Linn 9000 Drum Machine with18 pad sample mod &16GB SD / drive emulator. Linn/Linn LM-2. 172. or Best Offer. $6,945.00. Linn/Linn LM-1. Roger Linn's iconic drum machines, the LM-1 & LM-2 have been expertly recorded, processed and sonically mastered to create the ultimate vintage drum collection. You can use the old Linplug RM F VST or the good TX16Wx, or any sampler able … Also used by Tears For Fears. Linn 9000* Drumset - 79 Drum Samples - 4.481 KB. Mattel Electronics Synsonics Drumset - 8 Drum Samples - 1.391 KB : 173. Medeli DD-506* Drumset - 232 Drum Samples - 27.475 KB. Linn 9000 Electronics (1984) Last cult drum machine from the USA based on 18 PCM punchy samples at 8 bits with a complete 32 tracks sequencer. Moog/Moog Modular55. Linn Electronics LinnDrum "LM-2" Drum Machine Forat Serviced #27695. Linn/Linn AdrenaLinn1. I believe it's from a Linn Eprom kit. Sampled at 44.1 KHZ Stereo for use in your music production software of choice. Maestro G2 Drumset - 8 Drum Samples - 872 KB : 171. Rare hard to find authentic drum sounds for music producers, djs or your own song creations. I have a samples bank and I've narrowed it down to a couple of samples I believe it to be. 170. Linn/Linn Linndrum. $11.99. TheDrumSource + Linn LM1 (LM-1) Drum Set by rossf. Had to create a \"sound-alike\" track for a client, recognized the Linn drums in the original, found these samples online, had them downloaded and pasted into the track creating the exact drum pattern we needed in about 15 minutes! We used the clips manually on … I thought it was going to be obvious but it defensively sounds treated...Based on the time period it more than likely was a Linn 9000. Moog/Moog Voyager. Listen to audio demos or read the full review. ... Linn/Linn 9000. Excellent. Maestro/Maestro Rhythm-Jester. 15 watching. LINN DRUM DM Sample in Kontakt V4.2 and SF2 28 Drum Kits A Must Have 80's Style. The samples were created by recording to 1/2″ analog tape, using an Ampex ATR-102 vintage tape machine at multiple saturation levels. Maestro/Maestro G2. This is a site rip of the web page as of July 2017 with a bit of organization. It's on Michael Jackson's "Bad" album, in every single song. There are 16 sound types, and a total of 144 LinnDrum samples to choose from. Wave Alchemy has released a free drum hit sample library, LinnDrum Tape, to celebrate their 8th birthday.. Linndrum Tape is a free sample collection that features 215 drum samples, created using the iconic LinnDrum LM-2 drum machine. Free shipping. $150.00 shipping. Moog/MultiMoog. Classic Drum machine samples from the Linn 9000. › sample-packs › linndrum-sample-pack The shizznit it 1984. In the download you will find 2 drum racks – each lets you dial through the different LinnDrum samples of each drum type: kick drums, snare drums, claps etc. $5,500.00. The reason there are 2 drum racks is you get to choose how you want your distortion: MAM ADX-1* Drumset - 38 Drum Samples - 3.503 KB. With many quality sample kit of the LM1 floating around the web, you can also use your favorite drum sampler and load the wav files into it.