It is only 4 lbs heavier, at 48 lbs, but ups the capacity from 250 lbs all the way to a whopping 395 lbs. Ascend 9R - Set Includes 6 Plugs Total. Glad you got it done. Ascend offers sit-in kayaks, sit-on top kayaks, paddles, and more accessories in-store and online today! The LIVE Watersports "L2Fish" combines the best of both worlds, you get the speed of a racing board with the ultimate stability of a dedicated fishing SUP. Ascend Boat Foam Thigh Pads TG-1217-2 163158 | Black Kayak (Pair) 4.2 out of 5 stars 8. The H12 is 12'0” in length, while its width measures in at 32 inches. //-->, By visiting this Site you agree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. The FS12T sit-on-top kayak was re-designed with focus points of improvement to be more stable, functional and more comfortable. A list of all the current record fish species, submitted by kayak anglers from our community. addy59299 = addy59299 + 'yakangler' + '.' + 'com'; The overall consistency in quality and reliable customer service make Ascend easy to work with by delivering the right product at the right time. Getting on or off is very convenient while still remaining very comfortable thanks to the DVC seating that drains. FREE Shipping. Size: 12' (3.65 m) Approximate weight: 77 lb. Performance Promise, stable ride sitting or standing, comfortable support for rear end and lower back, ideal for flat water and up to Class II rivers, and tons of available accessories. Ascend designers combined stand-up paddleboard characteristics with a sit-on-top kayak fishing platform with open deck access and customization options. Go solo in style or tandem with room to spare. Ascend FS12T Kayak. Thanks for the offers guys. Filed Under: Ascend, Reviews Tagged With: ascend, ascend FS12T, kayak review, sit on top kayak. Be inspired by 1000s of user pics, videos and cool stuff from across the web! Here is my version of my trolling motor on my Ascend FS12T Kayak from BPS I am using a 35ah gel battery. Despite all of this, the kayak is still light enough that transporting it around shouldn’t take too much effort. Ascends most popular selling sit on top model just became more popular. Stainless self tapping screws and Marine Goop were the ticket for the install. Sep 16, 2014 - Here is my Ascend FS12T Sit On Top Kayak with Rod Holder, Tolling Motor and Fish Finder Mounts all-in-one project - no drilling necessary. Fixed seat and rod holder plus scupper holes were misaligned on my old 2014. 10T Sit-On. If we missed a kayak our readers can easily add it to our database of fishing kayak reviews. weight capacity: 350 lbs. Love to meet up with other Ascsend owners in Maryland I fish on the southern Maryland. Assembly required. In-depth editorial and community reviews of all the popular fishing kayaks. //