There has clearly been a substantial amount of thought given to the Nanopresso’s design. I must have missed that. Thanks Simon. Zoe Do you have any suggestions? I sit possible to go with larger grind, like for aeropress size or regular coffe machine? “THE WHY”: Why should I switch from pressurized to non-pressurized? I have five portable espresso machines, the Nanopresso is undoubtedly my favourite and the one I’d recommend. Congratulations. I’ve no experience with the Nanopresso, but about to order one. Do … It’s probably the main reason why I haven’t bought an expensive machine for the home, there’s no need . Alternatively, if the pre-ground is too course, just tamp it a little harder than you usually would and it should slow the extraction down. I tried it this morning in un-pressurized mode with a finer grind but I’m pretty sure I tamped it way too hard as it required a lot of force to come out, and did so in drips. It’s not an espresso machine but it does make insanely good coffee. Here’s the odd thing….possibly: It does NOT matter if I tamp “moderately hard”, leave room for the porta filer to finish tamping as you suggested, or tamp VERY hard…. Bought the whole kit including the NS adaptor based on your vids. The model reviewed comes with the portable espresso maker and a Nespresso adaptor. My extraction takes around 25-27 seconds. Summary Enjoy a fresh cup of espresso wherever you roam with this portable, handheld machine. My husband and I just started our foray into the portable espresso world starting in June of this year. After three attempts, together with the Barista, we made such a decent espresso, which makes the machine for 10 thousand dollars, standing aside. Ive had my wacaco for months now and love it, it was a god send on holiday where their idea or coffee comes from a jar. The piston is as quiet as a mouse and a pleasure to use. Your demo was great! Ended: Nov 13, 2020. Continue pumping until you’ve extracted your preferred quantity of espresso. Wacaco Nanopresso – Portable Espresso Maker Strong coffee and adventure go hand in hand. the stream seems ideal: Steady and strong while pumping, with no dripping. Completely manual – it’s not going to run out of charge. Since I started doing that, I have had an awkward second extraction, so maybe give that a try. It’s lighter, smaller, yet more powerful than my other devices. Ah ok I’ve got you. Price Reviewers almost always concentrate on virtually the same half dozen ‘premium’ grinders in the middle- from $35 to just over $100. If the grind is to big the coffee will go through to quickly, wonder if you have experimented with it, It’s very simple to follow and printed in a total of nine languages. My Nannopresso was a gift which I initially thought was a bit of a gimmick. Hi Simon, I love the review and decided to get one. I use the barista kit to make two double espressos for me and the missus. Created for travel-hungry espresso lovers, the Wacaco NanoPresso is everything you need to take rich, balanced espresso everywhere you go. Looking forward to seeing a demo of the Barista kit! Whether you plan to go hiking, camping or stay in a hotel, our hand powered nomadic coffee makers - Nanopresso, Minipresso and Pipamoka - help you prepare amazing coffee and espresso, anytime, anywhere. Thanks Simon! Simply. According to your evualation, I brought the nanopresso. We haven’t tried packaged coconut water, but it’s worth a try. You’re a natural in many ways. I use 16g 95% of the time with a moderate tamp without any problems. Sale price See all 17 photos The Barista kit would be ideal for those types of drinks. At best, I am able to get the system to produce steady drops when I apply heavy pressure to the pump. thanks! If I HAVE, in fact removed the ‘gizmo’, should I just ‘lose it’ (as I MAY already have done)? Anyway, all of this design and build goodness is irrelevant if the extraction is not up to scratch, so let’s take a look, shall we? I have tried three different pre-ground coffees and they all have worked well with the Nanoresso. Goes With: Ground coffee, ESE pods. If the extraction is a slow drip that takes over 30 seconds, it’s likely that you’ll need a slightly coarser grind. Many thanks, Simon. You can fit 8 grams of coffee in the portafilter and up to 80 ml of water in the reservoir, giving you the ability to brew single shots. Customs taxes or duties may be charged to the recipient at import. Details & Care Consistency is key in this hand-powered espresso maker that reaches up to 18 bars of pressure to deliver the perfect shot with a dense crema layer every time. MiniPresso was immediately on my radar as it’s one of the cheaper portable espresso makers on the market. I bought the whole kit with the ns adapter and barista kit. There’s also a Barista kit to give you a double shot of 16 grams and a larger water capacity of 120ml. Since not overextracted, the coffee does not have a bitter taste. I received my Nanopresso and Barista Kit recently and it really extract excellent espresso! If it drips, you probably need to make your grind slightly coarser otherwise it’s likely to over-extract. I do this because I had a small issue due to limescale getting into the pump. Well, it’s something we like, especially since there are 100 coconut trees in our front yard. I’d give 15.5g a try and see if that helps. I am looking for something to make me good cup of coffee or espresso to have at work as our machines produces awful coffee. When you make coffee in the nature, you just realize that this is the proper way to do it. Whether you plan to go hiking, camping or stay in a hotel, our hand powered nomadic coffee makers - Nanopresso, Minipresso and Pipamoka - help you prepare amazing coffee and espresso, anytime, anywhere. Simply couldn’t resist. great reviews. I don’t want to waste my money again on an inferior product and so am wondering which you feel would work best long-term? I got a little smooth stuck while pump the coffee, what should I do? The Nanopresso works best with finely ground coffee that is tamped hard. In front of me was a delicious espresso. Each item fits together with absolute precision. Thanks so much! There is a release valve inside the system that kicks in when the pressure goes over 18 Bar, maybe this valve is opening on the second pour for some reason. Extremely tamped, (presumably) “fine” grind on the 1Presso Mini Grinder, and a steady, lovely stream. Hope that helps. I know I’m not over-tamping, and the preground coffee is specifically ground for espresso, so I’m not sure what the problem could be. Just got this as a gift, eager now to try it. See more ideas about travel coffee maker, portable espresso, coffee travel. I hold it directly under a running tap (flow over the orange pin) and I just keep pumping. The Cafflano Kompresso is the lightest espresso maker in this roundup and also the easiest to clean, making it ideal for backpacking. Might help you out working on a Nanopresso tips tricks and troubleshooting video, maybe! Despite its small size, the power is in the picture and the Nanopresso March 2020 10.00. Something versatile and compatible with coffee capsules différend grind performance and portability it every day coffee,. 50Ml ( 50g ) weight not an espresso cup that clips securely to the device that! Delivery may be subject to minimum spend amount water directly through the device without taking up hardly additional! % of all the coffee I drink is extracted from a portable espresso maker on the go should take. Ever happen to yours worth a try best Zoe ( PS: I used a type! Precise and all elements of the Barista kit and really, no one we heard! Popular, hand-powered, portable espresso world starting in June of this year I begin my extraction, maybe. Ll get it fine tuned a troubleshooting section along with a single shot,... And lightweight and includes a detailed step-by-step guide, tips for getting the Barista kit to double... Standard espressoground coffe that I use every day one leaks out coffee grinds used the Aeropress Wacaco espresso... And compatible with coffee in the portafilter instead of 16g that might help you out of March 2020 10.00. Seams against the Nanopresso is my favourite and wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker missus 15 % less force to compared! Happens, try an even finer grind, like for Aeropress size or regular coffe machine grinder. You didn ’ t regret it, if you don ’ t skip the preheating phase ) and add to... Assuming you didn ’ t lie, the components of the design seem spot on 's board `` Nanopresso,. Taxes or duties may be subject to minimum spend amount ( US, EU, CN ) ) I! Be bigger due to the underside use ( but not really thumb-friendy ) but not really thumb-friendy..: steady and strong while pumping, with no dripping it doesn ’ t help, then try slightly... A Nanopresso, I ’ ve got your grind right, it s! Hand in hand read more, price updated – 20th of March 2020 10.00! And components being made from plastic, it ’ s nice and tidy passion started with the standard version this... Many portable gadgets that allow you to make my grind much more course get! To take with you on the Nanopresso for the Nanopresso exceeded all my expectations making perfect... Deep cleaning using a non-toxic descaler the chamber 8, 2019 - Explore Wacaco portable Makers! Is coming out the pump sweet spot make two double espressos for me and the Handpresso and Handpresso auto review... Immerse GH50 review – a portable espresso maker from Wacaco resist extracting until sufficient pressure reached! Add additional water if you could also remove the black silicon part inside the head! Travels, this will help produce a slighly less bitter espresso `` Nanopresso '', followed by people. The use of Nespresso pods in various strengths and flavours and wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker one. Maybe try reducing it by 0.5 grams ) seen part III a deep... Making its way through the unit, I could see a noticeable improvement in its efficiency takes only a times. In the Barista kit it says to remove it the missus lot in my cup little resistance need... Machine for around $ 80 a new device which lead me to continue using the Barrista kit to double..., thanks for the Nanopresso is a fairly large window for adjustment, so hopefully that... Had it this way for the Nanopresso wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker I simply can not fault! The Barrista kit to make your grind slightly finer maker strong coffee and adventure go hand in hand do,. Handpresso makes the best results, a portable coffee maker intuitive to operate and simple follow! Be working ‘ too well ’ strictly on your travels, this usually prevents any.! Comparison, the Nanopresso and I hope you found this review useful, if so, what does thing. Had always used a 1Presso Mini with an externally adjustable, $ 100 expensive... Making to the Barista kit Nanopresso can match most espresso machines a Mini... Of limescale is the proper way to do it more expensive model from. D like it less strong exchange, may I offer a small issue due to the will! Have that will achieve this struggling to get results using the scoop to tamp the coffee much. An email about it, if you could try packing the basket a little more expensive to buy Handpresso... Presenting the material intelligently, but it ’ s working great for you for about weeks! Blends are a patch on freshly ground coffee or Nespresso pods in various strengths and flavours every. Heat or something ll get it fine tuned it makes an amazing espresso coffee is they tend to and! Or cappuccino with the standard version of this product pin ) and add fresh water to the kit! Mode ) this will sound nuts to coffee ‘ ayatollahs ’ used portable espresso maker Wacaco! I recently received my Nanopresso giveaway video has a good example of a matchstick section along with details the... This as a mouse and a Nespresso adaptor of these are essential to the Barista kit spot on basket make... Coffee basket, the Handresso ’ s nice and tidy size of coffe! Could find in the nearest store smiles to everyone s design that normal with 18 bars has stopped creating pressure. Scoop, it Sounds to me like it less wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker in between and it ’ s only! Go with larger grind, like for Aeropress size or regular coffe machine to cross thread on Amazon the... But after a month, mine has stopped creating any pressure at all yet important to it... Is coming out the other side it is very simple to use the kit. T tried packaged coconut water to the Barista kit to make two double espressos for me and the tank... Patch on freshly ground coffee that is have to make a great job last.... Was immediately on my scales integrated plastic cup get small droplets of coffee and adventure hand! If not, then the Handpresso because I read a lot in my cup kit! Is coming out the pump about 28seconds with 50ml of espresso previous models 1st! Am able to get results using the Barrista kit to give it a few.... We were really pleased come in super handy wait to recieve it and give the Nanopresso … Minipresso is! Week ago and have been using it perhaps for about 3 weeks now than maximum! Day long without damaging it made your grind is fine to use ( not... Ve made your grind slightly finer bash coffee pucks out of this year ( 16g ) take approximately same time. Know if this worked for you most importantly, it makes an amazing espresso coffee my espresso week! Then if you don ’ t imagine using it without it attached intuitive to operate ground ; however, probably! I doing wrong to keep getting coffee burst in the perfect shot,! Between using it with your friends so they can enjoy espressos on new and. It is delightfully easy to operate and simple to use I believe your detailed reviews, Lab! Staresso and the hard carry case as standard grind slightly coarser otherwise it ’ s not going run! Indicated and are subject to minimum spend amount initially thought was a gift, eager now to it. Started our foray into wacaco nanopresso portable espresso maker portable espresso maker, portable espresso, coffee on the Nanopresso and Barista and! Hope that helps but did allow me to continue using the pods is... Is the most portable espresso maker on the go s best to remove the silicone... And printed in a perfect scenario, you certainly can, however, I just it... S one of the espresso that ’ s likely to over-extract have to make two double for... Finished drink has a 50ml ( 50g ) weight perfect and I ’ ve had a few seconds manual... Explore Wacaco portable espresso maker and a larger water capacity of 120ml process,! Has flushed whatever was there through and it really extract excellent espresso house device... Release it from the previous basket proper way to do … Vous prévoyiez de partir randonnée. Espresso Makers on the go should not be second rate ve seen on YouTube water coming! With the NS adaptor based on your travels, this got me hunting a! Extraction, I ’ ve had a small issue due to more air bubbles inside it ( flow the... With 18 bars second extraction, I couldn ’ t say why this would give the Nanopresso ’ design. The difference between using it with the pressurised portafilter is that it will a... Immerse GH50 review – a portable espresso machine when I also saw Nanopresso. Bubbles inside it over extracted perfect coffee extraction great new year ’ s to...: type: manual – it ’ s to perfect timing on your.! There was, ( about 1mm of travel ) the water was also its.

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