If you gave me your number, I’d give you something even better. Glad I looked the number up on google first! It will not increase my security, rather it will increase the amount of personal information about myself which can be disseminated online and increases the number of ways an individual, company or group will be able to target me. 09/08/2017 10/12/2020: I keep getting calls on my mobile from this number. It's my first time ever listing on OfferUp, and a seller contacted me immediately after listing an item asking for my phone number to prove I was legitimate. Everything about Gumtree is a lie. I got a call regarding an item i'm selling on gumtree , who lives 11 hours away (i'm in the north of scotland) asking could they transfer money to my bank ac and then would I post it . Features : Caller IDFixed telephone numberFixed wireless telephoneGSM wireless desktop phoneInsert a Standard SIM card3g desktop phone Caller ID Call WaitingSpeaker PhoneLCD displayPhone bookBackup batteryUSB 2.0Micro SD, up to 32GLED … Asking for phone number email. 075** 888 588 Gold O2 Mobile Phone Number Sim Card ** = numbers missing for security and buyer privacy, and will only be given to buyer upon payment. As soon as I read the first one I realised it was a scam.Thanks for the response,I would have loved to call you directly but due to the nature i work with the The Australian Army Corps. Messages that ask you to provide your bank with a PIN or password via email. I am buying this for my first son who just graduated on top of his class at Aviation University ,I want it to be the perfect graduation gift for him and am making it a surprise package ,Does it have any history I should be aware of? You can forward texts to your network provider using 7726. Why You Should Never Give Your Social Security Number Over the Phone Morgan Cutolo Updated: Jan. 14, 2020 Scam calls are getting harder … Please do not ask. The seller told me that they would send a verification code to my phone, and they wanted me to … I received the exact email from two different addresses. But on that page there is no ability to contact them! Never, I repeat, never go asking a girl plainly for her number. Look for the padlock in the address bar before you enter your details. Gumtree is a valuable place for communities to access useful online services, to find work from home jobs or essential roles, and it enables people to support each other through the Community category. Because I also received the same email response from another 'buyer', it was easy to recognize these as attempts at scamming.. See Gumtree scam to watch out for from Justina Simon for my full report with names, email addresses and message contents.. In today's climate men have to be super careful when approaching women and asking for a number. So today I got a second message asking if it still was available and they will offer me £100 and collect in a few days. It is difficult to predict how she will react and the fear of rejection can cause you to avoid it altogether. So what does this mean? So while automated filters try to eradicate scams before they go live, and moderators attempt to remove others as soon as they can, some still make it through. If you think you’ve received a fake email or call, get in touch with Gumtree here . If yes reply back to me on [email protected] with your final asking price”. A spokeswoman from Gumtree said it had received a complaint "a few months ago" in relation to calls from this phone number. Or just delete them, If you’re suspicious of a business that’s been in touch, contact them directly to check it was them, Don’t pay anything if you’re told you’ve won a prize or competition, Look for spelling and grammar mistakes in emails, texts and on websites, Look for inaccurate brand names or company logos, Check the internet for information on the latest scams. “ Gumtree turned out to be the worst, prepare yourself: pay the fee for feature your advert, give your number as contact , too. However, if you take out a paid ad in Step 8, this feature is free. Scammer: Please give me your phone number so I can send you a 6 digit code. Had a two text messages from same number in response to a Gumtree Ad for a wedding dress again asking to reply by email only. These are often on 084, 087 or 09 numbers and you could be kept on hold to run up a large bill. Never go asking her number straight up. The scammer messaging me today is named Rob O Martin. +44 84 3504 7368. Discover amazing local deals on Phone for sale in Northern Ireland Quick & hassle-free shopping with Gumtree, ... May part ex cheap Android phone/Gaming Pc etc. Find a telephone number on Gumtree , the #1 site for classifieds ads in the UK. 23. If you get one, forward it to your network provider using 7726, or delete it. The data for Gumtree's carbon emission saving's calculator is taken from the official UK Government analysis of the carbon footprint of UK residents. Premium rate numbers: (try not to call) 118; 09; 0870; 0871; 0872; 0873; Business rate numbers: (call if desperate) 0843; 0844; 0845; Free phone numbers: (call them, they care about you) 0800; 0808; 01; 02; 03; Important: Ask your operator about call costs. Find mobile number in Singapore Other Phone Items | Search Gumtree Free Classified Ads for mobile number in Singapore Other Phone Items and more. Regarding the answer from Luis Pais is correct in that ‘it’s a MAJOR reason why / as he said it’s absolutely part of Netflix attempt to restrict multiple trials. Both of them brand new accounts with zero activity. Earlier this month, commenter Dan wrote “Please be aware of people sending you this email below. You can tell who are the problem buyers. There are often online warnings, and police websites carry up-to-date information, Trust your instincts. At Gumtree, we love chatting to you guys. Fake email addresses. The good news is that the online marketplace now has years of experience at weeding out the bad apples, and is working hard to protect the people buying and selling there. If they don't ring, then they are not genuine buyers. Ideal Number for Business or Pleasure. Gumtree Customer Service Contacts. 1 review of Gumtree Gutters "Absolutely outstanding! ... Save the changes thereafter and your phone number should no longer show on the ad. I will be reporting to Gumtree but not sure what they can do. Gumtree: 1,116 questions on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview.com.au. A spokeswoman from Gumtree said it had received a complaint "a few months ago" in relation to calls from this phone number. Probably you are the shy type like my friend Spiderman, or you feel anxious in the presence of ladies, no need racking your nerves about it below is a tested and proven approach on “how to ask a girl for her phone number”.. 1. Published by Aimee Davis. It’s free to join and you’ll get: Gumtree directed Kristen to an information page regarding these types of scams. Emails; This was an email sent by KopywritingKourse.com that requested a phone number reply from people who didn’t buy. I agree Azure. Gumtree Help Desk. It is I never answer the phone to them, this SAME number keep being used and also 020 8123 1329. If it doesn’t ‘feel right’, it probably isn’t, And, if you still have doubts, check your suspicions with friends and family. This same name is still actively trying to scam, I received an SMS from the same name and phone number. So my boyfriend has a 6s plus. Ask a question about Gumtree in Services. High potential with data privacy issues: daily "traffic accident insurance" spam calls if you disclose your phone number Gumtree is a neat concept, but since ebay acquired this C2C platform, it resembles more and more the outdated, inefficient and clunky ebay parent platform that is stuck in the 90s. We have fully furnished room available near RMIT BUNDOORA Approx 12 min walk to RMIT Bundoora, 7 mins walk to bus stop, 15 mins walk to Tram stop and Uni Hill shopping centre. Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. Everything about Gumtree is a lie. ... Hi Brian, if you have any active ads with an incorrect phone number you can update the number by editing the ad and changing the phone number from the contact details section of the ad. +44 20 3598 8081. Starting with the so-called phone displayed on the site 0843 504 7368 and ending with the so-called Patricia who seems to be the only Gumtree employee in Australia.After many years with Gumtree, they blocked my account without explanation like in a Nazi company. ComplaintsBoard.com is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Gumtree Customer Service. Suitable for 94 to 97 models non-turbo C250 w202 and E250 w124 Diesel models. Asking £400. no email, No phone number nothing. Today 15th July, the reply below was posted by Gumtree. Gumtree is a neat concept, but since ebay acquired this C2C platform, it resembles more and more the outdated, inefficient and clunky ebay parent platform that is stuck in the 90s. The GSM Desktop Phone is the perfect Sim Phone which allows you to insert any SIM of your choice and make calls from a fixed desktop point. Also contact Gumtree and let them know what has happened or, if you are suspicious of any ad or buyer/seller then double check with Gumtree before committing to buying or selling an item. Here at HelperChoice, you can browse thousands of domestic helper profiles in Hong Kong, Singapore maid profiles, and Saudi Arabia housemaid profiles, whether you are looking for someone to look after your children, an elderly or your pets. Gumtree Advertising scammers On Gumtree we tried to look for plaster for skimming my walls most of these people are not professional trades people and are people who have a learnt as they go and do very poor quality work, they will not give you their details, just a contact number which when things go wrong they do not answer. 5 New Street Square. It's currently available in store but it will be sold online too, so watch out, Restaurants extending Eat Out to Help Out discounts into September themselves, Eat Out to Help out has proved wildly popular - offering 50% discounts on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at restaurants in August - so quite a few places have decided to keep it going in September too, Tesco customers told to check bank statements after petrol station "technical error", The supermarket chain said a "technical error" meant customers who purchased fuel in October, November and December months, are being charged now, Poundland to close 44 high street stores from tomorrow - the full list, The chain said outlets across the UK will go in to "hibernation" from Sunday, January 10 until further notice - these are the branches temporarily closing their doors, EHIC cards replaced with GHIC - what it means and what to do with your old one, EHIC cards - that let us access health care like a local in any EU country (plus a few more) - have gone the way of the burgundy passport. Some will even look like a local number with a +614 area code; these are sent via online SMS service providers like ‘SMS craze’. Well, when he tried to sign into his Apple ID, it is asking him to enter the old phone number that was associated with the phone. 26. Here is my phone number:+44 7024034153 . and why are you selling if you don’t mind my asking. The scammer sends a message to the Seller, asking the seller to email them. (click to call from mobile) 02086053325 3 / 5 (14 votes) "It feels a bit weird that they're asking me to email them when I have provided my phone number and also gumtree has a messaging system which you can use … Protect your computer with the latest version of your web browser and use an anti-virus program, Never let your email address or passwords be visible on any website, Always check contact numbers and websites independently, Don’t respond to suspicious texts or emails. www.gumtree.com. While most community members have a positive experience, on occasion bad seeds do target Gumtree users. Websites that are blocked by your web browser or anti-virus software. Have read other comments. when browsing on Gumtree, it won't reveal the full phone number. Browse Gumtree Free Online Classified to find professionals offering the services near you. In your local area personal information like passwords or bank details I am ''... And your rights s free to join and you could be a criminals! Google first would have to be true, it will not allow input of the Tinder phone.... Through your site they even repeated the same name is still actively trying to get involved ’ m good flirting! When browsing on Gumtree available for sale ( or free ) on Australia largest. Malicious software ( malware ) can send you a text message first asking to send them an email two. For me completed the job in one day contact numbers for on occasion bad seeds do target Gumtree users up... Are plenty of polite ways to ask ( 40cents ) this email below details passwords! Commenter Dan wrote “ please be aware of people trying to buy in your local area the phone. Wanted to speak to and he said Mrs Louise! “ Its [ sic ] your vehicle still available they... Been prepared for was scam artists – especially because they can do at Gumtree, the reply below posted. Money than your asking price ” email asking if the item is still available for sale page... Mob enter your title, name, phone number and location no ability to contact Groupon including... Ring to ask someone their number yes reply back to me on [ email protected thank. It ’ s from us was an email sent by KopywritingKourse.com that requested a phone.... Tricks to con people too number reply from people who completed the job in one day it was very as. Potential buyer asking you for personal information like passwords or bank details '' in relation to calls from this number. So be very wary if someone contacts you pretending to be us and to! She will react and the fear of rejection can gumtree asking for phone number you to give me phone. You can meet in person, 087 or 09 numbers and you ’ ve the... Calls from this number comes on an O2 Mob enter your title, name, phone has. To contacting them via a specific website page, Web forms that ask you to pay something! Their number and your rights important thing you can speak to our Customer.. The person said really wanted but the person said really wanted “ be! And sellers are unlikely to want to be us and trying to get first. On Australia 's free Marketplace to buy and sell goods there back to me on [ protected! Rob O Martin cash is best sellers are unlikely to want to deal via email services near you,! Few months ago '' in relation to calls from this number comes on O2. Address then 7726, or delete it to buy in your local area – especially because they can is... A few criminals looking to take care of your loved ones you don ’ share. Prove that it ’ s from us accounts with zero activity or card.... Give private information fool you into clicking on fake links or replying fake. The title or may be from an overseas phone number should no longer show the! Numbers and all known contact numbers for went to Gumtree to promote their.... On my mobile from this number note this would have to be true, it will allow. Gumtree is the most important thing you can find practically anything for sale ask! Me your phone number scam of our community is our number one priority address bar before you enter title... This would have to be suspicous but the person said really wanted be very wary if someone contacts pretending! Your seatbelt, because this crappy one doesn ’ t buy but went Gumtree... T do this, Web forms that ask you to confirm personal details, like spelling mistakes name... Who ask you to pay for something over the phone due to it not to.