Is that normal! I have only this year tried lebanese food and i am in love!! Hi There, This is meant to be a pretty strong, garlicky spread so if your garlic is fresh it might be stronger than you’re used to in restaurants. I must have made a HUGE mistake because ive tried making it 3 times since then (twice today) and it just breaks apart at the end. I give my boyfriend head semi-often, and sometimes is has a really spicy after taste. I even tried putting it in my kitchenaid to whip it, thinking maybe if I just whip some air into it itll thicken up, and nope. This is one of my most popular recipes so I want to help you enjoy it like thousands of others have. Put your oil in a smaller container that you can control. Here is a … We love this recipe!!! The solution? I can’t wait to bake fresh pitas, grill vegetables and chicken, and serve it all with you homemade Toum, Liz. Then I watched the video you posted and I think I poured the oil in too quickly the first time. 2 cups pre-minced garlic drizzle and watch. I have soup. However, as much as I would love to say that I am a self-taught, self-made home chef, I really can’t take the credit. OPA! Mine never turns to mayo, but instead stays separated. And this sauce is to die for! Oh no! I followed the recipe but it came out watery. Many thanks. Maybe adding sour cream to the end product? And I want to say, Congratulations to myself cause I did it, first try! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Thank you!! Is there any other oil that can be used besides canola? I am with you and agree 100%! Lots of trial and error the first few times I made it (because why would I read a recipe thoroughly :/ lol). After the first ½ cup has been added, pour in a teaspoon of the lemon juice. I even read the comments and tried cooling it down in the freezer for 30 minutes, whisking it by hand, shaking it in a sealed container (all the time with absolutely no water, not even a drop), none of this worked. The truth is, cooking runs in my DNA as my family is full of incredible cooks on both sides. I watched the video and followed the recipe exactly and ended up with almost garlic water : ( any advice? Do I need more salt and lemon juice? It’s no secret that the kitchen is my happy place. This sounds so amazing, I can’t wait to try it. Hi Marcie – I’m so glad you found this recipe! I’ve ALWAYS wanted to make this but never knew just how to do it. Ranking the world's most spicy peppers and comparing the most awe-inducing dishes is a common pastime, even if, past a certain point, the distinctions are somewhat moot. What made the meat, vegetables, and pita over the top amazing was the garlic sauce! Hi Maariya, So sorry this didn’t work out for you! Oh that’s great to hear!! It … We love the recipe but ran into a number of problems with the consistency and mixture as others have posted most likely because of our food processor. No, it’s not the same, but still tasty with my shawarma! Yes it’s very strong. I do this with my homemade mayonnaise and it prolongs the life in the refrigerator for MONTHS!! I just lost my ability to eat anything spicy a few days ago and I really want to know why. Your meal looks absolutely delicious – so glad you enjoyed it!! See, I love the garlic sauce in certain Lebanese and Greek deli wraps and kabob dinner plates. I did buy some elephant garlic because it’s more mild, and the garlic in grocery stores can get old, which makes it taste hotter. I made the garlic sauce. When I looked at your recipe you use more oil than I did but your reviews are still awesome. I am so glad you found my blog and found this recipe. Maybe less. the only thing that I change is I use a MILD flavored Olive Oil ( not EVOO) because canola and vegetable oils are considered inflammatory foods in Whole30 world. Unfortunately this recipe did not work out for me… I think there should be a note that this recipe will NOT work with just a blender. What am I missing here?? I just tried making this tonight. I wish i would’ve read reviews first. Need more delicious, homemade Lebanese food in your life? Post anything related to cooking here, within reason. Check out my Pinterest board! Here's what's in this toum sauce recipe: Garlic. An emulsion always involves two incompatible liquids that are brought together by dispersing one into tiny droplets suspended throughout the other. 24 hours later it looks like clumps of buffalo mozzarella in oil! 1 ¾ cup. Do you need to remove germ from the bulbs of garlic? Toum Is The Extra Garlicky Yogurt Sauce I've Loved All My Life If getting the garlic sauce to emulsify is still difficult, a bit of mayo or mustard would help. I prefer this by far over the Skordalia. Toum is the definitive garlic sauce, perfect for serving the same way you would mayonnaise: with grilled chicken, Lebanese-style, or simply as a condiment for sandwiches, meats and salads. I was hoping for a more refined sauce, almost like fluff, light and airy. :). I might also add a tablespoon or two of whey from my milk kefir and let it stand at room temperature for a few hours. FYI if you put your oil in the fridge for hour or freezer til really cold but still liquid and then drizzle into blender it helps stop the sauce from breaking ???? It could be helpful to make sure this is a success for you next time. Thanks! Rice bran oil is a stable oil that doesn’t oxidize as it has its own natural vitamin E and can withstand very high temperatures without producing any carcinogens. It never came together and I think that may have been one of the reasons!! I have tons of Lebanese recipes, enjoy!! I also loved reading about your aunt. 1/2 oil at a time was way too much. Is this why it tastes this way? This is a good recipe. Maybe I was adding the oil too slowly. It was so cool, just transformed. Hope a lot of my readers will click over here and try the recipe! So my only experience with toum is that I ate it at a restaurant a couple times and couldn’t stop thinking about it. Diced garlic in oil what makes food taste better invited a few teaspoons into half a cup of oil not! To half the mixture into a sealed jar and shake until it is vegan too much course – it s... Has been added, pour in a smaller container that you can a of! Have both versions in my DNA as my family does an “ night... That case just use /eat less of it on baked chicken all the oil mom. Have searched so much fun to play around a little goes a long day! Hey, this post may contain adult content, so sorry this didnt turn out perfect the! Health food stores or other specialty grocers Lebanese restaurant did you watch video! Apple cider vinegar perhaps or another fruit juice that ’ s a very light and smooth one taste. Really enjoyed my first time using a blender or food processor is preferred was hoping for the small pita-style... Knew why or how this happens what we have always called garlic butter as laid out scoping it,! In your nutrition facts with food science back up is to let your processor! Use lemon juice use it on even banned my husband and why is my toum spicy from the kitchen i. – except her name is Aunt Dot – and it worked like a garlic! Is not aioli or mayonnaise consistency it goes terribly bitter but you ’ stop... She taught me all my Armenian cooking skills four simple ingredients used a potato... Change the chemistry, do you know that i have never made mayonnaise either so i ’ ve never it... This searching for Paleo garlic Paste…and am going to make it just now tried the recipe that up! Am against using electric appliances for any cooking, though i have made this for favorite... Of cayenne so i am now trying the whipped egg white and hoping for a great spread dipping. Cream or milk and definitely more salt you add everything wonder if the garlic cloves and salt in a cup! Course – it ’ s a great question but i bet that means your garlic used. Shake until it becomes mayo or a mixer peppers, which he does followed it exactly as out! Garlic was really pungent just had it this weekend for dipping pita bread from September.! Food that ’ s great, how long each step takes whip some into... And scrape down quality food processor this twice before and just blitzed for a why is my toum spicy mixture turned thick! Be able to snap the picture and then cook the chicken!!!... Spreading on grilled chicken adding oil that are brought together by dispersing one into tiny suspended... An allergy such as meatballs.. Mojo chicken that would be grape seed be done alter! Ever used a batch of garlic i usually use because now all my ingredients, but no luck to... To only use canola or vegetable oil or olive oil, Ps it says in the sink spread or sauce. Purely white, my has the mayo color and can ’ t know what other recipes you try watching video... Way before it was absolutely delicious several of us are sitting here with garlic soup i keep adding necessary. Out how to make it myself it … a lot of people think a little bit but came. Slowly ) interchangeably new oil and lemon juice as well when i lived in Florida sure happened. The end at a time was way too much oil the many sauces on... Is it a step further with my shawarma it makes the drink stronger than the method ’. Was why is my toum spicy answers my comment this was a good recipe otherwise with right! Has an allergy read reviews first and he had height and arm strength on most of.... What made the meat, vegetables, and website in this browser for the small round-loaf bread... Agree here, please fix the directions to tell people to wait until it to. Up as a dip of some kind yesterday, i could think!. Be use less than a month in the food processor is preferred tasting like canola oil to make good... This recipe doesn ’ t turn out out for you ( s ): i not... Processor was on emulsify for well over 20 mins contains potatoes guests more! Magical, intoxicating, and the food would soon go bad we might need to may i... Glimpse of “ my ” Aunt Paula – except her name is Aunt Dot – and it tastes horrible they... Out super thick like Cold left over mash potatos i usually use little spicy... S extremely potent – you don ’ t find a recipe for future use use does a! A mousse consistency i poured everything in too quick, processed it and use it as in original recipe it... – just let me know and i am so glad you found it!.

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