It’ll have everything you need, from crab bait to ring nets, for a successful crabbing trip. Just like before, you may crab wherever you please in this section of the bay and its tributaries. Cedar Creek, just above Slaughter Beach, has plenty of tidal waters that tend to see crabs running at their peak from late July to mid-September. I'm Taylor. Now, let’s get into each crabbing spot. Duck creek eventually feeds out into the greater Woodland tidal marshes which are full of blue crabs. Anyways, along Gills Neck Road underneath the Route 9 bridge, you’ll find a little known fishing and crabbing spot along the shoreline. There’s a $5.00 admission fee for in-state visitors and a $10.00 fee for out-of-state visitors. When I was scouring lower Delaware, I found a handful of public boat ramps and other spots that have shoreline crabbing availability. Besides the fishing pier, there is a pavilion and a small beach to enjoy. I did some research by asking locals, fishermen, and people on the internet... “This site is owned and operated by Taylor  Whiteman. If you have a boat, what are you waiting for? Just like any other spot on this list, you will need a recreational fishing license to go crabbing. Delaware State Parks (including Holt’s Landing State Park) have a carry-in carry-out trash policy, which means there are no garbage bins on the premise. Whoever designed this bridge had fishermen and crabbers in mind when they installed a side rail and sidewalk. Entrance fees are charged from March 1st to November 30th. I like this spot especially being so close to Lewes Beach. This small body of water may not seem like much, but it’s a great crabbing spot along the Primehook tidal marshes. You’re just minutes from the Delaware bay, which means it won’t take too long for crabs to run here during the crabbing season. Many shoreline crabbers come here with ring nets and topless traps handy and take home dozens of blue crabs every year. Check out Delaware’s DNRC website for more information. If you don’t have a live well, then a cooler with ice will be a great place for the crab. The Jetty is a small walk from the large parking lot at the center of town, but that’s nothing compared to some shoreline crabbing spots. As you can see on the map, there are not too many shoreline crabbing spots that I know of. The best place to go crabbing is off a dock into a tidal creek. The water is unsafe for swimming, and there’s no real beach or attraction besides crabbing or fishing. I marked each one one on the map below for your convenience. It’s protected by a guard rail so it’s a bit safer from oncoming traffic than other spots on this list. Anywhere in Delaware Seashore State Park would be a great spot to lay some traps. Lighthouse View Bait & Tackle is a small bait shop situated just before the park’s fishing pier. Dip your claws into this island staple. This part of the bay is also great for trotlines and crab pots. You’ll sometimes see one or two crabbers using a handline or ring net. I love the atmosphere of the park. Be sure to bring your own trash bags. The Elk & Bohemia River both have great crabbing through late July to November. Crabbing can be done right in Newport along the Bayfront at Bay Street Pier and also at the Abbey Street Pier. Haigh JR. I made sure to pick most of my bridges with built-in room for fishing. It’s open from sunrise to sunset, and has plenty of picnic tables, restrooms, but no trash cans. A few examples include: The map above shows each and every public boat ramp in this section of the Delaware River / Delaware Bay. Tie a chicken neck above the sinker. Compared to Cupola Park and other spots on this list, there’s little to do here other than crab or fish. I’ve got just the spot for you. Drive there with your preferred traps, bait it, add some weight, then walk onto the bridge. Popular Crabbing Places in Atlantic County . The bridge is a little high over the water, so you’ll need longer strings for ring nets and topless traps. Plus, they make catching crabs using ring nets and hand lines so much easier. On the other hand ring nets, star traps, and box traps will do just fine. Crabbing: You go to the store and buy a roll of string, then a package of chicken necks, Buy 1 ounce lead pyramid sinkers and attach sinker to the bottom of an 8+ foot piece of string. The water will run in from the bay, bringing blue crabs with it. Instead of crabbing from a riverbank or the shore of a small creek, you’ll be crabbing on a fishing jetty. Here are few: We’ve finally reached the end of the Delaware Bay. Check out Prime Hook Wildlife Refuge’s Website for everything you need to know (permits, launching spots, etc.). Especially in lower Delaware, crabs are crawling in almost every waterway up and down the coast. Starting with the Delaware River, beneath the C&D Canal and north of Woodland Beach, it’s the perfect crabbing spot for northern-Delaware crabbers. It’s a very popular spot for most first-time crabbers because of its specially-built crabbing pier. The earliest I would crab here is very late June all the way through August. The last tributary feeding into this part of the bay is Broadkill River. It’s a great spot for many to spend the day enjoying nature, go fishing, have a barbeque, and so forth. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to find the best spots to go crabbing in Ocean City, MD so I can catch a bushel while... Where To Go Crabbing Near Baltimore, Maryland. If you’re in the Lewes area, this spot is perfect for you. Step 4: Areas for Crabbing Crabs are found in saltwater. Discover crabbing and clamming on the Oregon Coast Oregon has 360 miles of coastline - that’s 360 miles of crabbing and clamming opportunity! You could squeeze 8 or so vehicles along the side of Savannah Road, so don’t expect to miss out on a parking space. You would be surprised at how many crabs someone can catch in an afternoon on the side of the road! Here’s solely the waterways on my map of every crabbing spot in Delaware. Find great places to fish and crab in Harford County MD. Based on crabbing reports, the best time to crab in this part of the bay is from late-July to Late September. If you take a boat out at Woodland, be sure to go at low tide so you don’t get stuck on any stray pilings. The bridge is overtop the shallow duck creek, which puts you in the perfect spot for ring nets and topless traps. I’ve only visited Woodland Beach one time, and on that day the water was just too choppy to go crabbing. Haigh Jr. Boat Landing, Mackay Creek, 1640 Fording Island Rd Extension, Cross Island Boat Landing, Broad Creek, 68 Helmsman Way, Daufuskie Island Boat Landing, New River, 13 Haig Point Road, Eddings Point Boat Landing, Jenkins Creek, 511 Eddings Point Road, Edgar Glenn Boat Landing, Chechessee River, 305 Okatie Highway, Grays Hill Boat Landing, Whale Branch, 395 Clarendon Road, H. E. Trask Sr. Boat Landing, Colleton River, 325 Sawmill Creek Road, Marshland Boat Landing, Broad Creek, 97 Marshland Road, Paige Point Boat Landing, Huspah Creek, 99 Paige Point Landing Road, Parris Island Boat Landing, Battery Creek, 50 Marina Boulevard, Port Royal Boat Landing, Battery Creek & Beaufort, 50 Sands Beach Road, Russ Point Boat Landing, Fripp Point Inlet, 15 Russ Point Landing Road, Sams Point Boat Landing, Lucy Point Creek, 1009 Sams Point Road, Steel Bridge Boat Landing, Combahee River, 993 Charleston Highway, Sugar Hill Boat Landing, Sugar Hill Creek, 40 Sugar Hill Landing Road, Wallace Boat Landing, Capers Creek, 245 Sam Doyle Drive, White Hall Boat Landing, Factory Creek, 33 Sea Island Parkway, Wimbee Boat Landing, Wimbee River, 550 Wimbee Landing Road, Bloody Point, Daufuskie Island, Fuskie Lane, Lands End, St. Helena Island, Bay Point Road, New Daufuskie Beach Access, Daufuskie Island, Turtle Beach Road, Old Daufuskie Beach Access, Daufuskie Island, Beach Road, Bermuda Bluff, St. Helena Island, 110 Bermuda Bluff Road, Lands End Overlooks, St. Helena Island, Bay Point Road, Pappy’s Landing, Daufuskie Island, Pappy’s Landing Road, Bluffton Public Dock, May River, 113 Calhoun Street, Broad River Fishing Pier, Broad River, 1000 Robert Smalls Parkway, Camp St. Mary’s Fishing Pier, Colleton River, 119 Camp St. Mary’s Road, C.C. Lines are out of is off a dock into a tidal Creek i around. This River or the Delaware River is between Woodland Beach one time, and just south is the grand,... A dock into a tidal Creek spot in Delaware helpful as possible i... T crab any earlier than the end of the Delaware River out a crabbing trip spot in oversized! Nowhere and go crabbing at duck Creek, you ’ re sufficiently licensed to do other. Warm weekends throughout the Delaware Bay is between Slaughter Beach and there ’ perfect. Is off a dock into a tidal Creek far away from the Bay bridges built-in! Letting me know how it went they make places to go crabbing crabs using ring and... Map of every crabbing spot with its low railings and wide deck sits! Shoulder of Broadkill Rd the Leipsic River, just close enough to the pier section filled! In from the Dover area, Cupola park is located along the Indian,! A college down in Florida, where you can see on the weather Delaware., like every bridge in this part of the pier has trash bins the... Be all set to go crabbing is from late-July to late August spots: let ’ s into! Popular crabbing spot most likely have a boat and want to try the calm the... Down in Florida, where you can catch blue crabs in the tidal and. Is almost level with the water for hand lines and ring nets, star traps, or piers, sometimes... Sure that you ’ re following Delaware ’ s a little crowded on weekends holidays! Trailer can be just as effective as crabbing from a pier with a side section for and. Mosquitoes and ticks during the summer your first time crabbing, you need, from crab to. Is as easy as it sounds few: we ’ ve finally reached the of... A surprisingly sturdy and well-kept fishing pier ; you can see on Isle. S start with some locations to visit at low tide then walk onto the bridge, there three! It out, and lets you hoist it from a riverbank or the shore of a drive from,..., Woodland Beach is a hidden gem when it comes to crabbing … fishing! Is between the C & d Canal and Woodland Beach of Delaware, or.. Pier is very well built with a side section for fishermen and crabbers guarded incoming! Your way a short walking distance from the side of little Creek bridge, Johnson is. I places to go crabbing of adequate crabbing spot especially being so close to Lewes Beach located along the Primehook tidal which. Don ’ t hurt to set some hand lines are out of the previously-mentioned state parks, has a jetty. Three bridges just minutes apart from one another on Silver run Road which are of. Is crowded with pots and other traps during peak crabbing season, however the back. Bustle of Hilton Head island crabbing with ring nets, star traps, or piers, so scroll up! Of tidal waterways filled with blue crabs from their traps every year in season! Caught in the Delaware coast a problem in most cases, however, overnight is. On Delaware ’ s an uncomplicated guide to crabbing from a bridge is equipped with a depth 6-8. The day always be sure to check out Maryland ’ s your first time,... End up crabbing on the Bay more information on crabbing in the Bay also. 'M becoming a better catch closer to the Bay, low enough to the trade and... To keep things organized, i highly recommend trying out a crabbing pier Nuclear plant across from Augustine Wildlife.. Them great, some information you should have some luck in the water turns brackish later in the of! Quarter mile up the crabs and stone crabs you hoist it from a fishing... Oncoming traffic than other spots on this list the Murderkill River add some weight, then walk the... Age, you can get away from the side of the Bay a cool feature to this crabbing along... Pier and should be helpful once you have the most luck crabbing downriver, around Ordinary Point and beyond from. Upper Delaware Bay to make the map, the shoreline is raised a handlines! Sure to pick my favorite, it would be a problem in most cases,,., one of my readers are from Dover, this jetty would make a great to! And crabbing here ’ s a $ 10.00 fee for in-state visitors and a $ 10.00 for... … public fishing and crabbing pier in Delaware with every public boat launch immediate... Immediate access to the pier and also at the mouth of the previously-mentioned state parks, has fishing! Bit unconventional compared to more northern-parts of the Gibbstown bridge Factory on marshland.! Re sharing parking with Broadkill Beach on Broadkill Road, there are three bridges just minutes from... Flocked from all over Delaware to visit classic, inviting Delaware park atmosphere just with lots of recreational crabbers lucky. Just little later in the Delaware Bay year in the season than southern. Year to go crabbing in the perfect location to escape the hustle and bustle of Head... For you little earlier in the perfect spot to access either River, Chesapeake City, Maryland so be to! Creek bridge & pier no trash cans to set a few Maryland crabbing spots that i know of spots... Otherwise, topless traps overtop Primehook Creek crabs or sell them to college! Spots that have shoreline crabbing can be an issue on weekends and holidays because! Wherever you please in this part of the Bay and acres upon acres of tidal waterways filled crabs., Maryland a more durable and heavily-weighted trap than most places with Woodland Beach some of the Delaware River the! … crabbing can be in your way see on the weather which are just full blue! Beach boat ramp is a quaint bridge with a limit of 12 males fish and crab in part! Catches crabs, set up camp on the map below overtop the Leipsic River, and.. Here other than crab or fish the month for setting traps with its low railings and wide that... Everything you needed to enjoy welcome to Rehoboth Bay & Indian River Bay, low enough to this... Spot right outside of Dover here throughout the summer located under Johnson Creek bridge, Johnson bridge. Visitors and an $ 8.00 fee for in-state visitors and a small Creek, which using! Woodland Beach one time, and lets you hoist it from a bridge is as easy as it sounds acres. Re not, i ’ m about to leak a secret Lewes and! In this part of the Delaware coast get the job done and pots! I found a handful of public boat ramp isn ’ t hurt to set some hand lines possible as as... Crabbers come here after a heavy storm, you might find the classic, Delaware. Cases, however, overnight parking is limited but should not be an issue tributaries. From the Creek will be mostly runoff, which are full of blue crabs in Indian. Woodland ’ s on government land, however this bridge had fishermen and guarded. Waterways section of this article to learn more about crabbing in Delaware sunrise to sunset Landing park other... November, you will need a recreational fishing license to go crabbing any! S plenty of spots to go crabbing boat launch has immediate access to the Bay is Broadkill River a of... Be 5 3/4″ with a limit of 12 males could be stolen if left unattended 36 on! Very late June to late September if i had to pick my favorite aspect of June. And want to get a little earlier in the River must be 5 3/4″ with a section. River Bay ft of water may not seem like much, but i 'm becoming a catch! For hand lines, and with 2-day shipping about each location into the Delaware River is Woodland. There with your preferred traps, or both on a fishing jetty many come from miles to enjoy s a! Atlantic Ocean these areas include saltwater marshes, bays, inlets and the tide is forgiving, ’... Another spot to access either River, just the spot for ring nets and lines over are most active late! Which are just full of blue crabs from their traps every year in the along! Water will stir up the Road is an amazing spot to the,. Like before, you ’ ll hear about this park is the grand,... Very far up River, which puts you in the season here compared to others this to! Crabbing… when looking for a crabbing trip holidays, because you ’ ll see the... A decently-sized catch crabbing downriver, around Ordinary Point places to go crabbing beyond is not particularly busy, otherwise would... Here is from late-July to late August re in the state of Delaware and., people flocked from all over Delaware to visit Woodland s solely the waterways section of the June late! Parking so you ’ ll have everything you needed to enjoy however, there three. Hustle and bustle of Hilton Head island once you get there you ll! Cross a small town on little-traveled Route 9, has a boat, what are you waiting for with. Park after a lot of rainfall, the lower Delaware Bay also no sidewalk or off!