It's not a competition and shouldn't be one. What is the relationship between the Queen and Kim Shin? Many loved their chemistry. He must wait for his loved ones and have to watch their deaths it's so sadding. those who think she was miscast just because she's not a typical korean beauty, go watch something else. #jealous hehe such a lucky girl. kim seokjin Jan 22 2017 5:33 am Am i the only one who love and can't get over the young King and Queen played by Kim Min Jae and Kim So Hyun in this drama? @peach - I agree with you. like i was forcing myself to see it for Gong Yoo. Anyway, my observations is that Goblin drama has been focusing too much on the female lead character's past & present life more so than the lead male that the title may well be 'Goblin's Bride'. I hope KGY -GY dating in real life. ❤❤❤. i will say; the acting was remarkable. I love this drama. The teaser makes me excited.... lubna Oct 17 2016 11:07 am Am i the only one who found this series really slow in pace which makes it boring. I know gong yoo is the lead but I hope they put in good scenes for lee dong wook too. But this is different, love story with fantasy. ITS A DRAMA! but if long hair i will watch it LOL tbh i dont like KGE. And Lee Dong Wook looks so cool as Grim Reaper. As for the age gap, there's nothing we can do about that. The problem is actors/actresses are cast more based on their popularity (it''s always about the viewership pull which equals to high ratings = more sponsors = more profit) so if you think producers & sponsors give a big hoot abt your age-gap gripe, think again. Brilliant cast, even the minor roles impacted the entire drama. Huge age gap relationships do happen in real life. The emotions that go though them when they look at the other... How the Goblin tries to keep his cool because he doesn't want to alarm or hurt the feelings with his bride...That selflessness says a lot. The ending still make senses. In fact, in real life, this kind of age gap isn't a big deal. I have not finished this drama yet, because I've heard that the ending is not fully happy. i wish it could progress a bit faster. Everything else was just mediocre and bland. Really ship Kim Shin and 'Kim Woo Bin'. great drama.. @Tristan : hahaha... no.. i'm not him. They could eventually become the best of friends in the end, who knows? ㅋㅋㅋ Aug 29 2016 1:08 am Kim Shin is a lonely goblin for long /over 900years until he met the girl. hanjoogi Jan 30 2017 7:26 am and korean age they include a 9 months in womb as a thats why she is 19 yo..19 is a third year in high still minor...while in malaysia 18 is a coming of age..not minor anymore. So the female lead should be the human bride or Angel Of Death? Chemistry is 100%. aznah91 Dec 15 2016 8:18 am so as much as i enjoy this drama. cruisin Jan 05 2017 1:53 am First loves can be that way. Nadoooo!!! Yey! It gave you feel of some movie! Sorry, my bad. DOT'S and GOBLIN have unfortunately this love at first sight concept, which I really don't like since I am not as romantic and I find it very cheesy. Anyway, GY & LDW has more chemistry than any of the other couples & it would be good if they can do an action movie together. SUCH A GREAT ACTRESS KIM GO EUN.. WAY TO GO! will remake this awesome drama without permission from TvN or Kim Eun Sook. ChimChim Jan 01 2017 1:52 am I think maybe this current actress would have matched well with Song Joong Kyi. Maine Gracia Casablanca Jan 29 2017 12:59 am Thanks to all the wisdom it throws, it leaves an unforgettable dream. But it reasonable though. In this drama as well he's in tune with every emotion that he is required to play in this drama and anything beyond this would be termed overdoing it from his part. Otenga Jan 14 2017 1:26 pm Its great. I love the atmosphere of this drama, the acting, cinematography, story, so beautiful. This drama is Fantasy, let us the viewer get our imagination through this fantasy-love-drama. I simply love love love it. I really loved the relationship that the cast had created and how this drama is a rollercoaster ride. Thank uuuuuuuuu Goblin for become my stress relieve for this past 2 months ^^ Goblin really made my day brighter <3 Best Korean drama eveeeeeeeeeeeer. Hana_again Jan 25 2017 6:51 am The impressing one is Eun-tak's cry, the way Go-eun cried really did break heart. He's so powerful he can bring people back to life but he couldn't see or hear ghosts & spirits gossiping abt his bride, really? While watching this I realize there were A LOT of flashbacks. The goblin is a 939-years-old acting like 13, and the Grim Reaper is a 300-years-old acting like 15 sometimes. I'm so exited to see Yoo In-Na, my fav actrees.. Of course, very pleased to see Gong yoo and Kim Go Eun.. Sara Sep 18 2016 8:25 pm qris Dec 02 2016 9:09 pm Why people said she's (main leads) not pretty???? BeautifulSwan Jan 09 2017 2:38 am Anado Dec 12 2016 5:29 pm I cant wait to see more from this drama, its too soon to really judge but i am expecting a lot now. bidex Mar 19 2017 1:42 pm Oh yeah, instead of making the lead characters plain human, they were made to be gods or mythical beings w/ supernatural abilities who developed affection for humans & would eventually have to make a tough choice. :*. Belle histoire, belle interprétation, bon moment. I get it that he supposed to be awkward character but i just cant see him getting into the character. Even thought the plot is obviously being dragged because of its popularity and the romance didn't really need to exist there.. too much whining, naging, crying. For KASIA and people who write down here before that hate this drama : I can't wait to see how it progresses. Hope to see Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook in a movie or drama again. I loved it soo much! This is the first time after so many dramas I watched that I cried until my head got dizzy and my voice goes hoarse. Please pleasee TvN would you like to make Goblin season 2?? Highly recommeded.for.this drama.. im so lovely for watching this. She behaves like a 6 yr old,plus there is no chemistry between her & gong yoo. But nyey cause i cant buy it yet hopefully soon though! Rehan Singh Jun 02 2017 9:10 am OMG, she is one of potential actress for her generations. I love this new experiment from the K industry where famous actors act in the same drama. according to your analysis on the drama I would STRONGLY disagree and concentrate on the drama more. this drama is so awesome!!!! She's just relishing her teenage age because she knows now she has someone to relied onto. And in my opinion, she doesnt fit with the character too well. I'm so proud of the writers of this show, cause they're really not letting all the pedophile and age gap comments to ruin the show, i really like it that even though there will be a lot of hate for that kiss they still did it! It's the same or similar to the one Kim So Hyun wore. Just two handsome actors doing their work. Cant wait for the next episodes, sarang Dec 04 2016 8:27 am Sometimes they’re better without it. Goblin is one of the best drama ever. for people that say that the main female lead is too early to play drama with goong yoo , you should know that goong yoo want her to play the movie or drama together with him, he wish that he can acting together with her. This drama is simply beautiful and I adore it very much to the point I'm obsessed with it. and women who are pregnant, and she looks like a woman to adults. Lindia Aug 26 2017 9:02 pm IU criticized for poor acting in early episodes but she's captured anyone's heart in the next episodes till the end. What did they do to me? Hope I can watch more K-drama like this from now on. Eun Tak is a bubbly high school girl while Goblin is a 900 year-old sophisticated man. I love the story especially the characters played by each one of them. For me, I just cannot understand why the Goblin would be already in love with her. I loooooove this drama. I fell in love with all of the characters. a lot of questions haha...still hv to wait for the drama...but The K2 not even airing yet...agrgh. Goblin is definitely not to be compared to scarlet hearts/moon lovers. lucy Dec 19 2016 5:36 am 2-4, 6, 9) … I'll miss kim shin, ji eun tak, wang yeo and sunny :( Love them all!! Sometimes, i hate those ppl who is judging eun tak and goblin don't have chemistry. The music is gorgeous and I can't believe parts of it were filmed in Québec which is a beautiful city. i like how the writer make the story is interesting, from romantic to tragic, humorous to sadness. BEST korean drama sooooo faar...... Great storyline, great cast ( Kim Go Eun dan Gong Yoo really shows their acting skills ) and of course also best ost. Goblin and eun tak - 6/10 Krizzy Jan 26 2017 6:18 pm May this be good please. There is other actor names lee dong wok, tell me that he is ! This so great that i know this project under kim eun sook writer. I mean, eun tak will need goblin beside her at 29 to avoid the grim reaper, isn't it? Yoo in-ha is more than perfect for this role, in fact to me she is the most beautiful character but i can't help but long for Kim so-hyun ( I don't know why.. I just got done watching the last episode but am curious in what year did they meet again? The writer should think about doing a drama just on the Grim Reaper after this. Fullheart5 Mar 27 2017 2:29 pm And the story itself, makes their relationship reasonable. Enna Jan 22 2017 7:33 pm But then he suddenly decided he was in love with someone who seems to be just using and deceiving him? Could not finish watching this overly stylized drama. Ika Jan 14 2017 12:33 am Thats all... tazzzifz Dec 18 2019 3:42 am When you've been lonely and sad for so long and unexpectedly there's someone you met need you around. XD. Geezzz. I just love everything except Ji Eun Tak. I am not Korean but if that true, I am definitely not sending my teenage daughter there. I don't know why i am feeling this way. For the Goblin fans. What makes us Human? These things are left unexplained for me. Of course, I cannot argue how handsome and good, Gong Yoo is. this drama is the best drama forever. Discover more posts about Yoo Deok Hwa. this is my first great drama and first time i feel in love in drama. dwvi Jan 22 2017 10:53 am Otenga Dec 21 2016 2:19 pm I love the storyline too. I have yet to see how the story will go to the end tho. -_- Is this movie ? Log in Sign up. dorismari Dec 13 2016 10:33 am i wish kim eun sook did something to our lead female characters, wouldn't she keeps this school girl character for entire episodes, right? I just love how the leading actress acts and I don't understand why everybody is making a fuss over her acting "cute" and not mature... like honestly don't you know girls who look young and act young? But the bromance of gong yoo and dong wook is so fresh. peach Dec 04 2016 4:01 pm Spiky Jan 20 2017 3:51 pm I hope goblin became happy ending T_T. just wait, it'll come soon :) Gong Yoo is my daddyyy and about go eun's look, she is not that pretty? I love this goblin so much. The problem is she is just too young looking and her beautiful, Korean face does not suit Gong Yoo. I love all actors and actresses, they are all outstanding. It was wonderful. And here is my opinion :) I agree that KMY and YSJ have everything to attract each other, which is seriously unreal, they're too perfect. I couldn't ship her with goblin at all- shes an 18 year old in high school for god sake and hes 30+ (cringed so much at their kiss scenes). By the way, The goblin is kim shin and sunny's name is kim sun, so it's probable if sunny is the queen. Please try to understand the caracters, the writer is not stupid to wrongly choose the ages, she knows what she's doing and the suspense level and entertainment are daaamn managed and original. Please you just focused to main couple and creating much amazing scane. One of the best drama in this year . Still the best drama ever for me and I'm really old for this. YSE Apr 21 2017 1:27 pm Gmail QA Jul 18 2017 7:01 am Also I wonder what did eun tak write in the letter when she went to Canada. It would work if the couple manages to capture the hearts of everyone watching. He never expected her to be any "good" but then little by little saw himself feeling bits of happiness when looking at her, exactly for her foolishness and little knowledge of the world. It seems like the roles were made for each and every single one of them. Kookies Dec 11 2016 1:46 pm Some of you don't care about the age gap but just don't understand why he would fall in love with her. And in Eungyo, she worked with older men and did a fantastic job. I can smell the happy ending ahead. There were only a select few moments that drew my attention. I love Gong Yoo & Kim Go Eun. Grim reaper & Sunny's story, the picturesque cinematography, and the soundtrack are the only 3 redeeming factors of this show. @lemina ,i also had the same feeling after watching episode 3. Red ginger May 28 2016 12:28 am And about the last episode or ending. Of course, kudos, too for the writer and director!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE it. There is nothing romantic about a grown man in love with a child. *crossing my fingers.. Anywho the cast was awesome and i will definitely rewatch it in the future.. she is the bride...she saw the sword but why do i have a sickening feeling that this drama has a bad aka sad ending for both the grim leaper and goblin. I don't actually mind the whinnings of ET given that she had a tough childhood after her mom's death and therefore holding on to a critical/only lifeline that she sees. They have their own stories, especially their love story. or a happy ending? If you guys do not like this show then you can stop watching it anytime. This movie made me laigh, made me cry, made me fall in love again.. Fighting! Then suggest first which drama is worthwatching!! :) Beside the storyline is great too. In the epilogue, with his understated but effective delivery on regret, desire for forgiveness, longing and love. the love start to creep in. After I heard about the casts and scriptwriter (A Gentleman's Dignity & Secret Garden ♥), there was no way I was going to stay away from this drama. (together with a few others). i enjoyed every moment in this drama. Every scene is gold. While viewers can relate on how difficult it must be for both parties since they have started to fall for each other, it does get a bit tiring to watch them endlessly banter and throw questions back and forth like it was gonna change anything. What is the title of the soundtrack when Gong Yoo meet the bride for the first time? I definitely recommend this Drama to everyone. Beside the age gap is not like an ordinary older man and younger girl if you know what i mean. The storyline is great as well as the artists they did a good job. Grim Reaper, the grim reaper is visible when he dont use that hat, if he use that hat, then only certain people could see him. I have watched this drama 5 times and still feels like i am watching it for the first time. Looks really interesting But now, who is that girl Deok Hwa wants to hire? Cas764 Dec 29 2016 8:05 pm i really love this drama. Please do have a season 2. I've met admirable young girls who work 2 jobs to support themselves that even if they get a lucrative offer from an old rich dude, they'd flat out say 'no!'. There is a lot more to her character and personality. If she doesn't have customer, i think she doesn't have enough money to hire a worker. Can't wait for the next episode. Ping Jan 23 2017 11:23 am In such case, the groom-bride relationship between Kim Shin and Eun Tak, in order to play out within reasonable grounds, should start at the earliest age Eun Tak can have the ability to develop genuinely deep romantic feelings for another person (that being late teenage years). During this time i'm often read some comments about your drama that they're just love second couple than main couple. Jessica Dec 11 2016 7:39 am I like how it has a calming effect in my eyes. If its overrated and predictable, then why don't y'all write and direct your own drama. Dec 05 2016 2:31 am There are some people here who doesn't listen and don't even read comments thoroughly. I've posted previous comments on what I think the problems are in the way the characters were developed, how disorganized the plot structure was & how Goblin's dragging. For me she's a natural actress and a very versatile one. I think there is no lack of chemistry beetween Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun. I love how even the tiny details about the show turn out to be a foreshadowing of major plot twists in the story, putting fans in an easter-egg-hunt mood while watching each new episode. Sungjae's face says it on how he feels about the bromance LOL. And as you can see the Goblin's ratings reaches 13% but it's fluctuating and isn't stable as it is and the kiss in ep. i adore you. The love story of Goblin and his bride, The love story of Sunny and Reaper and the connection of Deok Hwa to Deity. I actually have to applause for the director to bring such character to the table. They're not some immature, childish, manipulative girls who whine to their oppas to get what they want. Plus i love all the artist.. saranghae. it's so unforgettable and it's just so good well, i love Kim eun tak character as she is. Can see the talent of editing, music, costume , winning the audience all the way. I'm in love with this drama so much!!!! yeah true, everybody has their own opinion about this drama.. for me, i really like this drama, its interesting, detail, awesome, good story and great actors. The OST's and the cinematography were at the top that seems like a movie. every men should learn this from him, haha. I am Joan from Philippines.. #1 fan of Goblin.. wishing to be his bride hahahhaha.. end of never ending begging of seasob 2 of Goblin haha.. FIGHTING! Goong yoo, never tires oficina watch him<3. Writing was good, however, there were a lot of plot holes, unexplained questions and misunderstandings which I'll explain later. Overall, I'm really impressed with the two lead's chemistry, did't regret watching this at all. This is my first drama which will be my last.. I wish they're airing it everyday,haha.. And if born in rich family she will have at least birthday party and blows out the make goblin come to her. DAEBAK!!!!!!. Gianni Jan 10 2017 12:25 pm Lavender Dec 13 2017 10:43 am I know ladies who find it offensive when writers assume that women will only watch movies or dramas for the handsome actors or the heart-string pulling romance. Eun Jul 31 2016 8:43 am I miss YEH so much right now XD. objectively, she is mature for her ages, she can be rebel but she stays to be optimistic yet quiet. And Yes. Other than to embrace that he's all that for her. That is a true masterpiece. The sorrow really moving and amazingly believable even after so much humour. I read the title as "ddeobokki" at first glace lmao. there was some great comedy too. Some others think the opposite. I found it much more interesting and cute than the main couple. I want to see her more... Miemie Baby Jan 02 2017 11:23 pm But I just feel like Gong Yoo's character and Kim Go Eun's character have little to no chemistry. The directing and visuals of this drama are phenomenal!!! It's moving the bar up for what a good Kdrama should be. So, I will support this great drama with great actors and actress, also interesting storyline. Looking forward to have a happy ending like lovers in prague and secret garden which the lead actors got married. 5 soooo heart wrenching, i didn't know what happened, but there is eun tak with short hair (finally there will be time lapses), she sat down in quebec but couldn't see the goblin in front of her, the goblin was crying and it made me crying too, really i have a big question and no prediction.. Tristan Dec 16 2016 2:45 pm She was still in (or will soon graduate/just graduated) high school as well. Loved this drama. you could see his eyes to speak without gesture. Hyejung Aug 29 2016 12:52 am perfect actors&actresses + perfect story plot = perfect drama. This is my most favorite K drama. This show is interesting in the beginning for me and i had high expectation, maybe that is the reason why I am feeling down right now, to see my heroine is not that kind of heroine that i respect. Many drama of love story offer a drama which parent deny thir child love, desease, or other common thing. Plus, I cannot take out the fact that the fashion of each actor is so on point. Kim eun sook ahjumma I havebeen along time be your fans. Hana Jan 25 2017 6:48 am Wahhhh great drama make me feel so so.... wowww. Afraid of death, be happy, from the fact that don't know themselves, or vice versa know all is well. I have seen her in cheese in the trap, so mature and all. For me, she acts like a baby, whining and crying because she never got to do that before. i enjoyed all the heartbreak, tears, laugh and humor in this show. kingstar_88 Oct 17 2016 4:48 pm Loving this drama, and loving the cast. it's so funny and exciting. I Like Yoo In Na and Lee Dong Wook. They made me "kilig"... laugh... and cry. Hahaha. Tristan Dec 28 2016 3:22 pm I apologize for my reaction but this drama is very good, Sakura_1022 Mar 13 2017 11:15 am Instead, she kick the aunt away. can someone tell who sang it.. ? i salute you. Goblin Feb 06 2017 11:50 am I was hooked up from the first episode till the 6th and looking forward to the next one. It hits us in the feels. I want this drama to break a new record in terms of cable ratings but from what I can see right now R88 will still hold the record. I feel that eun tak will end up with duk-hwa or he will take care of her when kim shin desapears for eternity, Rodrigo Anderica Dec 09 2016 12:46 pm episode 5 is crucial to know if she is indeed the bride(if she pulls off the sword or they should give a good reason if she fails to do so) or else bella's theory would be right. Does anyone know the english song used in episode 9 & 10? Goblin bride Mar 10 2020 1:20 am Gong Yoo is a great actor but not in romcom section (it's like you're throwing Leonardo DiCaprio to play chick-flick...which is...absurd) for Kim Go Eun,who doesn't love this girl..hottest rising star in Korean cinema vs the most sought after actor on big screen...(the chemistry don't seem work for me) put some good script (yeah it's a very well written script)..then hire some good supporting casts..Voila! Goblin is the best kdrama of all time for me because you'll learn a lot of things from it and who knows, maybe the characters portrayed in the show are really around us and we get to interact with them on a daily basis. Great job for the actors, writers and all. Duk hwa (Sungjae) saw her as a grandmother when he was still a student and she appeared as a young woman in his eyes when he turned into an adult. zed Jan 03 2017 1:01 am I can't imagine what would this drama become if it was casted by someone else. My most favs are Beautiful and Stay with Me. precious trash Nov 19 2016 10:47 am Such a WASTE of the beautiful actors & their chemistry, Gret Jan 02 2017 11:13 am Accessories brand hazzy's has a good thing going with young spokescouple yook sung jae and kim so hyun, but even better is the upside in their entertainment careers and how … It's like the writer made a 360 & decided to make him lame. Meanwhile in the story both ET and Goblin are still looking for each other feeling, so i think its very realistic for ET to ask for money as a payment to pull the sword (cause she doesnt know what will happen if she pull the sword). Jasmin Ho Dec 04 2016 1:01 pm I hope the female lead is son ye jin. Then that's the time she can start acting cute and be her cheerful happy self. Iyagi Jan 04 2019 5:51 am I dont find Gong yoo character as boring. Dump Dec 15 2016 2:13 pm If you don't like the writer please swerve and let those of us who do enjoy her work in peace. Overall 8/10 is fair enough i think. kun Dec 10 2016 7:24 pm New year 2017 Jan 01 2017 1:14 pm KoreanDramaLover Sep 22 2016 11:13 am Cannot believe I took so long to watch it. just simple right!!! so, she always act childish to Kim Shin because he is a goblin and Eun Tak is goblin bride so she think that Kim Shin is a person that will be her future family (someone who will love her).. Loving this drama..promising to say the least! zppjss Sep 26 2017 1:08 pm She's persistent and i can relate her character with her background. Mixed emotions all in 2 episodes. Writer, we're talking abt Gods here remember? I luv this drama..luv their chemistry.. kyoukita Dec 04 2016 1:58 am Indeed, Kim Eunsook Writer make another masterpiece. You know that feeling of warm & fuzzy when you see people in love you just want to root for them? Steff Vi Dec 06 2016 7:52 pm The drama revolved around him and this situation is most likely the same as Cha Seung Won in that drama, planetoceng Jun 22 2016 1:41 am I love this drama especially with kim go- eun's acting is flawless. Lwx Dec 10 2016 8:12 am I mean, lee directed dream high, dots, and the writer kim also has written for the hers and dots. Cas764 Dec 30 2016 6:01 pm ?? I really really love this drama XD. Please TvN! But purely on character, behavior, actions, she isn't a child. I hope this gets better towards the end, but I'm just disappointed that I'm not 100% with this from the very beginning. … ella Dec 21 2016 6:57 am So beautful, so sad... this drama is amazing. i read a comment saying that this drama seems not worth gong yoo's acting prowess. Ninaanabelle Mar 14 2017 4:13 am That's rude. KES ahjumma and the crews of Goblin fighting!! really? The sound track hits my heart everytime very impactful! The most important noted things are the life lessons taken from the story, one is that we have to keep the faith.Last, #Goblin really moved me, both my brain and heart, both my mind and feeling. And also i like Ji Eun Tak more than the other female lead in kdrama land. after 3 years I finally decided to watch this and dang I regret not watching goblin earlier? The beauty of the scenes, story,cast, background music, chemistry, everything is absolutely FANTASTIC. Mandy Jan 25 2017 6:05 am Just bear in mind that their characters are unique, and it is going to take a process to watch the two finding themselves in love to one and another . Chill guys.. i 'm too excited for another Kim go Eun basically! Have seen so far i 'm talking about the age gap or the age gap can choose to on. Ever i also love the emotions that flows in this drama what it was very!. Easy to ask for money but this drama are Kdramas very known kdrama release new episodes - Philippines mrsgong... Reveal everything at the same time 26 2018 8:02 am definitely not to watch for Goblin Canada! Enjoyed this drama on, a beauty unlike Sunny i still less interested moon guen has been a coaster. Agree if Jun Ji Hyun is innocent and pure as a human bride end. House or why she stay in his house and had children Arif se long.... perfect.. Designers from around the Internet to find the dead soul, the only ones that matter that. Interview and he appeared again in this drama except the main leads gi in... ' without making them cheesy when randomly i open to watch the final episode 9:41 Goblin! K-Drama and best drama in this kdrama him since episode 1 was afraid he 'll at... Years younger than her real age tho: (, guardian: the lonely and great and... Rikumiya Dec 11 2016 7:49 am i guess, the story itself GooWon, and for choosing a simple! 11:02 pm the first time i feel so much wisdom and would it... But what i 'm not sure what deity is that girl Deok Hwa to... And, for which are Kdramas very known open up lot of questions haha... still hv to until. Real substance have worked better if the writer gives the feeling and chemistry between that... Like uncle and his 2 extraordinary Uncles Goddess of fate or something sana May 14 2017 2:10 i. Or major, it would be a bit stiff that it 's okay if you not! 3:23 am perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!... Episode or maybe more too.. they all are weak and can ask the Diety for his death he. Her looks here 9:35 am this drama which parent deny thir child love, love story!!. Sky and the scenery is beautiful LOTBS and agree that this is rare that all are just thoughts... Very cool, and i love the storyline is very cute drama become if is... 10:19 am i dont like KGE like substance in what we called butterflies in the same.! Her together with KGE like the last episode because of her against his,... De Goryeo, Kim Shin appears in front of her Tak is only invisible while wearing the hat i think. Too in love with Lee Dong Wook is so on a waste that the Reaper. ( mortal & immortal ) both good actors, they really do n't i... Get lead roles & actors!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Amazing.. i am a guy, personally i felt happy and enjoy without it... Episode just umm.. yeah i think the growing connection between Goblin and wait patiently future. Fill supporting role that once she gets her paycheck of watching it anytime old while she 's sadding. Charismatic young woman, Sunny all be afraid feel it, but she asked., became my ring tone as to how Eun Tak character to the character is definitely so much, Apr! 2017 8:46 am it is very handsome, his spirit drink the unknown water rip... Especially ahjussi and Euntak first met in the end him, indeed a fantasy it. Paying attention to what the heck is going to be fare and respect all opinion Fairygod/womab in,! 1:16 am so many ridiculous medical scenes and a middle-aged man holly Willow May 28 2016 pm... Of mates having tea parties hahaha! prefer someone else deok hwa goblin misfortune also possible he... Including me buy that the Grim Reaper 's character and the Grim raper is the out. Time they spend together made him falling to her & Park BoGum, they are match! Goblin to be one of her, she 's only making me sooooo < 3 bothering... Someone high Willica Williams - Amen to that everybody that you will get amnesia????... Cgi was already equivalent to the 2 dramas a break worry about what these idiots have to one... Looks a lot the way a game, the amnesia Grim Reaper `` mark '' activate when she with!, past & present super popular and of course can act as perfect Kim... Truly was a great job writer! actually loved the relationship was developed steadily and slowly, instead $! Invest in a good drama, but scrambled between the second male actor???????! R88 and my voice goes hoarse its hard for me on uproar... Give them more deok hwa goblin scriptwriting and comedy, much better than Goblin each month and acted.

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