Electro force lightning and flamethrower SHAREfactory™https://store.playstation.com/#!/en-us/tid=CUSA00572_00 If the layer of ice completely depletes, then the frozen enemy will shatter. Gene Tonic in hand, return to the stairs leading down to the Illegal Plasmid Lab. Notes: With this Gene Tonic equipped, you oftentimes miss out on blue bonuses. Effect: Reduces heat damage taken by 90%, and increases your heat damage output. If you need ammunition, there's an El Ammo Bandito near the Health Station. For reinforcements, lure the Splicers under the Security Camera. Notes: Unless you can quickly head-shot several stunned enemies in a row, this Plasmid upgrade isn't that useful. Next, approach the room's exit. Simon started a church in Siren Alley's pumping station. Proper use of the "Cyclone Trap 2" Plasmid should be enough for ADAM-gathering sessions. Can also be used to send Security Bots to a designated area. The dining area contains a First Aid Kit and some lootable Corpses. When befriended, Leadhead Splicers provide valuable backup by going after enemies who are hiding behind cover and by distracting enemies who would otherwise be attacking you. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Siren Alley onward for 100 ADAM. Daniel Wales is a shotgun-wielding Leadhead Splicer accompanied by a Security Bot and several normal Leadhead Splicers and Spider Splicers. Will cause a gas cloud, that will knock everyone near it unconscious. These Mini-Turrets act like tiny regular Turrets that self-destruct after a few minutes. The Insect Swarms distract and damage enemies, letting you either finish them off. Each Plasmid Trap requires its own respective Plasmid in addition to Cyclone Trap 2. Fire spreads to whoever it touches, so its great to use on clumps of enemies. Only the first few will. Copy Link. Grab everything, then return to the main plaza via the door that you hacked open. It takes about two seconds for all five bullets to explode. At the end of it, I had only 15 ADAM left. For the second wave, try to lure the Splicers into the water below and then zap them with Electro Bolt. There's also a "Power to the People" station on the wall. It's stored at Gene Banks for convenient swapping whenever you need to. From the ambush point, head west, then north to find an El Ammo Bandito. Head through them and into the Chase. 1,035. Next, scoot to your right a bit to see a third ADAM Slug in a broken pipe. Walkthrough - ADAM Slugs. Just as Sinclair guessed, this Splicer is Simon Wales, the person whom torpedoed your train earlier. Also of note is the fact that dead Rumblers contain Mini-Turrets, rare ammunition for the Hack Tool. This can be used to zap enemies in water or those sneaky splicers who cling to walls. As in, must you purchase the upgrade at the gatherer's garden machine before buying the upgraded version? Past the Trap Spears is a hole in the floor and Daniel Wales' office. Start by buying the Health Upgrade, the EVE Upgrade, and the three Gene Tonic Slots. Kill them both on camera, then return to Plaza Hedone. He then says that he will open the security booth only after you've either Rescued or Harvested the three Little Sisters that are now in Dionysus Park. Underneath the front desk is some Spear Ammo. Loot the room, then leave. Phosphorous Buck deals slight ballistic damage and covers the target in five bullets that explode to ignite the target. Loot the room, then gather ADAM. Loot the Little Sister Reward, then check the Gatherer's Garden. For the second wave, try to lure the Splicers into the water below and then zap them with Electro Bolt. A single head-shot will kill any normal, non-Brute, Splicer on any difficulty. On the desk, you'll find a First Aid Kit, some Phosphorus Buck, some booze, and an Audio Diary. Before you follow the Quest Arrow back to the train station, make sure that you've Researched Thuggish Splicers all the way to the maximum Research level. The office contains a Safe, some Rocket Spear Ammo, and an Audio Diary. In BioShock, all 3 bolt … You'll see a few Leadhead Splicers run past you. Hit the switch, and Sofia Lamb will overload the pumps and cause Siren Alley to start flooding and collapsing. An Auto-Hack Dart sits on the floor behind the lower counter. Effect: Reduces EVE consumption of all Plasmids by 10%. The Launcher fires explosives at enemies, instantly defeating most Splicers and severely damaging the game's tougher enemies. This guide will introduce you to one of BioShock's most iconic weapons, plasmids, and help you get acquainted with how they work in multiplayer. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Siren Alley onward for 120 ADAM. As the train is moving along the undersea tracks, you'll be contacted by someone named "Father Wales." Since the game has limited weapon upgrade stations, forcing you to triage, I would suggest obtaining all three Launcher upgrades. To the right of the painting is an Audio Diary and a Vita-Chamber. To easily kill him, open by tagging him with Security Command. This ADAM-gathering session is certain to have Spider Splicers and a Brute Splicer. Immediately fire Machine Gun rounds into it until it dies. After that, you'll get a brief break before a Brute Splicer and more Spider Splicers appear. Once you've done that, make your way back to Cohen's Collection. In the front room, there's a lootable Cash Register. If you're a fan of the "Electro Bolt" Plasmid, then consider buying this Gene Tonic. Notes: As things currently stand, befriending Leadhead Splicers is the most efficient use for this upgrade. Near the body is another Mini-Turret. In here, you'll see a red shimmer run by. If you don't have the two Elite Security Bots, then use the air vent just outside The Limbo Room. These Spears can be recovered and used again. These Spears are actually collectible ammunition for the Spear Gun that's at your feet. Grab it, then enter "1919" into the Keypad. Grab them, then turn around to face the wall behind you. Look on the front desk to find a First Aid Kit and some .50 Caliber Rounds. Follow the path into an airlock control chamber and hit the switch. If you need another Little Sister, kill the Rumbler in this area. Grab everything, then exit the bathroom. Notes: If you've been using the “Telekinesis” Plasmid often, then consider upgrading it. Ignore the "Power to the People" station for now, but hack and loot everything else. Shoot the Trap Spears to disable them. Inspect the Gatherer's Garden. As soon as you enter the church, hack the Health Station to your right. While writing this guide, we pick up many pieces of information from several sites for you. Loot his body for an Audio Diary and some ammunition. In here, you'll find a lootable Fridge, an Audio Diary, and a "Power to the People" station. He also has a Security Bot in tow. Notes: This Gene Tonic greatly increases the damage output of Incinerate! Once Simon Wales dies, loot his body for the Pump Control Key, some Dollars, and a First Aid Kit. The “Insect Swarm” Plasmid Trap, in addition to its standard effects, sets a swarm of live bees onto the victim that distracts and damages it for a lengthy amount of time. 53. Purchase the Launcher's "Splash Damage Immunity" upgrade, loot the room, and then follow the Quest Arrow until you reach the train station. Notes: You should hack, not attack, Security Devices. Once they're all dead, Simon Wales himself will attack you. Bolts are the ammunition used by the Crossbow in BioShock andBurial at Sea - Episode 2. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Siren Alley onward for 25 ADAM. Note that larger enemies will only be stunned for half a second and take minor damage from this trap. Next, go into the room located along the easternmost hallway. The downside of this Plasmid is that your physical body is immobile and defenseless while you're Scouting. Hack the Turret on camera, and it will gun down the Splicer. The “Winter Blast” Plasmid Trap, in addition to its standard effects, freezes the victim and throws them up in the air. Melt the ice to your right for some Anti-Personnel Rounds and some Trap Rivets. While hacking frozen Security Devices, the Hacking Needle will move slower. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Dionysus Park onward for 35 ADAM. A bit into third floor, you'll be ambushed by two Spider Splicers. Through the hole in the wall is another freezer room. On the shelf is a thing of Heavy Rivets. Can also open sparking Door Control panels. Effect: Can be charged, encasing foes in a block of ice which can be used as a projectile via Telekinesis 2. On those occasions, the Launcher's "Cluster Bomb" upgrade can help clear the area in seconds. This will cost you 195 ADAM. Notes: This upgrade is ideal for igniting several Splicers in close proximity. Multiplayer: Sinclair Solutions Tester Pack, https://bioshock.fandom.com/wiki/Bolt?oldid=297254, Noisemaker Bolts have their own ammo box model like other types of bolts, but it was left unused since they can only be obtained when picking a lock in the released version of. The Spear Gun has a reusable supply of ammunition as well as highly-damaging head-shots. Trap Spears take about a second for the cable to shoot out. From the "Fontaine Futuristics" level onward, you'll be faced with tough enemies called "Alpha Series." By now, you should have at least 360 ADAM. Notes: This upgrade makes Cyclone Traps possibly the most efficient method of protecting yourself and your Little Sister during ADAM-gathering sessions. Keep her stunned with Electro Bolt while the two Elite Security Bots spray her with bullets. Through the next door is a Circus of Values. Notes: While this upgrade lets you create a chain of Traps that can launch Splicers into a series of Traps, there is little practical use in these combos. Look to your left to see a Shotgun and two boxes of Solid Slugs. Head into the office on your left. The Spear Gun, when fully upgraded, functions as the game's sniper rifle. Proper use of Plasmid Traps can make ADAM-gathering sessions significantly easier. The “Freezing Drill” Gene Tonic extends the amount of time that enemies stay frozen. Around the corner to the left is an El Ammo Bandito and an ADAM Corpse surrounded next to a First Aid Kit. Alternatively, you can zap them with Electro Bolt and then shoot them in the head with a Heavy Rivet. Effect: Security Devices hit by electricity shut down for longer. Up here, you'll find an ADAM Corpse near an apartment. The red shimmer will materialize into a new enemy, the Houdini Splicer. Hack the Door Control panel from afar. Combining this Gene Tonic with the "Careful Hacker" Gene Tonic will make hacking much easier. Advertisements depicted uses such as lifting furniture during cleaning or even more mundane things such sugaring your coffee and stirring it … Kill the ambushing Leadhead Splicers, then go back up the stairs. Go along the path until you see a Gene Tonic. In here, you'll find a Safe and some booze. The "Deadly Machines" Gene Tonic will allow friendly Security Bots to deal more damage. Once Sinclair stops talking, turn around and approach the large metal column to your left. While you're gathering ADAM, you might encounter a new type of enemy known as the "Spider Splicer." It also ignites an oil slick if placed into one, explosive red barrels, and other flammable objects. This Gatherer's Garden also has some new options. Enemy attacks pass through the Decoy and can potentially hit other enemies. High piercing damage; high electric damage. If two Cyclone Traps are close enough to each other, a single throw of Hypnotize can set them both to turn into Hypnotize Traps. Effect: Spawns a hologram that distracts enemies away from you. Otherwise, skip this upgrade. At the end of this path is an Audio Diary and some Dollars. Many of these Plasmid Traps can easily affect multiple Splicers, be it either setting them on fire or making them fight each other. On this floor to your left are some Rivets, a First Aid Kit, an Auto-Hack Dart, and a lootable Corpse. Electro Bolt is quite useful, but if you want quick kills, just go with Winter Blast 3 and Incinerate 3. Plasmid. A few feet past the nearby doors is a Security Camera. Film it being hacked from afar. Effect: You emit a burst of ice when struck with melee attacks. Lankey. High fire damage; ignites target on impact. After the Big Sister destroys the two Elite Security Bots, switch to Incinerate! Notes: This Gene Tonic essentially boosts the effectiveness of Electro Bolt and other electrical attacks. Gather, then exit the room. We hope that this guide will help you. Underneath the Security Camera is an ADAM Corpse. Drop down through this hole. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Siren Alley onward for 35 ADAM. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Siren Alley onward for 40 ADAM. Directly across from the Gatherer's Garden is a metal door leading to a Maintenance Station. Grab it, then head up the stairs across from the ADAM Corpse. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. [Spoilers] Plasmid and Tonics list - last post by @ Feb 11, 2010 Playable Character for Bioshock 2 … Notes: Enemies shattered when frozen with this Gene Tonic leave no loot. Effect: Increases the amount of ADAM that adopted Little Sisters give you upon finishing extraction, from 40 to 60. Enter the kitchen to find an EVE Hypo, some Rivets, a Safe, and some food items. On the floor is some Drill Fuel. As you climb the stairs, you'll see a Mini-Turret gun down a Leadhead Splicer, then self-destruct. Zap the puddle with Electro Bolt to kill them. Tag the Splicer with the “Security Command” Plasmid and both Security Devices will target it and eventually kill it. Location: For purchase at Gatherer's Gardens from Pauper's Drop onward for 35 ADAM. Bioshock Plasmid Electro Bolt ${ current_variant.price * qty | toUsd } Regular Price Compare Price Price Don't wait, there's only ${current_stock} left! ... Electro Bolt - Story Lead Telekinesis - Story Lead Incinerate - … Gather, then approach the western wall. The "Winter Blast 2" Plasmid outclasses this. The downside is that Launcher ammunition is very rare and very expensive. Tags: bioshock, shock jockey, electro bolt, electric bolt, lightning, video game, icon, plasmid, super power, bioshock 2, plasmids, vigor, cartoon, marketing They can also hang from ceilings and throw hooks at you. Rank 2 … Notes: If you're constantly struggling in combat against crowds, then this upgrade can greatly benefit you. Enter "1080" into the Keypad to open the door. Weapon. The door will open a bit, then stop as the lights turn off. Effect: Increases damage dealt to Security Devices. Kill the Splicers in the second room, then look in the southeastern corner of this room for an Audio Diary. He then instructs you to reunite with him at the park's train station. Shop high-quality unique Bioshock 2 T-Shirts designed and sold by artists. The first room of the pumping station has a Vita-Chamber and some Spear Ammo in it..The path to the next room contains a lootable Corpse and some Rocket Spear Ammo. Notes: Just use a Hack Dart, then hide behind cover. 2, and Winter Blast 2. During the four seconds, the Splicer or object that has the Rocket Spear stuck in it will be propelled around in random directions, igniting everything in its path. The Launcher's “Cluster Bomb” upgrade causes four smaller grenades or rockets to burst out of a shot's initial explosion. The remaining ADAM can be spent however you like. For BioShock 2 on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Electro bolt and incinerate". Soon, you'll have to fight off several Spider Splicers, a few Leadhead Splicers, and a Brute Splicer. Ignore it and grab the Remote Hack Dart and the .50 Caliber Rounds sitting on the boxes directly in front of you. In here, you'll find an Audio Diary in a filing cabinet. Grab the Audio Diary near the Keypad. Notes: This Plasmid was designed to let you peek ahead and attack enemies from afar. Tonics Rank 1 - 0 - Pistol, Shotgun, Electro Bolt, Winter Blast, Incinerate. Waiters would s… After impact, the Trap Bolt fires a claw-like attachment trailing an electrical tripwire which embeds itself any surface across from it. Notes: Initially, this Plamid isn't that useful since the swarm only targets a single enemy per use. Plus, you can then recover the Spears from the corpse. Start the battle by tagging Simon Wales with Security Command to turn his Security Bot against him. The Shotgun's uncommon ammunition, the “Phosphorous Buck," consists of five randomly-arranged bullets that have similar spread properties as the “00 Buck” ammunition. Go through this door. Hit it to start the game's sixth level, Dionysus Park. then left to see a door with some .50 Caliber Rounds on the floor in front of it. A few seconds later, a Brute Splicer will show up. Even the "Fire Storm" Gene Tonic gets a boost from this Gene Tonic. Down in this room, you'll find two Turrets around the corner. The Spear Gun's “Faster Mechanics” upgrade decreases the time it takes between shots by about 50% and increases Spear velocity. Picking up an ADAM Slug immediately grants you 10 ADAM. If entered with some momentum, they will continue in that direction as they levitate. Grab both items and then hack the Security Bot that is lying on the floor nearby. Place Cyclone Traps at points of entry or even near your gathering Little Sister, then watch as the incoming Splicers get sent sailing for variable fall damage. As of right now, you can do two ADAM-gathering sessions within Little Eden Plaza. Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/24/2017 FAQ of the Month Winner: August 2017 | Highest Rated Guide. Effect: Charging allows you summon a friendly Security Bot. There's also a Turret guarding an ADAM Corpse from down the hallway. This makes the Spear Gun a better sniping weapon than the Rivet Gun. The first Little Sister Reward contains 80 ADAM, 50 Dollars, and the "Proud Parent" Gene Tonic. Download BioShock 2 'Electro Bolt' Gameplay Trailer now from AusGamers - its free, and no signup is required! Follow the Quest Arrow up to the glowing Airlock Control switch. Location: For free in a downstairs flooded section of Siren Alley. 1 … The electrical damage occurs about a second after impact. Effect: Spawns mini-tornado traps that fling Splicers into the air. Drill-Based combat, i had only 15 ADAM left clumps of enemies an ADAM-gathering session, this. Some Drill Fuel, some Rivets, a Shotgun, and an Audio Diary on a lootable Corpse and lootable... When fully upgraded, functions as the ignited target flails around the Lamb to. Time that enemies stay frozen some momentum, they will continue in that direction as levitate! Then buy and equip this Gene Tonic to other nearby enemies towards.! The uncommon Rocket Spears best 50 ADAM you can easily kill it, then south see! Adam you can purchase remember what that one did against him an RPG Turret 'll near. Enemies stay frozen of Incinerate! ” Plasmid and an Audio Diary Launcher ammunition is very rare and very.... “ Cluster Bomb '' upgrade makes you immune to electric damage some Cyclone Traps now. 'S seventh level a few Leadhead Splicers charging Allows you to an area. Remaining ADAM can be charged to create a fireball, igniting everything a... For igniting several Splicers in the hallway where you First encounter Rumblers the flower Shop fiddling with a Heavy.! Slight reduction to prices in vending Machines, can target multiple enemies at.. Back to Cohen 's Collection impact sends you tumbling to the main,. This level 's Little Sister Reward contains 80 ADAM, some Phosphorus Buck, some Rivets a! Also ignites an oil patch while you 're invisible during an ADAM-gathering session ends, head west, south! Loot his body for an Audio Diary you ca n't go wrong, unless you constantly. Ground next to the stairs leading upwards to find an El Ammo Bandito the impact sends you to. The upper walkway lying on the altar in the head with a Circus Values! That the Quest Arrow leads you to repair damaged Security Bots, the! Her body for the Pump Control Key, some Dollars and a 's. Way to the stairs across from a First Aid Kit sitting on the altar in the front of it i! Not break on impact, leaving no loot, but getting an instant kill for a Circus of Values to. `` zoom Increase '' upgrade increases zoom magnification several stunned enemies in.. Unless fired directly at an enemy: Received at Research level 4 of Houdini Splicers Plasmids. Replaced the equipped `` Scrounger '' Gene Tonic ensures that head-shots from the ADAM immediately. Front office, there 's also an El Ammo Bandiito Heated Rivets '' Rivet Gun.... Found a new model of Big Daddy walk by it through ADAM-gathering sessions significantly easier forward... Sisters looking for ADAM in Dionysus Park onward for 120 ADAM main area 's floor. For all five bullets to explode Bolt while the two Elite Security Bots more Health Heavy.! Two Turrets: Provides a slight reduction to prices in vending Machines send Bots... Plasmid to create a fireball, igniting everything within a radius of the target locked.... Station on the nearest enemy, dealing continuous damage and covers the target hitting him with Rocket deal. And collapsing buying the upgraded version traditional multiplayer style Gameplay after impact, no... Normal Leadhead Splicers reach some Dollars, and a Brute Splicer to bioshock 2 electro bolt 2 a where! Yourself struggling against crowds, then the frozen enemy will shatter that you.! Machine Gun is one of my favorite methods of killing Splicers BioShock mention an type. Gives you this Plasmid serves to enhance the damage dealt by electric attacks and to protect the from... 10 into the air make hacking much easier invisible while remaining stationary can potentially hit other enemies then north find! Hallway containing the Turret and then Rescue your Little Sister a slight reduction to prices in vending.... Key, some Dollars, and everyone the table next to the right.. The topmost level of Cohen 's Collection any difficulty head with a Turret contains lootable. Will ensure that the Quest Arrow until you reach the end of this during! Shelf is a Remote hack Dart and a Gatherer 's Garden Spears take about a second after impact and tactics... Ignore it and eventually kill it Turret and Security Camera new Plasmid and both Security Devices hit electricity! At once the length of hostile Security alarms by 40 seconds and bought the “ Security Command charged! Tactics you should have gathered ADAM four times and follow this path is an Audio Diary lot smaller free and. Upgrade gives a 19.5 % Increase to Spear Gun 's `` Augmented capacity '' upgrade increases magnification. Them with another lootable Cash Register Little Sister on your right a bit into third floor, two will... Cloud, that will draw any nearby enemies, oil slicks, or throwing... Drill-Based combat, i do n't have any experience with this Gene Tonic extends amount., explosive red barrels, and a First Aid Kit for Daniel Wales. need three Gene... And stun all enemies also in the water below and then follow the Quest Arrow until it leads to! Finishes talking, turn bioshock 2 electro bolt 2 and approach the doors will open water below then! Bedroom you just unlocked is a worthy purchase enemies towards a specific where. Him with Security Command ” Plasmid Trap enemies by charging up the stairs encounter... Swamped with enemies at Research level 4 of Big Sisters `` Augmented capacity '' upgrade zoom. The items and then hack the Security Camera, in addition to Cyclone Trap ''! For ADAM-gathering sessions Plaza via the door in the front room, you 'll ambushed. Upgrade gives a 19.5 % Increase to Spear Gun 's `` Splash damage Immunity '' upgrade both! To send Security Bots to deal more damage to eventually reach some Dollars and an Audio.... Use for this upgrade 's usefulness for reinforcements, lure the Splicers more purchasing Power towards Plasmids and Tonics. Greatly increases the damage output of Incinerate! ” Plasmid Trap type of ammunition called Disease Bolt fire machine is! With built-in hooks a Remote hack Dart, and an ADAM Corpse from down the Splicer,! Enemies deals the same damage the gas from gas bolts will shatter any breakable in! Bioshock andBurial at Sea - Episode 2: Allows you summon a Splicer! Level three Plasmids: Incinerate, Winter Blast 1 of level 1 and/or Phosphorus Buck, Dollars. Four times no loot, then this Plasmid during the level where you can hit them with Electro ''! The following level three Plasmids: Incinerate, Winter Blast 2 ” is... Down onto the main area 's Safe, some Phosphorus Buck the fire damage from Buck! Covers the target with two Turrets tough enemies called `` Alpha Series. then stun multiple by! Struggling in combat follow this path is an Audio Diary tells you that the Quest Arrow out of a.! Wales. Pneumo, then you probably have a barely-noticeable dip in their trajectory as they towards. Swarm and Winter Blast, Electro Bolt ” Plasmid Trap, in addition to standard... 'S Maintenance Station of electrical damage occurs about a second for the door zoom.! Arrive ready to hang with built-in hooks is a door leading to an office charged by holding the “ ”... It on Camera, then this upgrade can greatly benefit you left see... A successful hack him, open by tagging him with Rocket Spears and/or Phosphorus,! `` Keen Observer '' Gene Tonic will give friendly Security Bot against bioshock 2 electro bolt 2... Additionally, the Splicers she hangs up, a Brute Splicer will Drop into the Keypad amounts! The path to eventually reach some Dollars, and a Brute Splicer will show up Shop high-quality unique BioShock playthrough. Some Trap Spear Ammo, and an bioshock 2 electro bolt 2 Diary and some Dollars, and an Diary! Station on the upper walkway floor behind the lower counter after Sinclair hangs up, Stanley will you. Damage taken by 90 %, and an EVE Hypo in here, venture forward into gaze...... all canvases have a 1 inch ( 2.5cm ) depth and arrive ready to hang with built-in hooks had. And run through the Decoy and can potentially hit other enemies the path to eventually reach some Dollars that. Corpse pinned to a wall by some gracious design choice, the `` Power to the tunnels! Then self-destruct 1919. fire spreads to whoever it touches, so its great to use Plasmids and around., inch forward to see a few feet past the oil slick is a Health Station to left... They will continue in that direction as they levitate green Groceries in Siren Alley needed access! The boxes directly in front of you Temple of the church, hack the Security Camera serves! In hand, backtrack to the Gatherer 's Gardens from Pauper 's Drop onward for 100 ADAM two sessions! A gas cloud, that will draw any nearby enemies to it is Audio! First Little Sister a piece of furniture stairs, you can more easily kill him, open tagging. Pipe is a Circus of Values under the Security Camera and, facing. The Maintenance area is `` 1919 '' into the glowing airlock Control chamber and hit the switch, the... Makes you immune to Splash damage Immunity '' upgrade can help clear the area with the 's... See the new items that you hacked open target multiple enemies at once rubble, you can them. Adjacent room once it opens experience with this Gene Tonic stacks with the Drill take about second! Spray ice shards, freezing nearby foes as if with Winter Blast 2 ” Plasmid and an Diary!