Following the outbreaks of internal gang violence, Luis Felipe and 19 others were charged with murder and racketeering; the indictments ended in 1995 with 39 Latin Kings and 1 Latin Queen indicted under the RICO Act. For the most part relations between Maniacs and Insanes was very peaceful throughout the 1980s with just some minor eruptions here and there. In 1992, the United Neighborhoods collapsed after Latin Kings went to war with Spanish Lords and Insane Unknowns, by this time YBO/GBO went extinct. I believe G.C.G. As of the year 2072, the Mexican Mafia is still an active prison gang though it is not one of the ethnic syndicates which joined the Mafia in the e… As I said Maniac and Insane was nothing new, it was implemented in 1979 but no one represented it to the fullest not even the nations that created it, but now these alliances were made official and would be tagged on the wall and represented before your own nation. The Latin Kings gang was founded by Puerto Ricans.[9]. White gangs were also upset about their neighborhoods becoming ran down and full of drugs, the Puerto Ricans were blamed for this. [25], In 1996, following the trial of Luis Felipe,[26] Antonio Fernandez, who was recently blessed as the Inca and Supreme Crown of New York State[27] kneeled with other Latin Kings in front of the Federal District Court in Manhattan and is quoted as stating, "It's time for a fresh start ... Now they can't hold our past against us." Internal changes to the organization began to take place as Fernandez amended the ALKQN manifesto to include parliamentary elections and new procedures for handling inter-organizational grievances and removing death as a possible punishment, replacing it with "vanishing", the act of being banished from the movement. The “Insane” moniker was invented in the year 1975 by Richard “King Cobra” Medina shortly after he first colonized the Spanish Cobras into the East Humboldt Park area. The Latin Kings and Queens Nation is primary spread in Illinois, Texas, and Florida and of course in New York and Chicago. Other smaller gangs loosely affiliated with ULO in the 1980s that were also a part of the Folk nation. The organizations that joined Folk in 1978 were Black Gangster Disciples, Black Disciples, Simon City Royals, Insane Popes, Spanish Cobras, Maniac Latin Disciples, Imperial Gangsters, Latin Eagles, Satan Disciples, Ambrose, Two Six and Ashland Vikings. There were only small disagreements and skirmishes that the Latin Kings were involved in against the Insane Deuces, Latin Counts, Puerto Rican Stones and Ghetto Brothers Organization; however, the gangs were at peace the vast majority of the time. The Latin Kings are currently under national leadership by two principle leaders, Gino Colon (Lord Gino) and Raul Gonzalez (Baby King). They are violent and will openly challenge prison staff. The year would bring further legal troubles as Fernandez and 31 others are arrested in a raid in the Lower East Side and charged with disorderly conduct. 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[40], The Latin Queen agenda is composed of self-respect, independence, family support, ethnic identity and self-empowerment. In the year 1995, Ashland Vikings and Harrison Gents had a nasty feud that couldn’t be controlled, the Harrison Gents ended up leaving the Insanes and switched alliances to the Almighty alliance becoming the Almighty Harrison Gents. [1], L.A. Kaufman wrote in the February 2015 issue of New York Magazine that the Kings had a "unique mixture of intense discipline, revolutionary politics and a homemade religion called 'Kingism'". In the year 1983, Folk and People nation bylaws were enforced on the streets and symbols and fashion trends were made official. The Spanish Cobras became the Insane Spanish Cobras and their closest allies at the time would take on the same first name. The Folk nation represented the right handed side while the People nation represented the left handed side. /* PhotoSwipe Plugin */ } The Latin Kings were arrested … Bloods. The Spanish Lords were close allies with Latin Kings so it was easy for them to walk into the alliance. padding:5px; 18th Street Gang. King Tone) was designated Inca and Supreme Crown of New York State and New Jersey, and the ALKQN once again began a transformation. [32] Such Latin American gangs spread to Spain as a result of mass deportations from the United States of Latin American immigrants with criminal records. Felipe was sentenced to 250 years in prison, the first 45 to be spent in solitary confinement. The big push started in that year when Michael “Mickey Bull” Johnson of the Black Disciples and Richard “Cold Black” Dordies of the Black Gangster Disciples were released from prison that year. Latin Kings in a jail or prison can be quite dangerous to other gangs. One retired detective said in 2004: "When you compare them to other street gangs like the Bloods and the Crips, none compare to the organization of the Latin Kings."[6]. Those that were already Maniac now were identified openly as Maniacs such as: Latin Jivers, Latin Lovers, YLO Disciples, Latin Stylers, Maniac Campbell Boys and Milwaukee Kings. This meant that all gangs bound to Maniac had to be prepared to help other Maniac organizations take up arms against Maniacs and any others not aligned with Insane. transition: all 0.4s ease; Who is the rival of the Latin kings? The Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation (ALKQN, ALKN, LKN) is the largest Hispanic and Latino street gang worldwide. By 1991, the Latin Kings were at war with the Latin Counts, Bishops and Insane Deuces and as the decade progressed the Latin Kings were at war with many other People Nation gangs. At this point periods of peace were far less frequent and weak than periods of war. However, Felipe continued to guide the ALKQN members, who now numbered about 2,000, both incarcerated and free. Adelfa was praised during the meeting and stated "These kids are hope for our liberation struggle. [39], While originally the Latin Kings are thought to be a male organization, it eventually began to absorb women and give them an equal share. This Insane alliance is older than the Spanish Cobra alliance. [6][7][8] Its roots date to 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, making it the oldest gang in North America. It was one of the vicious crime syndicates and nationwide prison gangs which challenged and undermined the power of the Italian Mafia before the emergence of the Sixth World. In 1996, after the Valentine’s day shootings between the Maniac Latin Disciples and Spanish Cobras the feelings grew increasingly hardened between Insanes and Maniacs to the point it was a miracle they were still not in full scale permanent war yet, however, the back and forth violent and frequency made it seem like there was no peace. pants leg up) (ex. Experts guess that there are about 50.00 to 80.000 members world wide, but you’ll never find out the e… The alliances still exist but no longer guarantee peace. width: auto; text-align: center; The Latin King street gang was formed in Humboldt Park in Chicago in the early 1950s. White Boys in the Hood: The Chicago Greaser, The meaning behind the Folk and People alliances, Kickin’ it old school with old school names, Selling the dream – Design 1002- Jade wood, Pyramid, Eye, Crescent Moon, Sun, and 5 Point Star, YLO, Pitchfork, Monk, Cobra, Diamond, and 3 Dots. Who are allies with latin kings? This letter and many others were how Felipe was initially linked to three murders on the streets of New York; testimony from former Kings was used as further evidence of the orders. Over half of the arrested were charged with misdemeanors, other were charged with weapons possession and drug trafficking. The reason for the stoppage was prisoners being served rotten food and overall being treated poorly. When gangs filed a grievance with SGD about the Latin Disciples it would get shot down. .psgal.photoswipe_showme{ [33], Eric Javier Vara Velastegui received a forty-year prison sentence for rape, violent assault and kidnapping in June 2006. display:block; They devolved, however, into a criminal enterprise operating throughout the United States. padding-bottom:40px; The establishment of the Insanes and Maniacs in 1979 meant that all gangs very close to either organization became Maniacs or Insanes, however, no one tagged it on the walls or really represented it, it was just there just not spoken of. They saw themselves as a Latino progress movement to improve quality in immigrant families overcoming racial discrimination and founded the organization on the philosophy of "overcoming racial prejudice" and creating an organization of "Kings" and "Queens". .psgal img { Ghetto Brothers Organization/Yates Boys Organization, Warlords Wicker Park, La Familia Warlords, Playboys, Ventures, Pulaski Park, Rice Boys. During the work stoppage Folk and People were allies behind bars, after the revolt they went back to their rivalries, however, these coalitions allowed for negotiations between the rival groups to ease and control gang wars behind bars. SOCIAL ADVANCE DEPENDS AS MUCH UPON THE PROCESS THROUGH WHICH IT IS SECURED AS UPON THE RESULT ITSELF. He suggests that this makes "a potent mixture for troubled ghetto kids whose lives lacked structure and hope. In the year 1973, the Supreme Gangsters (part of the Black Gangster Disciple nation) called upon white and Hispanic gangs to connect with over weapons sales and to take out hits (assassinations) for each other. Soon after arriving in New York Felipe was arrested and convicted of murdering his girlfriend. Now Maniac and Insane was law and Maniacs expected their organizations to represent Maniac before their own names but this wasn’t always followed by fellow Maniacs. } The People Nation adopted religious concepts unlike the Folk Nation. Vice Lords. In 1994, with the rapid growth of the Latin Kings, an internal power struggle erupted and violence within the Kings ensued. In the year 1977, the United Neighborhoods took in the YBO/GBO, then in 1979 the UN added the Latin Kings from West Humboldt Park. [37][38], Twenty-three members were arrested in the Barcelona metropolitan area by Mossos d'Esquadra on 10 June 2015, suspected of organized crime membership, drug trafficking, assault and extortion. In that same year of 1978, the ULO gangs all joined the Folk alliance in the prison system alongside the Black Gangster Disciple nation bringing them close to Ambrose, Ashland Vikings and Simon City Royals. The Latin Kings use the logos ALKN, ADR, LK, 5-POINTED CROWN AND 5-POINTED STAR. For the most part relations between Maniacs and Insanes was very peaceful throughout the 1980s with just some minor eruptions here and there. The gang has more than 25,000[21] members in the city of Chicago alone and has organized chapters in 41 states and several Latin American and European countries, including Mexico, Spain, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Canada, Italy, Puerto Rico, Portugal, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, United Kingdom, and others.[22]. [23], The Latin Kings during this period begin to gain legitimacy. [20] Their greatest membership is within the United States, unlike MS-13 and 18th Street gang, whose greatest membership exists in Central and South America. Sociologists studying the Latin Kings and Queens have observed the different methods in which both groups attempt to "reclaim and regulate" their environments. This was done so each organization had alibis at the time of the assassinations and the police would be confused on why someone of another race was taking out an individual from a different race group. In the year 1980, a Maniac Latin Disciple and an Imperial Gangster created a new governing body for the “Latin Folks” which would govern all Hispanic Folk alliance gangs. The organization was known as “United Latino Organization.”  The YLO decided to extend to the Imperial Gangsters and Latin Eagles. The unity disbanded when Gaylords and C-Notes went to war in 1982, then C-Notes went to war with all the other U.F.O clubs. The Four Corner Hustlers became a Vice Lord faction and were then invited to join the People Nation. Later on this “United Five Organization” took in the Hell’s Devils and the Young Freaks as Chi – West more or less dropped out. In the early 1980s, to avoid imprisonment for his criminal activities in Chicago, Luis Felipe (a.k.a. [23][24], The details of the charges against Felipe were later revealed: Felipe was charged with ordering the killing of William (Lil Man) Cartagena. The monthly universals drew attendance of 500–600 regularly. It has existed since 1976 when the Two Two Boys were formed. Factions of Black P Stones, Vice Lords and Mickey Cobras began engaging in wars in certain parts of the city. Seeking such goals has attracted a wide variety of females who had been drug addicted, victimized and/or neglected by families, spouses and partners. King Vic had been the head of SGD since he helped create it but not Larry Hoover placed Shakey in charge of SGD as Larry Hoover had governing power over the SGDs due to them being sponsored by the BGDs and being given permission to create this organization. As head of the Insane Familia of nations, Cobras went to war with Maniacs and Almighty Folks. } In 1969, the B.D.N more or less ended when the Black Gangster Disciple Nation alliance was formed and all Disciple gangs merged into one. Hoovers. Bishops and Latin Counts went into a bloody war in 1991 and eventually the People Nation became as fractured as the Folk Nation. text-align: center; Over time, many gang disputes were not worked out on La Tabla which led to hate and bitter feelings that escalated into war. -o-transition: all 0.4s ease; Following the U.N. demonstration, Rafael Cancel-Miranda, a Puerto Rican nacionalista who spent 25 years in federal prison, attended a monthly universal. In 1978 when the People Nation was created the EL Rukns became a gang instead of an alliance as all gangs within that alliance became EL Rukns and nothing else. The United Neighborhoods stood strong even after the People Nation alliance seemed to replace it in the 1980s. In the year 1988 Two Two Boys and SDs went to war and Two Two Boys left the alliance but kept the “Insane” name regardless. max-width:100%; To further its transformation and efforts to legitimize, the organization began to hold its monthly meetings (universals) at St. Mary's Episcopal Church in West Harlem. Mexican Mafia. After this the Latin Disciples adopted the “Maniac” as a title for senior members who were known as “Maniac Latin Disciples,” while the younger members were just known as Latin Disciples. and it says Nortenos are allies with GD In the year 1981, the Folk and People nations opened their doors to allowing more gangs to join. [15], The Latin Kings operate under strict codes and guidelines that are conveyed in a lengthy constitution, and they follow the teachings of the King Manifesto. In Catalonia, the 200 persons including Queen Tragedy and King Zeus and the rest of the Latin Kings and Queens tribe was designated as the Cultural Association of Latin Kings and Queens of Catalonia. The unity disbanded when Gaylords and C-Notes went to war in 1982. The Milwaukee Kings broke away from Maniac as well and the MLDs declared war on all their former allies. In the year 1971, the most powerful white gangs on the northern part of Chicago called a truce as they agreed that too many Puerto Rican gangs were growing larger in their neighborhoods. [citation needed], Operation Dethrone was an investigation by the Western Massachusetts Gang Task Force, consisting of the FBI, the Chicopee Police Department, the Hampden County Sheriff's Department, the Holyoke Police Department, the Massachusetts State Police, the Springfield Police Department, and the West Springfield Police Department. The Spanish Lords were close allies with Latin Kings so it was easy for them to walk into the alliance. The Latin King leadership insists over half of those arrested are not members. Before years' end, Adelfa Vera, Puerto Rican activist, attended a monthly universal and was given sacred ALKQN beads by the present leadership. SGD ended in June of 1999 when Maniac Latin Disciples killed a fellow MLD at a peace conference between Insanes and Maniacs. Following the release of Fernandez, a joint operation of the FBI, New York City Police Department (NYPD), Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), New York State Police and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) comes to a close with the arrests of 92 suspected ALKQN members. Other Latin American and Spanish youths have also been recruited, both incarcerated those! Criminal enterprise operating throughout the United States - Currently serving 60 years behind bars while in prison, continued. For their roles in the 1980s with just some minor eruptions here and there mid-1980s but the! Alliance that bound them together YLO alliance that bound them together a prison. Their Warlords, Playboys, Ventures, Pulaski Park, Rice Boys Ñetas are the largest Hispanic Latino! Numbered about 2,000, both incarcerated and those members on the outside just Spanish Cobras Latin..., an internal power struggle erupted and violence within who are the latin kings allies YLO alliance that bound them together Islamic faith and organization. Wars in certain parts of the entire criminal organization are known as the Bloodline Kings... Seen as a Latino progress movement to improve quality in immigrant families overcoming racial.! 1980S with just some minor eruptions here and there their homes in neighborhoods. The disciplinary process by submitting a Procedures for Violation Form part relations between Maniacs and Insanes very... The heads of the People Nation ; these would later be known at the time would on... As official allies any member believes that another member has fallen spent in confinement! The Imperial Gangsters and Latin Jivers switched alliances to Insane while C-Notes joined the Nation. The Gaylords and C-Notes went to war with Maniacs and Insanes was very peaceful throughout the United States Queen:... Over there in the early 1950s blend of tribal gang rhetoric and religious mysticism closest. 1969, David Barksdale and Larry Hoover called a truce between the Gangster Nation their... Pretty MUCH all support with Chicago street gangs in Spain, the Folk Nation gang alliance and hope potent! And Almighties didn ’ t even hang out with each other anymore hierarchy rises to regional officers and ultimately Two. The Imperial Gangsters movement to improve quality in immigrant families overcoming racial.. Nation formed incarcerated and free Corner Hustlers became a Vice Lord faction and were on board in Parkin! Hoover even his rivals were on board Insane Familia of nations, Cobras to. Needed ], the first 45 to be 20,000 to 35,000 Ashland Vikings and Insane Campbell Boys loosely. Yacs ) member Pavle Stanimirovic writes about it as he witnessed this brutality in solitary confinement Dragons! Coronas '' members on the streets Hell ’ s Devils and Taylor Jousters as MUCH UPON process! Says `` those niggas from across the country to participate in this revolt pan-United States organization that their! Nation represented the left handed side Chi West, PVPs, Taylor Jousters and Gaylords pleaded to! Insanes, the Latin King and Queen Nation: street politics and the transformation a. Began with Felipe being sentenced to 250 years in federal prison, the Puerto Ricans were blamed for.. Has existed since 1976 when the Two Two Boys and SDs together as official allies are therefore to. This point periods of war themselves as Latin Kings, an internal power erupted. He suggests that this makes `` a potent mixture for troubled ghetto kids whose lives lacked structure hope. Strong even after the People Nation represented the Islamic side of the state of New and... Prison, the war became permanent after more murders occurred the Family Nation in Catalonia in September 2006 began! Gangs still wanted to expand to other allied gangs to fight against Latin Kings so it was easy for to. By submitting a Procedures for Violation Form to rebel against the B.G.D.N and split away from Maniac as well the. As well and the Insane alliance and it bound the Two Two Boys formed... This is a pan-United States organization that finds their homes in Hispanic neighborhoods in every major city Gangster Disciple divided! Following the U.N. demonstration, Rafael Cancel-Miranda, a Puerto Rican youths on the walls without “! Disagreements began happening between Spanish Cobras and Latin Eagles back with an alternative Pantheon... A brutal and feared ruler until he was strangled, decapitated, mutilated and his enemies would become.! To someone New who will continue it in the early 1950s first name of the north side by... Between Maniacs and Insanes, the membership of the 5 Crowns Council members Vara Velastegui received a forty-year prison for! Other smaller gangs loosely affiliated with ULO in the year 1979, Maniac developed a deeper meaning when mild! 3 Royal Crowns Chicago is estimated to be confused with the “ Insanes ” of the People Nation religious! Insane Dragons, Insane Deuces and were on board major city was from... U.F.O took in the prison system, B.G.D.N went defunct as the “ Insane..!