Maintained and updated records pertaining to food quantities to contribute to inventory management. Demonstrated a complete understanding of menu items and explained it to guests accurately. Prepared meals for hospital patients according to health care standards. Maintained a healthy and clean kitchen environment by cleaning all used utensils, equipment, and cooking area. Assisted with the setup of the food trays and food carts, delivered tray carts to dining areas and resident units. Maintained a clean kitchen work environment. Worked in several positions including dish room, pot washer, patient tray line, and cafeteria cashier. Assisted in arranging tray cards, loading food carts, and serving meals. Handled cashiering functions and prepared customer orders. Prepared a variety of foods according to the customer orders, while cooking on grill and deep fryer. Food Service Worker Starting Salary/Pay: $10.52 per hour Hours: Part-time, Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. at Manor Middle School, 180 school days, Effective with the start of the 2020-21… school year Overview: The job of the Food Service Worker is responsible for providing support for all food service related activities within the assigned location… Prepped food in a timely manner to be ready for serve for all patient meals. Monitored food distribution, Prepared food, including attention to children's special diets and portion sizes, on a timely basis. Familiarized with inventory management and regulations of food services Provided excellent service to customers by giving them enjoyable environment, Worked independently and efficiently in fast-paced environment Developed inventory management skills and customer service skills. Restocked inventory items in proper storage room. Provided hospital patients with delicious, warm meals while adhering to strict dietary needs. Prepared hot and cold sandwiches neatly, accurately and in a timely fashion according to the customers' preference. Served food and drink orders quickly and accurately. Coordinating skills to maintain daily records such as balance of closing register, bank deposits, food usage, and food production sheets. Prepared trays for the hospital patients in tray line. Maintained, cleaned and sanitized work surfaces, machines, floors and tools through proper safety and sanitation guidelines. Delivered patients meals in a timely fashion, served patients in dining room. Stocked, organized, and cleaned kitchens and cooking utensils. Served as a Food Service Worker responsible for making food products and provide a pleasant customer experience to the customers. Delivered and retrieved late trays to patient rooms, retrieved meal carts within hospital. Prepared three meals daily for over three hundred live in hospital patients. Prepared and served sandwiches and other food items, cleaned steam tables and washed and cleaned equipment. Maintained organization and cleanliness of kitchen equipment, refrigerators, freezers and storage. Served food Handled money Operated a cash register Operated an industrial dishwasher Completed daily bank deposits, Conducted in a positive working environment Adapted to schedule changes as needed Customer service. Trained for management positions and other growth opportunities. Sustained great customer satisfaction by showing politeness and good communication skills. Cleaned the kitchen area and cooking utensils. Delivered trays of food to 100+ hospital patients daily. Cleaned kitchen after food distribution and serving was completed. Learned important communication skills pertaining to guest satisfaction and working in a stressful and fast-paced environment. Performed duties while observing sanitation standards. Greeted customers and answered questions about food ingredients, freshness and availabilities. Served and replenished food from counters and steam tables and breaks down stations at the end of meal periods. Please read more about Skills for Rhode Island’ s Future at the end of this job description. Removed food carts; sanitized dining area; Operated Industrial dishwasher; stored dishes; sanitized steam tables. Skills for Rhode Island’ s Future is recruiting candidates for a Food Service Worker role. Stocked shelves, receiving and properly put orders away in correct storage areas. Maintained the cleanliness of the kitchen and kitchen equipment by performing the weekly and daily cleaning according to schedule. Followed all recipes and practice portion control to prepare, garnish, and present ordered items. Clean kitchen area Observed and tested food and beverage items by taking temperature to assure all items met HACCP regulations. Needed to multitask between food preparation and food service responsibilities. Served fellow college students tacos, sandwiches, fried foods, pasta, ice cream, and pizza. Operated tools and equipment accordingly to prescribe safety standards. Trained on how to properly handle customer complaints and diffuse difficult situations. Prepared, served, and cleaned up meal services. Removed trash and garbage and mop floors for sanitation. Maintained a clean work area, including equipment used for preparing food ingredients. Trained newly hired food service representatives. Adhered to food safety procedures according to ACHD, PDE, and USDA. Many establishments open their doors early and stay open late at night - some are even open 24 hours - so employees may be asked to work irregular hours. Performed cashier duties, clean kitchen equipment, scrub counters, clean tables, wash dishes and swept floors. Fast Food Workers serve customers in dining establishments and may also be responsible for preparing food. Assisted with customer service Interacted with co-workers of different backgrounds Maintained cleanliness of restaurant. Followed proper procedures for the use of chemical cleaners. Customer service, safe food-handling techniques, safety, nutrition, communications, food and beverage preparation and service are covered under this certificate program. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Food Service Worker. Developed personalized nutritional care for students with special diets. Opened and closed the store Maintained responsible handling of cash transactions Prepared orders, handled customer complaints, cleaned. Assisted with replenishing items as needed during meal service and breaks down/cleans the bar at the end of each meal. Assisted in preparing menu items in accordance to safety and regulatory standards. The BLS's projections bear that out - it foresees a higher than average growth for the fast food industry when compared to all other occupations. Operated commercial dishwasher, sanitized kitchen and delivery vehicles. Learned the procedures for food warmers, serving station, and maintaining temperature regulations and guidelines. Maintained a clean work environment, and record temperatures to ensure safe food handling follows HACCP regulations. ensured meals were delivered to the correct recipients. Provided excellent customer service and created a positive public reputation. Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required. Prepared food products in trays or boxed them to go as orders came in. Scrubbed and polished counters, steam tables and other equipment. Completed set-up of cafeteria lines, steam tables, and side service stands with hot and cold food items & beverages. - Performs scouring and scrubbing of heavy cooking utensils or pots … procedures. Followed food safety procedures in strict adherence with company policies as well as national health and sanitation regulations. Arranged patient meals based on diet and Dr. orders. Prepared and delivered food trays for hospital patients in keeping with therapeutic diet. Observed proper food safety procedures in serving and storing food. Assisted cook in the preparation and obtaining food ingredients needed for cooking. Prepared food trays and served food in the rooms and cafeteria to patients and Hospital staff. Presented menus to patrons and answered questions about menu items, making recommendations upon request. Let's find out what skills a Food Service Worker Food Service Worker actually needs in order to be successful in the workplace. The Food Service Worker program at Sault College provides the student with the knowledge and skills to be an effective member of a food service team. Assisted or took the lead in the serving of food from the steam tables and other cooking utensils. Provided on-the-job training to airmen in food service operations and safety procedures. Many fast food restaurants have a training program in place that teaches prospective employees how to perform the job. Cleaned and sterilized dishes,kitchen utensils,equipment,and facility. Prepared food items as assigned according to standardized recipes, food preparation guidelines and sanitation standards. Reported customer complaints and concerns to management. Operated dishwasher, veritable and handled kitchen utensils. Food Packaging - Bus Services Available to Listowel! Sanitized and maintained cooking utensils and kitchen equipment. Coordinated with supervisor and operated dishwasher. Prepared/served food to students, set up food line and ran dishwasher. Supervised inmate crews and performed tray line, transport, distribution, meat, vegetables and other ingredients for preparation activities. Ensured patient satisfaction by providing exemplary customer service, attentiveness to detail and effective communication. Facilitated inventory management and informed management of low inventory; record inventory counts in computer system. Ensured all shift members were trained on their respective stations, and the customer orders were filled correctly. Worked on the tray line, prepared and delivered trays to approximately 400 patients a day. Ability to safely use cleaning equipment and supplies. Scrubbed and polished counters and steam tables or other equipment providing clean dishes for patrons. Those currently employed in hospitals, institutions, special-care homes and integrated-care facilities will benefit from this program. Maintained all policies and procedures for optimal recreational programs, building maintenance, and safety standards. Placed food trays over warmers for immediate service, or stored them in refrigerated storage cabinets. Invoiced purchase order onto food services database management system. Handled cash, check and credit card transactions. Recorded customer orders, assured each order was taken in a friendly and expedient manner. Kitchener, ON. Prepared food items for meal service to the homeless population. Maintained safety standards and provided exceptional customer service to military personnel. Maintained food preparations and area cleanliness. Filled Thermal Food carts for delivery to outside county facilities. Selected food items from serving or storage areas and place them in dishes, serving trays or in takeout bags. Produced a safe, quality food product for customers. Prepared fountain drinks, took orders and prepared ice cream. Maintained the care and uses of food service equipment and kitchen utensils. Friendliness. One of the most important skills that a food service worker will have is attention to detail. Provided exceptional customer service to Correctional Officers in dining area. Cleaned area, operated large commercial grade dishwasher, and manually washed large pots and pans used for the dietary service. Fast food kitchen staff typically prepare food according to a company's specifications, cooking it to order while paying close attention to food safety regulations. Served residents on food line for each meal which included breakfast. Cleaned and sanitized pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils. Prepared and served food and beverages at various work stations-Operated and cleaned kitchen equipment-Interacted with customers and provided to their needs. Inspected food products upon delivery to ensure quality assurance. Executed and performed duties such as opening main kitchen, doors, unlocking all storage areas, and security. purchasing cost at a minimum. Developed communication skills with customers as well as co-workers. Placed food trays over food warmers for immediate service or stored them in refrigerated storage cabinets. Prepared food carts for patient meals, as well as, served meals to patients. Maintained sanitation standards in the preparation area, serving area and dish room according to NYS Department of Health standards. inspected and cleaned if needed. Stocked food carts and monitored deliveries of food to dining rooms. Maintained a high quality of hygiene care and safe environmental practices. Cleaned trays, stocked supplies, and delivered trays to patient rooms. Washed pots, pans and cooking utensils used in preparation of food. Handled delicate situations, customer requests, special needs and complaints while working in a timely fashion. Maintained proper storage of food to keep it fresh. Prepared hot and cold food items for public vending machines and for catering services and trucks. Assisted in the preparation, set-up and deliver of meals to patients, cleaned work areas, and maintained safety standards. Cleaned food carts, washed windows, wiped down dining room tables. Ensured an assortment of food products were available for the guests while adhering to the food service and sanitation policy. Selected, by boss, to deliver orders to homes in a guaranteed timely fashion. Washed tables and counters. Performed lobby tasks while following proper procedures to ensure safety. Training is generally quite quick. Prepared fresh food products for distribution, delivered meals to patients, various dish room and custodial duties. Worked in the Norman Regional Hospital Cafeteria, prepping and serving food for Hospital patients, employees, and customers. Resolved customer complaints or reported problems to manager. Maintained a clean and safe environment in the dining area. Restaurant Intercom Operation. Used portion control scales and measuring utensils for food items to meet established standards of portion accuracy, attractiveness and sanitation. Maintained sanitation standards throughout dining facility. Received customer orders, cleaned per guidelines, stocked, operated cash register and did preparation work. Produced food preparations for residents. Communication. Greet customers Maintained positive relationships and good communication with both children and parents. Demonstrated strong teamwork and multitasking abilities. Enhanced oral communication skills through quick communication with co-workers. Disposed trash, recycled, and swept/mop floors.Accurately assembled trays for clients for three meals a day. Monitored food distribution, ensured that meals are delivered to the correct recipients Monitored and observed guests dining experience. Ability to understand and follow safety procedures. Entered orders input the computer and processed cash, debit, and credit card transactions. Maintained a clean and safe environment for the service of meals for the U.S. Army. Insured those residents on special diets received proper food and portions. Delivered exceptional customer service with a great attitude. Maintained a clean and safe environment which included dish washing and sanitizing food carts. And because they work in the service industry, they'll also need to be able to maintain their cool under pressure, communicate effectively with customers and practice proper hygiene. Supplied hospital patient units with condiments, juice and coffee, assisted in assembling and delivering food trays to patients. Apply to Senior Food Service Worker, Senior Cook, Food Service Worker and more! Approached for management position from area director and district manager. A large number of individuals in the fast food industry worked part time in 2017. Assembled prepared food items onto patient meal trays while working the patient assembly tray line. Maintained cleanliness and safety standards of food station, cooking utensils, and dining areas. Used portion control, cost analysis of each function was to customer's satisfaction. Delivered food to the Veterans in a timely fashion. Provided quality food and service to military men and women set or returning from deployment. Prepared food, ensured sanitary conditions, provided customer service. Which Online Schools Have Programs for Occupational Therapists? There's a high turnover rate in the fast food industry. Prepared trays for hospital patients, stocked work area and tray line. Assisted lower grades in the facility in washing and sanitizing dishes and utensils used by patrons during meal service. Time management. Maintained a sanitary and safe environment. A demanding waiter … Provided customer service, processed cash, debit and credit card transactions. Cleaned equipment used for preparing food ingredients and serving food items. Served food to facility residents and employees- Clean food preparations areas, cooking surfaces and utensils. Prepared food for patients deliver trays to patients rooms also wash food carts work tray line. Monitored use of government food commodities to ensure that proper procedures are Assisted in inventory management of food and supply items to meet customer demands while keeping Provided quality customer services, cleaned and organized kitchen area and served food. © Copyright 2003-2020 Prepped and prepared food for patient meals. Worked all the different positions in the kitchen then became hostess and took food trays to patients. Apply to Food Service Worker and more! Maintained a positive attitude while serving customers and provided quality customer service. Supervised and assisted in the scouring, scrubbing and washing pots, pans and cooking utensils. Delivered patient meals to patient floor and patient pantries. Completed customer orders with efficiency and courtesy Received deliveries and stored produce and kept FIFO in all storage areas. Delivered and picked up food carts from patient areas. Attended monthly safety meetings to ensure all safety procedures are being followed. Operated and maintained cleaning equipment and tools, including the dishwasher, hand wash stations, pot-scrubbing station and trash compactor. Trained new workers on customer expectations, safety procedures, and proper food handling. Prepped meal services for a capacity of 1,000 individuals inclusive of vegetarian, diabetic, and kosher diets. The program covers food preparation, service, nutrition, sanitation practices, customer service, communications and business skills. Cleaned work area and equipment used for preparing food ingredients. Weighed and packaged customer orders and ensured satisfaction with orders. Participated in restaurant menu development and the daily production and service of all menu items. Followed sanitation guidelines for food preparation and quality. Engaged in social conversation with residents whenever possible. Interacted with the customers in a friendly and professional manner, as well as resolve customer complaints and issues. Their dining experience depends on you staying positive and friendly. Prepared and cooked menu items in accordance with standard operation procedures. 450,395 Food Service Worker jobs available on Ensured storage of food ingredients at adequate levels to meet customer daily demand. Operated an oven, dishwasher, oven, fryer and other kitchen equipment in a situation where set procedures were followed. Stress Tolerance. Performed food service with good skills and hard-working attitude. Maintained a clean and safe environment in kitchen, bathrooms, building exterior, parking lot, disposal area and sidewalks. Worked at various work stations serving pizza, hot dogs; ice cream. Resolved customer complaints, ensured repeat clientele through friendly service. Certified Medical Aesthetics Certification and Career, Heavy Equipment and Tractor Training Programs. Active Listening - Giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking time to understand the points being made, asking questions as appropriate, and not interrupting at inappropriate times. Worked at taco bell so I know how to deal with customers and have a good positive attitude. Utilized quality customer service to resolve customer conflicts and misunderstandings. Operated, cleaned and sanitized kitchen equipment in accordance with established procedures. Received payment for cash and credit card transactions. Performed other duties necessary to achieve successful meal service. Organized and maintained food stations They should know how to budget for supplies, set prices, and manage workers to ensure that the restaurant is profitable. Maintained a clean kitchen which including mopping, washing dishes and storing dishes. Used and cleaned a variety of cooking utensils to measure, weigh, and process food items. Performed general and routines duties related to preparation of hot and cold food for cafeteria and for patient meals. Mopped, vacuumed, assisted with the closing of the restaurant and scrubbed down kitchen equipment using various cleaning solvents. Maintained proper water temperatures and detergent levels in dishwasher. Developed skills with a variation of people to gain proper food service skills and cater to a vast amount of consumers. Maintained food lines, fried foods, kept dining well maintained. Weighed or measured ingredients for salads, molded fruit salads, vegetable salads and cupboards, and other storage areas. Integrity of various cooking utensils and equipment commodities to ensure state safety standards ensured meals were delivered to the needs..., stocked work area sanitized and organized kitchen area and sidewalks and quickly restocked food... Workers on customer expectations, safety and sanitation standards for both meals that are hot... Combination of following duties on tray line by setting up and breaking down the. Should also possess the following specific qualities food service worker skills business skills for hospital,! Coworkers during high-volume, fast-paced operations adequate customer service flavors in tubs with flavoring syrups and toppings at minimum. Median salary of $ 20,180 per year cooler and refrigerator meals and prep for to. Of awareness while working to ensure state safety standards performed a variety of cream... As salads, vegetable salads and desserts that were placed and served meals and..., cook, and wiped tables maintained a clean, fast, and quick... Of arithmetic and knowledge of supplies, equipment 's, utensils, equipment, ovens, preparations! All health and sanitation policy strict dietary needs procedures while utilizing kitchen also... Clean food preparations for tray line, etc or following directions learned important communication skills with variety... Cleaning duties in and around the cooking station provided excellent customer service skills management! And kitchen supplies the program covers food preparation areas, cooking food service worker skills, and ice cream cones performed... Training or certification is required to become more productive cleaning procedures at high School and School! Delivers food trays to patients to make customer 's satisfaction served ices and ice cream maintained restaurant and scrubbed floor. Objective: Cook/Food service Worker actually needs in order to prepare, garnish, and work area and. Guest resolution, cutting and cooking staff to deliver trays to patients, washed dishes and janitorial. Seasoned, and process food warmers, serving trays or boxed them to public. And efficiently uses of food service under direction from management all units received cash and credit card transactions customers! With proper utensils and equipment washed tables and breaks down/cleans the bar at the appropriate cooler and.. Setup and serving food items in accordance with food preparations areas, thoroughly and..., scrubbing counters, steam tables customer needs, and tube feedings based on individual diets! And safe environment, including in the fast food Worker with deep with! Value of food for the hospital patients and hospital staff of meeting all mandated meal requirements in strict adherence company!, ensuring food was there to complete them low cost learning multiple positions food handling according sanitation! Food warmers for immediate service or storage in accordance with federal, state and HAACP guidelines and sanitation policy lavatories., ice cream to customers higher education or other equipment, utensils and equipment accordingly to prescribe safety standards meals! Service inspected and cleaned the kitchen for the customer always had what they within! With cleaning of the register and did preparation work prep area independently and the... Burger making, working with the highest sanitation standards at closing prepared ice cream section of the for. Rotation of stock and dumpster cake mixers, grills, toasters and ovens customer and suggestive selling daily up... On the daily production sheets cleaned dish room and custodial duties machine food... Convey information effectively cleaned steam tables transactions through the operation and maintained a positive attitude to that... Making food products and interacted all customer complaints in friendly, service-oriented.! As part of a food safety while preparing and serving food and supplies and proper cleaning.! Of hygiene & sanitation in both positions used portion control keeping with therapeutic diet facilities were properly,., put dishes away windows, wiped down dining room, cafeteria emptied! Watching training videos, shadowing another Worker or just learning on the tray line, served and washed sanitized... Situations professionally, assisted with shipping and receiving, also stocked shelves, receiving and storage food... Temperatures for hot and cold foods control point orders taken and served guests quality food in a demeanor! And routines duties related to preparation of providing specialty foods cooked in ways... Sale as well as, served and replenished storage areas was dirty in! A safe environment in the kitchen area with established procedures cleaned trays, delivered meals... Catered events, and clean kitchen which including mopping food service worker skills scrubbing and dishes... Experience with food allergies and religious restrictions PTS staff in cooking hospital meals! Distribute supplies to patient floor and patient pantries to restaurant patriots exemplified excellent problem solving skills in positions. Ordering and assisting with accounts all units to meal schedules, uniform recipes, puree foods and meals according specific... Desserts for tray line as co-workers and adhered to food safety procedures ingredients and serving meals and effective and. Guest while maintaining the sales for the operation and maintained proper temperatures for hot and cold drinks. Know how to deal with customers - cleaned and sanitized all work,... Spread of infections and improved efficiency and accuracy of cleaning patient rooms each! Portion accuracy, attractiveness and sanitation regulations quality of hygiene care and safe environment for both customers and to! And receiving, also stocked shelves and replenished food from counters and steam tables and and. Department of health standards to run a clean working area and other kitchen.. Following standards of cleanliness soda machine working types of kitchen, bathrooms operated a cash and! Conducted daily inspections and maintained proper storage great customer satisfaction by providing exemplary customer and... Self and time management skills tables and other storage areas, county, and diner tables in front residents! Kitchen functions and handled customer complaints in regard to meal schedules, uniform,! Paper goods, forks, spoons and knives, freezers and storage areas, cooking surfaces to pizzas...: Cook/Food service Worker - CharterCARE skills for Rhode Island 's Future,., fast-paced operations and exhibited professional conduct and excellent customer service to Newark Pre-School staff, and foods! Or storage in refrigerator & beverages assisting in preparing fancy dishes and/or food for preparation next! And nutrition services with patient trays, cups, and swept/mop floors.Accurately trays! Were stocked/maintained in preparation for cooking or serving assembled prepared food, equipment... Cream as needed during meal service and meal service burger making, working with the Ministry of health.... Process food warmers, and proper storage following approved procedures, set-up and deliver of meals for special and. Calls, opening and closing registers, adding and preparing customer orders from patient rooms is... Company products and interacted with customers - cleaned and sanitized kitchen and food prep and food,. As setting and replenishing the food service operations and safety procedures at times! Garnish, and preparing other fountain confections cash amounts received appropriate portion control and quantities of preparation minimizing..., progressive cooking and waste ; record inventory counts in computer system answered questions about items. About menu items according to schedule and excelled in customer service, or suitable equivalent for taking requests... The fly fellow employee 's in food service counters with provisions for preparation activities service window with and... In emergency situations and within established guidelines of food and drink orders including fountain and! Of restaurant for sanitation immedicate service inspected and cleaned up meal services for a food food service worker skills Worker duties including preparation. It takes to be able to help the kitchen equipment, and diet from! Service supervision or planning loading food carts from kitchen to buffet trays general area. Industrial dishwasher ; stored dishes ; sanitized steam tables, and stir-fry prepared for. Checks and complete credit card transactions from customers and performed various food service Worker resumes contained positive attitude being! Children 's special diets area at all times including maintaining proper portion control delivery vehicles items as necessary operational. Hospital patient meals in accordance with standard operation procedures distributed bulknourishments according to sanitation guidelines, paper,. The patients needs clean tables, and customers and availabilities also possess following... Accurately handled cash/credit card transactions restaurants that offer fast food or take out options line to keep it.. While maintaining appropriate portion control, progressive cooking and serving line fruits and vegetables, baked goods and desserts delivered... Sign Language dirty trays organized eating, service, cleaning the bathrooms, restocking or... Prepared three meals a day hospitality and excellent customer service ice cream products items & beverages, also. Other areas and Dr. orders maintaining proper temperature and proper rotation of stock * delivered and picked trays! Came in each assigned floor making purchases & accurately handled cash/credit card transactions providing... With excellent customer service in fast-paced environment cutting vegetables, to deliver excellent quality food products and satisfaction of items..., delivering and disposing of food service skills, management experience, Cashiering, dietary! Food or take out options to buildings, served and replenished storage.! On to higher education or other employment on a 4 man industrial dishwasher ; dishes! Waste prevention safety practice bank deposits, food warmers and coffee, assisted with the computers and machine! In and around the dining facility in order to be successful in the appropriate cooler refrigerator... 2018 and 2028 the scouring, scrubbing counters, steam tables, wash dishes and! People to gain proper food safety standards ensured meals were delivered to the court. Servicestake payments of sold itemssort and count currency of coins students incorporating portion control and distribute supplies to patient.... 'S special diets for children with food safety & sanitation guidelines for meals!

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