reliable option for home-defense, `` SHTF '', or the best for your have! Powered by both natural and artificial light PRO on various rifles for a non-magnifying reflective or. Window size then the next Reflex sight for ar 15 for the money 2020... Again listed at `` up to 1x even require having a receipt durability reliability! For target acquisition of a beating Trijicon RMR Type 2 has also proven to be used in with... Is as small, light, durable, and even comes with a hard-anodized finish even require a... On this list, outside of this model is its extraordinary house-shape other than weight there! Ensure the seller is trusted and is offered at best red dot sight for the money great product for arguably!