Most companies prefer the Khaya Ivorensis, it is lighter in weight, softer in texture, and not as dense. If we buy from suppliers who sort out the Ivorensis, it is very good. It wouldn’t be a 5. But this is only a subtle difference really. Also called Sipo. Also you can stain Sapele as well if you would like. Most boards are true 1×3’s and a few true 1×10’s. It might be a better idea to look for Spanish Cedar, Teak or Ipe just because those are more conventional outdoor woods. Like Mahogany, Sapele is used as both a top wood and a back/sides wood. What would you recommend to use for finishing the sapele indoors, i.e. Sapele offers many of the same characteristics as Genuine Mahogany. © 2018 Thompson Mahogany Company Trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners. I disagree about sapele and mahogany having similar tones, IME sapele has been much denser and has had a more rosewood esque tone. Sorry if that is not too specific but it might be a good idea to check with a window or door builder in the area to see what they recommend. African Mahogany & Sapele are also used for making windows and doors. That said, it is becoming more and more widely used and it will likely be more known as time goes by. Though to be fair, on most guitars it would be hard to make out the difference in tone when used as back/sides wood. You will want to try a small area to make sure you like the color but it will do the most to protect the sapele color. We buy directly from foreign mills who not only produce high quality, but are also practicing sustainability, and legal logging practices. African Mahogany historically, until about 6-8 years ago, had traded at about 10% higher in cost than Sapele. Usually, when someone asks what Sapele is, the answer is invariably – “it’s like Mahogany”. Thinking of using Sikkens Cetol exterior finish on the wood, good idea??? We buy it both air-dried and Kiln-dried. Mahogany is a dense tropical hardwood that has better rot and insect resistance than Douglas Fir. 077) was used for the outside (on windows, doors and the trim around the edge of the superstructure). I will be using these over a porch area to run vines over I’ve been playing guitar for several years, and now I’m looking to get myself a Ukelele. Of the three, this has the widest range of quality. Very rich looking sapele mahogany. Face is a ½ x 4 v grooved T & G with a sapele mahogany overlay. Boards are ranging from 4′-12′ in length. I will be staining with an oil based stain, then coating with a water based sealer with a catalyzer. or Best Offer. TMC buys from suppliers in these regions who supply the lumber which is most consistent in color and overall quality. stability? There are 4 sub-species of Khaya, and three of them show up in the United States. Entandrophragma cylindricum. Acoustic vs Bass Guitar: Which is better for Beginners? £35.00 postage. African Mahogany: Takes a little extra care due to some raised grain, and some interlocking grain in the Quartersawn. Of course, this hardness isn’t the only thing that determines the sound qualities. Paul. We had previously been using South American mahogany, and then Spanish cedar, changing species as availability and cost forced us to do so. Hope that helps! Most comes from Cameroon and Congo. Light red-brown, with orange tint from Ghana. And fun to work. I’m using for first time Sapele in small carpentry projects, as winding sticks and similar other items. Yeah it’s hard to know if yours is Sapele or Hog. Thanks Sikkens Cetol 1,23 system or Cetol Door & Window is what I’d recommend for finishing Sapele. We offer assorted mahogany doors for sale. 77132 With optional shaker sticking Shown in sapele mahogany The doors are finished using the Sikkens Cetol 1/23 finish in their Dark Oak color. The distinctive patterns created by the wood’s varied colors and graining make for an eye-catching door. I am going to buy a concert uke made of mahogany just for kicks and I usually have tow of each instrument any way; one for playing seriously and another to travel with, taker to the beach, parties etc. getting ready to start a large flooring job with the Sapele. The average hardness of a piece of Honduran Mahogany would be around 900lb while a Sapele wood piece would be around 1,410lb. Thanks in advance Sapele has become popular as a more moderately priced substitute for the more traditional Genuine Mahogany. I am thinking of buying a Talor gs mini and did not know if sapele was a real wood or a man made product( I know that sounds dorky but I never heard of the word before). When using Sapele outside you want to make sure you allow it to acclimate to the surrounding moisture levels before installing. Please let me know if there is anything I can do differently! I hope this post has helped you to learn the difference in Mahogany and Sapele. Thanks for the message. Paul. FIRE DOOR SAPELE 33" x 78 x 45mm ( SCRATCH DAMAGE ) 2 AVAILABLE. The color of Sapele is a dark brownish-red and can sometimes move into a purplish-red hue. Glad the article could help. Regards All are somewhat resistant to insects. So, in the battle of Sapele vs Mahogany, which is the better tonewood? Sapele will mill nice, glue nicely, and is a good exterior wood for doors. Is there a potential for Nigerian wood in your country? Lumber from all three come from large trees/logs. There is certainly a difference but it’s pretty subtle and since there’s differences between even two bits of mahogany and two bits of sapele, that can make it even more difficult to determine. Regards, Barney, You can customize these solid mahogany doors, and even more to achieve a great look for your opening at competitive price from US Door & More Inc. or Best Offer. Lumber Sales: (877) 589-6637 I think a Clear Sealer and Lacquer combination would be fine for interior finishing. I, too, have only recently become aware of this wood. other than reading about it online. Paul. A lot of guitarists, especially new guitarists might not have even heard of it. Sapele>> Popular for European-styled interiors, Sapele hardwood has a tight grain and reddish-brown color. Thank you! Thomas, Due to the extreme weather changes, a door with a core may be preferred. Other names are Ngollon and Acajou. If you are thinking of flooring I would go with Sapele because it has the highest hardness rating so that would make it most resistance to scratches and damage. I’m guessing these are dated from the 60’s or 70’s. Sapele Wood also has beautiful ribboning when quarter sawn as you can see in the video. Honduran Mahogany (aka genuine mahogany, Tropical Mahogany, American mahogany, Big Leaf Mahogany, Brazilian Mahogany), Sapele – yes sometimes, just to be confusing, some manufacturers call Sapele “Sapele Mahogany”, Stronger treble presence than Mahogany – that will be the main difference. Sapele has become popular as a more moderately priced substitute for the more traditional Genuine Mahogany. Sapele lumber (Entandrophragma Cylindricum) is indigenous to several countries in Africa. Would you please differentiate the two woods and the effect the woods have on the guitar? Is there anything else I can do to help determine what this is? 77860 77860 door, 77260 sidelight With optional sea spray glass Shown in fir. Sapele would then be a 2 or 3. Sapele then adds some extra high end into the mix. Nate, an excellent, succinct article on these two woods. As I’m about to buy an acoustic guitar I’ve sampled many different brands and models of guitars. We offer Sapele in most Cornerstone and Millennia door styles, in the colors shown below. Many manufactures for exterior use prefer using Quarter-sawn material over Flat-sawn because of more stability. Cameroon, Congo, Ivory Cost being the most prevalent while  Ghana and Gabon are also producing Countries. Paris, Paris, Sapele vs Mahogany. First time finishing this product. There are Manufacturers here who also prefer it for that use. Sapele. There is a fair amount of Khaya Grandofolio, which is much heavier, harder, and inconsistent in weight and in color. Taking into consideration that there are different types of Mahogany (and there’ll be different qualities too) Mahogany generally has the following tonal characteristics – all other parts of the guitar being equal. I realized that the 25th edition is made of Sapele both top and back, while the original Backpacker is made of Sitka Spruce and tonewood. Comparing Sapele to Mahogany Woodworkers discuss the visual appearance and working characteristics of Sapele wood. 77860 77860 door, 77260 sidelight With optional sea spray glass Shown in fir. As with all building materials, there are pros and cons to choosing mahogany doors. Hi, I am Cleaton. Most of our Sapele lumber originates from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Also known as Khaya. I am looking to use the Sapele for exterior dowels. Is it possible to oil it or another treatment? But otherwise finishes nicely. You will most likely need to reapply it every year or so depending on where you are installing. Utile: Easy to dry with little distortion. Your site is third on that list. It tends to be consistent in color. You can search Sapele Sealers and Clear finishes that would give you a nice look and a long life. 77144 Shown in nootka cypress. Thanks But I’m glad you found the info helpful for your purposes. Quartersawn from a non-descriptive straight-grain, to pencil-stripe, to somewhat more pronounced ribbon. The Sapele Door is or I should say was the most popular of doors but that was during the 70' - 80's and just like the Sapele doors after a few years in place their colour has faded as quickly as their popularity. The distinctive patterns created by the wood’s varied colors and graining make for an eye-catching door. Looking to make an exterior door using Sapele for the Michigan Upper Penninsula. They need to be 9’/1/2″ x 2′-1/2″ and will be finished with a solid stain. There is a ton of it. Thanks. Here in Devon, we've found the big issue with Sapele to be moisture movement. The Mahogany door will be far superior to the Douglas Fir door. Those are often reported as sounding like Honduras mahogany guitars on steroids. This was a well presented education on the different qualities of different woods . This is no surprise given that it’s quite a hard wood but is still easy to carve. bidding on exterior barn style doors specified for sapele. £12.00. Jason, APPEARANCE & PROPERTIES Sapele is in the same family as Mahogany and it therefore, shares many of the same qualities. The right doors can define the look of a property and provide a warm welcome to visitors. Thanks Thank you in advance, We've made quite a bit of joinery from Sapele, although not so much in recent years. The legislation significantly enhances market access to the US for qualifying Sub-Saharan African (SSA) countries. Is considerably heavier and denser than pine, but otherwise should not be too much more difficult to use. your information on both Mahogany and Sapele tone woods was very helpful. Mahogany’s sound can be described as “earthy” “strong” “beefy”. Sapele lumber is popular for flooring, siding, trimming, and doors. David, David, Both Mahogany and Sapele have warm, mid-range-heavy tonal characteristics with subtle overtones. It’s harder than both Honduran and African Mahogany. Thanks Lighter from Ghana. Required fields are marked *. It also is mostly Khaya Ivorensis, but tends to be darker in color, a little heavier, not as hairy. But the suppliers we deal with do grade against what they can see. You’ll likely notice the difference when used as a top wood – but not so much for the back and sides. Some from Ghana, which is lighter in color. Sapele has long been used in the manufacture of musical instruments, and is often seen on the back and sides of acoustic guitars. But this does give a good indication of how Sapele compares to Mahogany as opposed to Rosewood. There are five woods from African considered as ‘Redwoods’ (Mahoganies or Mahogany looking and substitutes). darkens with age if nottreated with finishing oils that will prevent oxidation Saroyan’s Sapele Mahogany Flooring An exotic hardwood with rich luster. It is pretty hard to classify without having it to look at in person. Bamboo’s warmth and richness match a wide-range of … I would suggest using a UV Hardwood Oil similar to Messmers UV Plus for Hardwood Decks. Native to tropical Africa, Sapele Mahogany is a medium textured and moderately dense exotic hardwood that is excellent for wood flooring applications. £57.00. Thank you, Melissa, The quartersawn is desirable. I was looking for wood textures and came across sapele when looking for mahogany. The timber is stable, moderately durable against decay (class three durable), and moderately resistant to insects. I am having a hard time with determining some old african mahogany I found up in my attic. Designing a distinctive house is now more accessible than ever with our extensive door collection. ), Please don’t get me wrong, I’m not stressing a legal obligation to buy Nigerian wood. Is this a good selection for this application? Sapele (Entandrophragma Cylindricum) is a species of sapele hardwood found in West Africa. Caring for Sapele. Also for decking. Sapele has a high resistance to rot and water damage, but will also benefit from extra protection. Here at the J. Gibson McIlvain Company we separate all our Sapele into Flat Sawn (cathedral) and Quarter Sawn (straight) grain. Also glad you discovered silk and steel strings – they can really make it easier on your fingers as a beginner. OTHER COMMON NAMES Sapelli or Sapele. Shop online or Call us @7025084827. Sapele wood is a medium to dark reddish-brown or purplish-brown. Being a novice in guitar playing, I have not yet posted on guitars in my blog, but I believe this year I will. Monika, Although I’ve been a die -hard Martin guy, I find that Taylor is now producing some very high quality, affordable guitars. Sorry for the delay on this. Khaya Grandofolio can range from 3.2-4Lbs per BF. So we can get the best prices, best quality and a responsible wood product. Face is a ½ x 4 v grooved T & G with a sapele mahogany overlay. I ended up with an Eastman all solid sapele guitar which, I believe delivers stonger output from the high strings that the D15 I played, presumably because it’s a harder wood than tropical mahogany. Sapele, being considerably harder and a bit denser on average too, is closer to Cuba mahogany in some ways. I am purchasing an online guitar with Spruce top, Sapele back and sides. I will give you our best response but keep in mind that we are wholesale lumber supplier and not a Window Manufacturer so final application is not our expertise. I think it may mainly be because we have not had the proper opportunity that also had all of the proper legality for importation. It was interesting to find this information about the sound qualities as well as some other qualities discussed here. Thanks Sapele. See all sapele lumber on sale >>> Paul. Whether you get Honduran Mahogany (probably more commonly referred to as Tropical Mahogany these days because it is sourced from a number of Central and South American countries now), or African Mahogany, the sound characteristics are going to be pretty close. I , too, in my ignorance was not sure if it was man made or natural wood. Utile trades at about 5-10% higher than them. Decking Sales: (800) 589-6637. African Mahogany:  Khaya Ivorensis & Khaya Anthetheca about 3.2Lb per BF. Sapele is also known as ‘African Mahogany’ as they share many of the same qualities. A very well done article. Since than their costs are very similar. In terms of durability, both Mahogany and Sapele are very durable woods and are not easily susceptible to wear and tear. African Mahogany:  Flatsawn is desirable, looks a lot like Genuine Mahogany (Swetenia Macrophyla). Thanks again for the helpful information. Thanks, Thank you! Aug 2, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by BlackBerry. 225 Lincoln Highway Fairless Hills, PA 19030, 5 things to look for in a Wholesale Ipe Decking Supplier, Center City Philadelphia Ipe Planters & Pergola, Ipe in the Caribbean: Saint Kitts and Nevis, Fairless Hills PA facility Grows 100%, New SC Facility added. Another way to put it might be if you were to think of Mahogany as 1 on a scale of 10, and Rosewood was 10. In fact some retailers sometimes even just say Mahogany, when it’s actually Sapele, just because less people have heard of Sapele. anything anyone can offer on what to look out for? It is also popular as a top wood. Quartersawn can range from a straight pencil-stripe ribbon to a wilder broken-ribbon stripe. I would like to take it to someone or send it somewhere that can help me with it. Last updated: August 22, 2019 by Nate 19 Comments. very helpful. ... All Related Articles Custom Millwork Doors and Windows Flooring General Millwork Installer Lathe Turning Mouldings Millwork Restoration Stairs … Honduran Mahogany is a species of wood known scientifically as Swietenia macrophylla. Mostly from Cameroon and Congo. They take finishes and paint very well. Paul, Wholesale Mahogany and Hardwoods Since 1843. Glad you found this article helpful. 77144 Shown in nootka cypress. 21 Guitar Playing Tips Every Beginner Should Know, Tips for Learning How to Play the Guitar and Sing at the Same Time, Acoustic Guitar Stands: Ways to Keep Your Guitar When Not Playing, Takamine Serial Numbers: What They Can Tell You and How to Decode Them. Thank you sooo much for any assistance! I found over 100 boards of it stacked in several different areas. The look of mahogany with movement issues. Always nice to have two of everything for sure (at least two :-)) I don’t own any ukes but I imagine the sound properties work similarly with ukes and guitars. The grain is interlocked and occasionally wavy with a fine texture. Clearly, in other parts of the UK it's less of an issue, but having to visit site and ease things is not good for us or our customers. Sapele is definitely a real wood! Not all of the Mahogany labelled species behave as well and they vary dramatically in density, color, and stability. If you have any further questions please let us know! The timber is stable, moderately durable against decay (class three durable), and moderately resistant to insects. Some sites referred to them as the same thing and they do look so very similar, but other sites claimed differences, so to be sure I googled sapele vs mahogany wood. Bamboo’s warmth and richness match a wide-range of … Sapele is used for numerous mahogany like products, for example conservatories, door frames and solid wood doors, furniture and counter tops.. Not only are we an online timber merchant we sell timber from our newly built premises in Herefordshire.If you can’t find what you are looking for we can always help so don’t hesitate to call us on 01544 327 794 or Nina, Paul. Nevertheless it seems now there is a new name thrown into the mix which often falls under the label of mahogany, and that is “Okoume.” Are you familiar with this? The Sapele Door is or I should say was the most popular of doors but that was during the 70' - 80's and just like the Sapele doors after a few years in place their colour has faded as quickly as their popularity. Would appreciate your opinion. Sapele doors and windows. What’s your experience with these tone woods? Hi, I too feel your article on the comparison of the two Woods is highly educational. Saroyan’s Sapele Mahogany Flooring An exotic hardwood with rich luster. African Mahogany:  Generally very easy to dry with little distortion in either the Flatsawn or the Quartersawn. African Mahogany: Janka Hardness 1,070 lbf (4,760 N) The softest but still very close to Utile. Can you notice the difference? It has a very dramatic refractive charictaristic (desirable for this project), but I would prefer the color were a bit deeper red. I recently got a Martin Backpacker 25th edition. Native to tropical Africa, Sapele Mahogany is a medium textured and moderately dense exotic hardwood that is excellent for wood flooring applications. But this is not recommended to be used inside. Sapele. Great post and very helpful….Now if I could only find out if my 2007 Martin 000-15 was hog or Sapele…that would be great…lol. I figured out the density by calculation. The woods we stock at Thompson Mahogany are: African Mahogany/Khaya, Sapele and Utile/Sipo. Mahogany/sapele DOORS Lossiemouth, Moray Variation of 20 solid mahogany doors Metric sizes- 3/ 826x2040 solid 4/ 726x2040 solid 5/ 626x2040 solid 2/ 826x2040 glazed … Here in Devon, we've found the big issue with Sapele to be moisture movement. Sapele just smells better. Paul, Paul, Sapele Mahogany is perfect if you want a door that can last for centuries in all weather conditions. All else being equal, Sapele will be a lot like Mahogany, to be fair, but with some subtle differences. I am asking because you didn’t mention Nigeria as a possible source of supply. Thanks <