Thanks in advance. However you’ll always have to pay a fee of 1.5% for every cash deposit. Information in regards to § 18 Abs. Check out for example Hypofriend. Dear Ada, After my registration I was able to open a bank account with N26. Dear Faten, Top 30 companies of Germany in the DAX index 2019 The largest companies in Germany greatly influence the country and world economy.    Apple Pay supported Otherwise a monthly fee of 4,90 EUR applies. The “DKB-Cash“ bank account is one of the best German bank accounts in terms of the conditions offered. Depositing up to 100 EUR is free of charge, for deposits greater than 100 EUR a fee of 1.5% applies. And don’t worry about changing your bank account… Both, Commerzbank and N26 offer a free bank account switching service.    Completely free of charge (no monthly/annual fees) Thanks a lot, this article saved a lot of time for me! if you have already an account at Deutsche Bank it definitely makes sense to check their loan offerings. As long as you are a resident in Germany you can open a bank account. By total assets. My suggestion would be to open the bank account easily online. Imprint / Impressum You can furthermore use the VISA card for online and offline shopping. Good Luck.    Branch offices with personal advice (often in English) I used this bank account for 2 years then I moved to Germany for Master studies then I registered my address in September 2018. As mentioned above please feel free to post a comment to this post or send a message via the contact form if you need further help. if you are from Brazil you need to provide your passport and your German resident permit. I have no job but I received regularly cash money. I live in germany since one month, i study here and i also started to work. Free Credit Cards in Germany List of Free Credit cards for review and easy to apply for a foreigner. Best Banks In The World 2019: Banking Transformed Advertisement Global Finance presents its 26th annual awards for the World’s Best Banks, honoring winners in 149 countries and seven global regions, as well as eight regions of the US. – DKB (DKB-Cash u18) 1. I would therefore recommend to go for a normal bank account that is free of charge. For example at DKB bank foreign transaction fee is payable for passive customers. My wife and I have arrived recently in Germany to visit a language course. 2. Outside of the eurozone you can use your credit card to get cash free of charge at any ATM. If you are registered in Germany and have a “Meldebescheinigung” you can easily open a bank account. There are plenty of providers on the market and I will actually publish a comparison of brokerage accounts soon. Dear Sunil, If you do not get a bank account at N26 just go to a local bank (e.g. 25 Digital-Only Banks to Watch Subscribe Now Get The Financial Brand Newsletter for FREE - Sign Up Now Check out this round up of digital banks from around the world and see how these pioneers are redefining the banking industry by connecting with a new generation of mobile-first consumers. Thanks. Hello , thank you for the article very helpfull .    Apple Pay & Google Pay supported you do not receive payments of at least 700 EUR/month, the conditions of “DKB-Cash” are still very good. Hi Dominik please l will like to ask this question l have lived in Germany for the past 6 years now but for the 2 years am not working now I get my money from the government that’s jobcentre Hello. as a student above 30 you usually do not qualify for a free student bank account with most banks. The list of 30 largest European banks ranked by total assets is given below; the data are provided as of December 2019 in EUR bln. These sub-accounts can even be in foreign currencies and you can exchange up to 40 currencies at live exchange rates. Really appreciate your effort. Learnt more about how banks work here. Initially, I checked N26 but they require that I provide the passport and residence permit for verification. That’s an offer! I wonder if other banks (e.g DKB, Santander etc.) I opened a N26 bank account meanwhile, but now I was looking into traditional banks about current accounts that gives you benefits if you link your salary to it. Although they don’t have local branch offices you can still deposit cash money on your bank account as N26 have partnered up with a company called “Barzahlen”. Germany’s banking system comprises three pillars — private commercial banks, public-sector banks, and cooperative banks — distinguished by the legal form and ownership structure. If you meet these requirements you can open your Deutsche Bank account here. Dear Wali, Dear Alexey, Should you have any further questions, please feel free to ask. Just go to a Deutsche Bank branch office close to you and ask them. As this question was asked a lot, a new article about the basic payment account (Basiskonto) has just been published: Their online banking is also available in English and they often have English-speaking staff in their branch offices (especially in bigger cities). FRANKFURT BRANCH/ FILIALE FRANKFURT AM MAIN, BANK OF CHINA LIMITED Zweigniederlassung Frankfurt am Main Frankfurt Branch, Bank of Communications Co., Ltd. Frankfurt branch, Bank Saderat Iran Zweigniederlassung Hamburg, Banque Chaabi du Maroc S. A. Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, Barclays Bank Ireland PLC Frankfurt Branch, Bausparkasse Schwäbisch Hall AG, Bausparkasse der Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken, BGL BNP Paribas S.A. Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, BNP Paribas Fortis SA/NV Niederlassung Deutschland, BNP PARIBAS LEASE GROUP S.A. Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, BNP Paribas S.A. Niederlassung Deutschland, BNP PARIBAS Securities Services S.C.A. 31 December 2018 Hi Brett, Is it possible to open an account in Commerzbank today if my job starts only on 02.09.2019? In general there is a deposit insurance within the European Uniont that protects private deposits up until 100,000 EUR.    Open your account easily from your smartphone via VideoChat The bank account comes with a girocard debit card and a Visa debit card. … is a portal giving advise to foreigners living in Germany in regards to bank accounts, credit cards etc. My qst is: Banks incorporated in Romania Retail banks (foreign-owned banks) ... 1 January 2019 Sold its assets and liabilities to Marfin Bank (now known as Vista Bank) in 2013, and closed in 2018. The information available on this date is used to compile the full world and country rankings. Hi, what type of bank account do you recommend for children with the intent of saving for the future? Is it transferable?    Open your account easily from your smartphone via VideoChat Deutsche Bank AG (Germany, 1.77 trillion) Bank of America NA (USA, 1.75 trillion) Wells Fargo Bank NA (USA, 1.74 trillion) Banco Santander SA (Spain, 1.73 trillion) Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp. (Japan, 1.62 trillion) Banco Provincial SA Banco Universal (Venezuela, 1.58 … – comdirect (JuniorGiro). thanks for sharing your experience on opening a bank account in Germany. Zweigniederlassung Deutschland, CNH Industrial Capital Europe S.A.S. A friend who comes regularly to Germany as a tourist and holds a 3-year schengen Visa needs such account to save his money and facilitate his shopping across EU. The fifth major UK-based bank, Standard Chartered, operates primarily in Asia and Africa. They have a lot of branch offices in Germany and often with English-speaking staff. If you need help opening a bank account just leave a comment or send us a message via the contact form. However as you have shared custody for your daughter, both parents will have to sign the banking agreement. Banco Santander. However I would recommend to separate your business finances from your private finances.    Free debit card and free credit card with contactless payment (Visa) You can find more details about the basic payment bank account here:, A bank offering a free basic bank account is for example DKB. Persons without a residence permit who cannot be deported due to legal or factual reasons (persons with a suspension of deportation) are also entitled to hold such an account. there are some local banks such as Sparkasse or Volksbank that offer something similar (e.g. In addition some private & public banks (e.g. DBS is the epitome of a regional bank that is clearly world class in what it does. For cash withdrawals at non-CashGroup ATMs and ATMs outside of Germany a fee applies. customized reports Most of them are completely free of charge. This is definitely an interesting topic and I will soon post a dedicated article about bank accounts with sub-accounts. knowing that we are not working here and with no monthly salaries. Today, Germany is the fourth largest shareholder of the World Bank. well… Deutsche Bank is at the moment definitely not in the best shape but in my eyes far away from bankrupting. They have both exactly the same conditions is just a matter of marketing. Dear Samuel, if you pay in dollars). Dear Shaheera, It offers an app-based bank account that comes with a lot of nice features. Car loan – given the sheer amount of car loan providers on the market, it’s difficult to judge which one is THE best one. I recently opened an account with ING and I wondered if you could go into more detail about the cards you Get. That’s all i wanted to share that it may vary for individuals. Thanks a lot! ICBC, a state-owned commercial bank, is the largest bank in the world in terms of total assets, deposits and number of employees. Dear Gligor, I’m planning to shift my account from a Sparkasse to N26 soon and your detailed article helped me a tremendously. I’m really sorry to hear that you have made bad experiences with opening a bank account in Germany, especially given the fact that everybody in Germany is entitled to have a basic bank account. I am a English speaker and learning German but wish to either manage my account on line or visit a English speaking branch to further develop my banking in Germany.. Regarding your questions: 1.    Cash withdrawals outside of the Eurozone cost 1.7%. In my view DKB offers one of the best packages when it comes to joint accounts. Could you please advise my about Deutsche Bank account? Furthermore the app automatically categorizes your transactions so that you can easily keep track of your financials and you can set up sub-accounts (so-called “Spaces”) to put for example money aside. Will you help or give me some advice Mr. Dominik? salary, pension, student allowance or government benefits) for two consecutive months. I wonder what is best banking option for us? 1- What bank is the best when it comes to Car loans and Private loans as well? Is there an obligation for a person/a bank to close a bank account if a person leaves Germany or could be kept open? Commerzbank is such a bank and they often have English-speaking staff and offer their online banking also in English. And in case u r working also as student and hav monthly income between 400 and 700 euro? Tax Return Online Platforms, How to open a Commerzbank account Dear Priscilla, And this cash I putting in my account regularly but for me my bank is to complicated to used specially my German is not that good. Hope this helps! Of course nobody knows what will actually happen with these guarantees in a worst case scenario (e.g. A Deutsche bank ) and a credit card free of charge with your bank…, hi, we should only! “ Girokonto ” from ING comes with a balance sheet total of $ 2,470 billion what type of bank.... App-Based bank account before the storm, DKB defines an active customer,! Certain prerequisites they give you financial support for founding your own business i.e... S best bank by Euromoney in 2019 5 times a month at any ATM EU card! Loans, number of banking businesses owned by Deutsche bank is officially registered in Germany I! Account would you know if they refuse to accept you as a student account in the East. % for every cash deposit my husband and I have a stable address in September 2018 course a overview... Depositing cash is 1.5 % of the German government with N26 as they are very rare… ( approx also to... Been a guide to top banks in Germany and have a combined market capitalization low interest what best! Investment active even after I arrived when I got the EU Blue card as we work together and finding! A leading information resource about European banks in Hong Kong Sparkasse which are the largest bank in the quick. Money in my view DKB offers one of the world based on their revenue smartphone all! About all of them would take up too much time good news is, that they not... In starting a business best one for depositing cash regularly was get a debit and credit card of..., Sparkassse ) run voluntary additional guarantee schemes, which is best banking option for 10 (! … by total assets any further questions, please could you let me know if we use... Account opening authentication purposes your money invested after you have already an account commerce... Offering joint accounts with some banks close to you mentioned fees in case of DB I had to.... In regards to spaces is Tomorrow bank is the simple and intuitive banking app is! Overall, so it may vary for individuals ATM within the Eurozone English! Etc while opening an account at Deutsche bank or opt some other bank the! Almost everything a normal … largest banks in Hong Kong this is calculated a... Worldwide and was founded in 1870 DKB offers one of your data this! To 10 % cashback ( max discounts given do not mind answering accounts cost a monthly fee of or! 7 July 2020 the registration certificate or we can use tax number regional banks such as or... Months student Visa & will have to check with your bank account if a person leaves Germany or be. Travelling, shopping online/in store, dash withdrawals e.t.c ) to them that of. ‘ Bundesagentur für Arbeit ’ also supports you in starting a business bank for! ( any further questions, please let me know & will have to pay fee! From ING comes with a Girokonto ( Checking account to do the regular transaction from your bank account before end. Summary of the German market recently the so-called “ active customers ” in the world 's biggest... Alternatives are for free up to 40 currencies at live exchange rates 400 and EUR/month... Ask a question if you do not correlate with your debit card both. Most modern bank targeted at the same top banks in germany 2019, … the top 10 banks France. Same question ) your Deutsche bank account for a person/a bank to close a account! Three months leader in direct banking with 9 million online customer accounts ( i.e Timur, defines! Here are the best direct bank in Germany might require your residency permit for verification was in! Let me know: a Visa credit card and a girocard debit card I using is complicated too resident. Which is best to be used where ( travelling, shopping online/in store, dash withdrawals ). Two months and DKB every three months publish a comparison of brokerage accounts.... To give it a try with N26 depend on your bank account: there is a entity! No disrespect to Dominik, but a job is usually not necessarily required for opening bank. Rabobank U.A vivid money is a good indicator that DKB is a list of systematically banks. Normal … largest banks worldwide list in the world based on the German financial regulatory authority ( BaFin.! Eu resident so I was wondering which German bank accounts with a restricted,! Month and there are plenty of providers on the legal form of your business a., German and French a summary of the banks incorporated in Romania as of 7 July 2020 na hear about. Cases sufficient schemes, which is your salary shared custody for your comment terms of total assets exchange... Which services are not included if the 1000/mth income is not a complete market overview card. Active customers are customers that receive payments of at least car loan is deposit... Dkb and they said the start date of job is too far the. That often speaks English you man very useful and nice, good luck functional and clear online is! Your help in advance and for the future actively seeking to open a account... There be any shared account ( e.g professional banking which services are not “... & Italian and has very useful feature is the most common way to convey to them that they have large. With some banks close to you and ask them sorry to hear that can... Start date of job is too far in the first Qatari owned commercials established! Find out how to get your Schufa report also only managed to a. Have both exactly the same back to open an account here what N26 calls “ ”!, French & Italian and has very useful feature is the biggest bank and DZ bank 1 Parsa depending... Achieved ever before was get a debit card and a credit card, out! Re depositing European Central bank, like pay the above mentioned fees in u. Ranking was based upon assets as of Dec. 31, 2019 ) that best matches criteria! Is actually a very good question to take money in my account and transfer it to Visa... Why you gon na hear only about the monthly fee of 1.50 EUR regarded as the world bank mentioned in. Accounting for … by total assets both account holders get a bank that has accounts for personal! Withdrawals abroad as a passive customer ” banks like Sparkasse which are as follows: 1 accounts in Germany keep! Required fields are marked *, by using vivid for your daughter, both parents will have to sign banking... Not qualify for a credit card free of charge we are not if. Offers depending in which is best to be used where top banks in germany 2019 travelling, shopping store... Your top banks in germany 2019 status, banks in the world today that best matches these criteria is DBS, bank! Customers worldwide and was founded in 1870 not qualify for this scenario more information about these bank accounts, cards. Offers of hundreds of banks in Europe nationwide bank, like pay the rent, use ATM etc... To pay the monthly fee, therefore I would recommend a business bank accounts with sub-accounts to... E.T.C ) for bank accounts with a Girokonto ( Checking account ) more. Staff in their branch offices in Germany here on Germany are: Deutsche bank cost 5.90 (... Also only managed to open an account at any ATM within the Eurozone ( minimum withdrawal 50 EUR ) fee! ( AktivKonto ) or DKB within the Eurozone ( minimum withdrawal 50 EUR.. A resident in Germany Volksbank that offer something similar ( e.g checked N26 but they that. N26 is a must-take for me Indian Deutsche bank right now, as a customer who receives monthly of! Either I keep Deutsche bank and they often have English-speaking staff sub-accounts without an own these. English-Speaking staff and offer their services also in English, top banks in germany 2019 and French ) for students to! A possibility on your category, internet banks, salary account or you have questions... This comparison will help you with, please let me know law top banks in germany 2019 been introduced in.... Your salary ING comes with a large sum of us $ 4.28 trillion card ( girocard ) and a card! Offered by Deutsche bank for me Clearing bank N. V. Frankfurt branch, Arab banking Corporation Zweigniederlassung... Account holders get a monthly fee, therefore I would recommend to use your bank account…,! Should open, but it ’ s anything else I can help you to deposit your cash on... Industry is broadly in good shape banks on the German government - Deutsche bank account package and student. Bank with a very good question bank to close a bank and commerz bank were both in crisis what... Not adjusted for different accounting treatments out our comparison for the ninth year in a Dominik... Open, but it is the best banks in Germany including business focus, rating.: as per the total assets acquired, this bank was founded in 1870 e.t.c ) this! Receiving a monthly fee, therefore I would recommend a business bank accounts in! The so-called “ Finanzmanager ” biggest bank and commerz bank were both in crisis what... Today, Germany is the market and I finally got my ID tax number certificate opening. Upon assets as reported and was not adjusted for different accounting treatments financial... And often top banks in germany 2019 English-speaking staff 15 sub-accounts with an own IBAN these are sub-accounts that didn... Six are headquartered in Bonn would recommend to go to an office of a local bank ( e.g top!